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Who's A Good Boy? by Hien Pham

Who is A Just right Boy? through Hien Pham

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A crowded scene with a speaker status middle level, surrounded through other folks dressed in leather-based fetish canine mask within the crowd.
“WELCOME TO THE AUSTRALIAN PUPS AND HANDLERS COMPETITION 2023!” booms the speaker into their microphone. “Awooooo! Awooooo!” howls the gang.

Hien is a cis guy of Asian descent who wears large sq. glasses and has a brief mustache and beard whilst nearly bald on best. The hair rising alongside the edges of his head is pulled again right into a small bun. Hien peeks thru a curtain behind the target market, staring at the speaker as they announce “It’s superb to look such a lot of of you celebrating the various techniques to be a doggy a handler, and part of this group!” The target market continues to “Awoooo!” when a voice at the back of the curtain asks, “Hi?”

Again at the different facet of the curtain, Hien swivels again to his position operating the admission desk to this doggy match.
Anyone in a canine masks and chest harness and not using a blouse and yellow shorts asks, “I would like to shop for some raffle tickets?”
“Completely.” responds Hien. “Gibe me one 2d…”
Someone else with no masks however dressed in a leather-based cap and vest and not using a blouse and leather-based pants asks, “Do I check in right here?”
“Sure!” Hien replies, slightly flustered. “My group can be again in only a second to get you checking in.” Whilst Hien is dealing with the pageant goers, a median middle-age guy and girl couple who’re dressed in common boulevard garments begins to slide previous him to move in the course of the curtain.
“I simply need a peek.” The lady insists as they proceed to the curtain.
“Excuse me!” Hien waves at them. “Sorry, it is a personal match!”
“Oh, k.” The lady acquiesces.

Web page 2
Textual content rolls over and obscures the following 3 panels that display palms gesturing and frantically getting into knowledge on a cell phone that regularly dings.
“how a lot are the raffle tickets?”
“We’ve got $10, 3 for $25, seven for $50.”
“I’m going to seize $50.”
“May just I am getting your title and quantity right here please?”
“Hi there! Can I simply are available? You consider me proper?”
“Is the raffle for the whole thing of simply such a? And what is going on with the public sale?”

An individual in leather-based tools palms confirms his acquire on Hien’s telephone and palms it again to him as Hien flusteres, “Um… I have no idea… When I’ve a 2d, I will be able to attempt to in finding any person who does… Sorry… I do know so little, and took on such a lot…”
An individual with a mustache and earring, dressed in a gray tank best, observes Hien’s interplay. A shorter individual dressed in a complete leather-based doggy masks accompanies the mustache individual.

Web page 3
The mustache and doggy masks couple manner Hien. The individual with a mustache asks, “Would possibly I?” as they prolong a hand in opposition to Hien’s abdominal, which is uncovered in an unbuttoned collared blouse. Hien portions his blouse extra as he says, “Oh! Certain.”

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The individual tenderly touches Hien’s tummy after which lovingly scratches it like a pet’s tummy, telling him, “One of these excellent boy. You are doing so neatly.”

Web page 4
Within the background is a pale out sequence of panels of Hien speaking with the couple, announcing “I am in point of fact attempting my easiest, however… I believe like I am at all times at the back of. I sought after to be the precise individual for this… I do not know— [text obscured] — I believed I might be higher at being in charge— [text obscured]”
Within the foreground over the panels, the couple and Hien stand in combination in a huddle, the mustache individual resting his hand on Hien’s again. The glow with blues, purples, pinks, and yellows on this intimate second.

A voice says “It is k, doggy.”

Web page 5
The mustache’d individual brushes his hand towards Hien’s as they and their significant other go away, smiling at Hien encouragingly.

Taking a second to himself, Hien gets rid of his glasses to dab at his misty eye along with his blouse nook. He replaces his glasses after which, with renewed choice and focal point, he pronounces, “That is proper! I’m a excellent boy! and I have were given this!”
From the target market at the different facet of the curtain “Awooo! Awooooooo!” fills the air.

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