Friday , 19 April 2024
When We Touch by Noël

When We Touch by the use of Noël

Noël’s out proper right here stealing my middle with the ones lovable cats. Maintaining fingers, feeling that glow, telling some you truly truly like them; gah, merely wonderful.

I reached out months and months previously, when I’d spotted some of her cat illustrations, and right away fell in love. When we succeed in out to artists, we makes fine to say we’re after comics on to any extent further or much less intimacy, and that our comics don’t will have to be NSFW, heck, we even take comics readily to be had preserving! So these days’s SFW comic is exactly that; transient sweet and excellent for the soul. To seek out Noël and let her know she’s rad, then heck most likely even acquire a sticker or two while your at it.


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