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When the Mood Strikes

When the Mood Strikes

Creamy Patty, yet again, great question. My answers are in keeping with Queen’s and my choice, and on-going art work, to move from a dwindling chemical sport (sex hormones decline with age) to an intentional, deliberate, “Thoughts Sport” of sex-focused imaginable possible choices and actions!

Once more inside the chemical sport days, I was the usual higher-libido husband, and Queen maximum continuously a lot much less so. Then again, she was always ready and able to satisfy “my needs”! This was long enough prior to now that it might be “guess-work” to answer from that perspective.

So, as I’ve posted in some commentary a while prior to now, we knew we might each go down with the chem sport (and I don’t suggest the great kind of “go down”), or we might determine how you can stay sexually energetic and vibrant via deliberate variety. That’s what we did. Due to this fact was born the “Thoughts Sport”!

So, the ones answers are not “bragging”, in keeping with se, then again quite what we strive for, and have been very a luck at so far. Obviously, I can’t recommend this Thoughts Sport enough, for anyone and everyone. I don’t like to base my sex life on quite a lot of chemical levels.

1. How steadily do you wish to have sex weekly? – we “want” sex on a daily basis! We make a choice to be sexual by hook or by crook on a daily basis. We make room for it, we prioritize it, we pursue it with abandon, and we defend it against the unending onslaught of “stuff”. So, uh, that’d be a 7!

2. What proportion of the time is your spouse in synch at the side of your urges? – We are every retired, and so have a lot more control over our schedules. And so we each and every plan to be sexual with each and every other on a daily basis. So till one amongst us is in poor health or differently out of sexual charge, we make a choice to be in sync all the time!

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3. Is there any not unusual period of time when the ones urges occur? (am/pm/lunchtime?) – yet again, given our further controllable schedules, we do “stuff” inside the morning, and tend to plot to be sexual with each and every other inside the afternoon. Additional in particular, we “send heat” to each other from 3-5, and then we fuck! So variety!

4. When there is a timing/mood war, how steadily do you restore yourself via masturbating? – in keeping with the above, we are occasionally in war. When one amongst us is on the Injured Reserve Checklist (IRL), as a result of sickness or aches, we graciously grant a “bye”, and skip the day. We occasionally masturbate!

We every have a lot more control over our minds and imaginable possible choices than glands and chemical substances. And so our proactive way to be “passionate” with each and every other daily really keeps us in sync. We are occasionally in war!

There may be so much more behind my/our thought and implementation of the Thoughts Sport, then again this is long enough as it is. All over again, great Q, and the responses must be enlightening!

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