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What I'm looking for | Girl on the Net

What I’m in search of | Lady on the Web

Image by the use of the brilliant Stuart F TaylorWe’ve been chatting on Patreon lately about relationship, and today any person asked me what I was in search of. I thought I’d spell it out for you, inside the kind of reasonably poem.

What I’m in search of

Basically I’m in search of
An individual who’ll be my mate.
Unswerving and playful and
Excited for every date.
Basic human decency;
A penchant, please, for kink.
Compassionate and honest and
Kind-hearted too, I imagine.

Broadly I would like company –
A dude with whom to play.
Railing me in the dead of night
Entertaining me by the use of day.
Boys who say they love me so much
Are welcome too, in reality.
Cuddles (now not merely fucking,
Kink and kisses) are beneficial.

Alternatively one thing’s on my must-have checklist
And I can’t go without.
Regardless of your merits this
Crucial’s now not in doubt.
Bottom line: connection,
And the issue that word implies.
Casual won’t cut back it for the
King between my thighs.


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