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Vampire Fetish 101 - Understanding the Sexual and Sanguine Kink

Vampire Fetish 101 – Working out the Sexual and Sanguine Kink

You’re both right here since you’re excited by vampire play and want reassurance you’re no longer bizarre, otherwise you’re tremendous at a loss for words as to why individuals are into this stuff. Both manner, don’t fear. We’ll get you looked after.


You’ll be able to’t kick a head of garlic with out hitting one thing vampire-themed. They’re far and wide – motion pictures, tv, books, track, laptop video games, artwork, comics, opera/theater, and ballet … yep, even ballet.

The truth is, we’ve embedded all issues sanguine in our tradition WAY sooner than we had the formal kinks and fetishes which can be known now.


Even though they began one thing as mythologically feral and terrifying, we’ve became them into the very best vessel for human longings.

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We want to be stunning, tough, clever, charismatic, and every now and then feared. We wish to be so very best, and so alluring, that we will be able to get anything else or somebody we would like very easily – we wish to embody our sexual natures and no longer must make an apology for it.

On best of that…

We would like the liberty to move wild at any time – whether or not from lust, starvation, or anger – and it’s “appropriate” as it’s in a vampire’s “nature”.

And, let’s no longer overlook about our previous pal, Demise.

People worry the unknows of demise, and so it’s no wonder that we really feel drawn to objects that provide immortality or way more years than we have already got.


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It’s no longer simply being a vampire. Some other people love the theory of being on the mercy of 1.

Their sultry natures and “enthralling” skills permit the “prey” to enjoy sexual bliss with out guilt as a result of “they’d no selection”. It’s a identical principle to “consensual ravaging position performs”. Ladies, particularly, are socially condemned for being sexually liberal or one thing rather than a married-off virgin, so for some, going wild with Dracula can also be downright cathartic.

We will be able to’t overlook the gents in the market, who additionally experience being ruled through an impressive guy or lady and to find that position play is an more uncomplicated street to discover those needs and input a submissive position.


Right here’s the place it will get very tough.

For obtrusive causes, vampire-related kinks and fetishes have discovered their manner into BDSM tradition, the place outlying or “recently non-normal” bed room behaviors are embraced and approved with out judgment. This is, in fact, so long as they keep secure, sane, and consensual.

However, like every BDSM team, there are sub-groups upon sub-groups, in addition to undefined titles or labels that folks repeatedly disagree on.

We CAN safely damage it down into two fetish classes…

VAMPIRISM FETISH – The appeal to the vampire way of life and mythology.

BLOOD FETISH – A BDSM edge play the place any individual will get a thrill out of blood.

Is it all the time sexual?


Are the mutually inclusive?


Any person can love vampire stuff however hate the theory of exact blood or bloodletting. Any person can love bloodletting however no longer give two frigs about Dracula. There also are individuals who mix the 2.

Is there a proper or mistaken?


It’s like announcing any individual who performs basketball each and every different weekend is extra proper or mistaken than any individual who performs baseball as soon as a month or the fellow who likes each and does it up to conceivable.

Kinks and fetishes are as private and distinctive as the individual practising them. The BDSM neighborhood loves their labels as a result of it’s more uncomplicated to search out other people with identical pursuits. You’ll know which message board and teams to sign up for. However, previous that, you continue to want to spend time discovering people who find themselves appropriate.


Vampire fetish, blood dripping from red vampire lips

True, and that freaks some other people out. But when that’s the case, and the beauty of actual BDSM play, for those who don’t adore it … you don’t must do it. Undeniable and easy.


If it’s one thing you wish to have to check out, simply know that there are a TON of regulations and analysis you wish to have to do sooner than then. And that’s no longer even masking the entire STI assessments you wish to have to do sooner than you even scratch the surface.

NOTE: Blood play is a huge subject and higher suited to a separate article.


Illustration, male vampire and bats in background

You’ll to find a wide variety within the spectrum…

  • Goth or Victorian model lovers
  • Those that continue to exist a nocturnal cycle
  • Odaxelagnia fetish (love of being bitten)
  • Those that experience “glamoring” (thoughts keep watch over)
  • Religious vampires (who feed off of power, no longer blood)
  • Trendy/popular culture fans
  • Individuals who experience kinky length intercourse
  • Position avid gamers
  • Complete time, way of life vampires
  • Phase-time lovers
  • The “every so often” curious
  • The record is going on


Sure, there are risks in anything else – from practices to other people.

For instance…

There are some individuals who have issues of unidentified or phycological cravings that aren’t primarily based in BDSM or a sexual nature – every now and then to a violent extent. Whilst other people like this may increasingly regularly (and sadly) to find their option to the neighborhood, any unhealthy practices instantly disregard them within the eyes of others who observe the SSC regulations.

Their “kink club” is basically/figuratively revoked.

It’s like an abuser the usage of BDSM as an excuse to abuse. They aren’t, if truth be told, true BDSM avid gamers. Those other people don’t perceive or care concerning the crucial core of the neighborhood and sign up for as a result of they suspect it grants them freedom.

So, when you are attempting to determine the variation, right here’s a easy option to know…

  • Any BDSM or kink apply must contain verbal exchange sooner than, all through, and after any consultation.
  • Limits, triggers, and secure phrases want to be established forward of time.
  • If the secure phrase is used, play must forestall instantly. It doesn’t topic if the “Best/Dominant” is of the same opinion or no longer. Actually, if a secure phrase is used, the Best must best have worry.
  • Tops must all the time glance out for and appreciate the wellbeing in their submissive.
  • They must even have a thorough working out of what’s anticipated – the dangers and many others.
  • Each events must be taking part in the act.
  • There must be no bodily or phycological drive for any individual to do one thing they don’t wish to.
  • Protection and precautions in opposition to illnesses and infections must all the time be at the vanguard.
  • Aftercare must all the time be a part of the method.

And those are simply the BASIC of kink play.

Need to know extra about secure phrases? Learn this…

What’s a Secure Phrase? Be told the Fundamentals of Kink Verbal exchange

So, for those who to find any individual who’s breaking those regulations or simply flat out disrespecting them (whether or not be it informal vampire roleplay or hardcore bloodletting), that particular person is any individual you must distance your self from instantly.


There are actually masses of internet sites, almost definitely 1000’s, devoted to Vampire fetishes in each and every excessive. If you wish to have any individual dressed as a Twilight persona who spanks you each and every Thursday whilst licking ketchup off your bum, there’s almost definitely a discussion board in the market that may welcome you.

It’s only a topic of studying, exploring, surrounding your self with secure practitioners or mentors, and take the primary few child steps into the evening.

However, for those who simply need some position play concepts for you and your spouse to get kinky with one evening, that’s ok too.

Right here’s an editorial that has a whole lot of concepts

Vampire Intercourse Concepts – Get Freaky with Fangs

Additionally, if you wish to have extra fascinating reads, take a look at…

Are you into any vampire stuff? Dare to proportion within the feedback so others know they’re no longer by myself?

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