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How to Use an Internal Condom

Use an Within Condom

Once we consider condoms, many people best consider the external condom – and external condoms will also be more straightforward to find- you can even uncover them without charge! Although they are additional widely recognized and used, external condoms are not your best choice. The interior condom, often referred to as the female condom, goes inside the body and protects against pregnancy and STIs.

Why are inner condoms very important?

Condoms (each and every inner and external) are the only method of get started regulate that offer protection to against each and every pregnancy and STIs and inner condoms are another option.

Who can use inner condoms?

Any person can use an inner condom throughout vaginal or anal sex. In every single place oral sex, someone would use an external condom (on a penis) or dental dam (on a vulva or anus).  

Getting inner condoms

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By contrast to the outside, inner condoms will also be harder discover. One of the most best possible tactics to get them is from a physician or medical institution. They are going to come up with a prescription to pick up inner condoms at a pharmacy or can give them to you at a medical institution. Get female condoms from doctor or a medical institution with reference to you. You might also have the ability to get a prescription for the internal condom by the use of a telehealth, or virtual, consult with.  You’ll be able to moreover achieve them yourself online from the company that makes them, fc2, alternatively that requires a credit card. Within condoms may value $2-3 every alternatively are free from a physician or medical institution!

Storing the internal condom

Within condoms should be stored in a cool, dry place similar to the outside condom. No forms of condom should be stored in a automobile or glove compartment because of they can get too scorching. It is also very important not to store them with sharp devices because of they can be punctured.

use the internal condom

Like several condoms, inner condoms have an expiration date. Check the expiration date and the package deal. Like external condoms, the internal condom should have an air bubble, even if it can be harder to truly really feel. You moreover want to look over the package deal and make sure it does not have any damage. Whilst you open the package deal and take the internal condom out, you’ll uncover it covered with lubricant. It’s going to look like a plastic pouch with a plastic ring on the within and a ring on the edge of the condom or out of doors. To insert the condom into the body, each the vagina or anus, squeeze the inner ring and use it to guide the condom into the body. The interior ring will be in agreement hold the condom in place inside the body and the outer ring will be in agreement keep the condom from slipping inside the body. It is imaginable you can want to use two hands to push the condom into place inside the body. In every single place sex, it may be a very powerful that the penis goes inside the condom itself to be safe. To remove the condom, twist the outer ring and then slide the condom out. Within condoms should be thrown away once you have used, and every inner condom should best be used once.


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  • The interior condom is constituted of a plastic referred to as nitrile so it is secure for folks with latex allergic reactions.
  • The interior condom comes covered with lubricant alternatively you can add additional water based totally utterly, silicone based totally utterly, or other condom secure lubricant with the condom.
  • The interior condom can be used with another type of get started regulate similar to the pill or IUD for added pregnancy prevention.
  • Only one condom should be used, that implies one external condom or one inner condom. No longer no doubt one in every of every!

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