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their frostee freeze free erotic story

Their Frostie Freeze – An Erotic Tale

“I’ll take a triple decker chocolate ice cream cone,” Greg mentioned to the teenage boy in his cone hat operating on the Frostie Freeze. 

“3 bucks,” the boy responded, bored. 

Greg set down the expenses. “You’re truly ripping us off, you understand. 3 bucks for one cone.” 

The boy within the unusual hat shrugged and mentioned not anything. 

Greg knew the associated fee used to be steep however gazing Karen made it price each penny. He took his cone and met Wayne on the nook of the small ice cream stand. 

“She’s were given a vanilla this night,” Wayne mentioned. “Guy, simply the best way she licks that cone. If best she would …” 

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“She’s were given to be nice at giving head,” Greg mentioned. 

“Just right? You imply nice.” 

“I’ll improve my opinion when she finishes sucking my very own dick.” 

“I by no means pictured her as giving head, on her knees,” Wayne mentioned. “I regarded as her extra a vintage missionary, liking to be flat on her again and getting fucked laborious.” 

“You assume an excessive amount of about her. What number of years has she been to your goals? Inflicting extra rainy socks than will also be counted.” 

“Since junior top. Her titties simply—bam!—popped out.” 

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“So did her ass.” 

“The whole lot.” Wayne scooped out a spoonful of his chocolate sundae with nuts. “I guess she has brought about extra guys to you-know-what than another lady. Mix all of the fantasies of the opposite women and the overall would come to not up to Karen on my own.” 

Greg dabbed his mouth along with his serviette. “Were given to mention she’s performed so much in my goals too. At some point it gained’t be a dream.” 

“Come on, guy. It ain’t gonna occur. That’s the true dream. You’re a dumbass for those who consider it’s true.” 

“You speak about residing by way of religion, however you don’t truly consider, do you?” 

“Hello, I’d fuck Religion too.” 

“ what I imply. However I agree about Religion. Just a little large for my style. I’d style her in case I’m mistaken.” 

“So are you going to do one thing, make a transfer, to get Karen? You’ll’t stand again right here and get laid. Your dick’s now not lengthy sufficient.” 

“How do understand how lengthy my cock is, dude?” 

“Close up.” 

“I’m going to make my transfer,” Greg mentioned. 

“This night?” 

Greg eyed Karen, who sat on one of the vital red tables on the Frostie Freeze. 

“This night?” Wayne requested once more. 

Greg inhaled deeply. “Sure, this night. I were given this. Simply a few mins to complete my cone.” He ate part of his ice cream in one chunk. 

“On the golf equipment, a man buys the woman a drink. You going to shop for her ice cream as your ‘in’?” Wayne mentioned. 

“What would that put across to her, to shop for her extra ice cream?” 

“Yeah, you’re proper. She may assume you assume she will put a large number of meals away. A chowhound. Steer clear of the additional ice cream. How a couple of serviette? No,” he corrected himself straight away. “That may say you assume she’s messy. Tricky to get an ‘in’ with those women.” 

Wayne ate every other spoonful of his sundae. “I believe the toughest phase is her pals. All the ones eyes obvious at you as you return as much as them. Then it’s more straightforward to get speaking to one in all them and omit the one that you truly wish to communicate to. Ugh, packs of ladies. Is getting laid well worth the effort?” 

“Positive as fuck it’s,” Greg responded firmly. “The tits, the pussy, the issues they may be able to do with their arms and lips. Believe me, you wish to have to get laid quickly.” Greg slapped Wayne’s chest. “I’m going to get Karen now.” 

“I’ve gotten laid ahead of, son,” Wayne known as again faintly. However Greg had already left for Karen. 

Greg’s center speeded up as he walked to the pack of ladies along with his prize within the heart of it. In his thoughts raced the numerous goals, extra so fantasies, he had had by which Karen used to be the superstar. 

“Greg, I’ve sought after to fuck you for see you later. Let’s pass at this time. Put out of your mind everybody else. You’re the one one I need. You’ve were given my complete consideration. Inform me what you wish to have me to do to you. I’m keen.” 

The idea jolted via Greg’s thoughts as he approached. He needed to wash it away so he may just make this a quite standard guy-and-girl dialog on the Frostie Freeze. 

“Hello, Karen, good day everyone. What’s up this night? Striking out?” 

The stares of the ladies, who were interrupted from their chitter-chatter, hit him, slapped him within the chest. His cheeks warmed. He needed to swallow. Why couldn’t she be on my own?

“Yeah, putting out,” Karen responded dryly at the most obvious query. 

The opposite women studied the specimen that had approached their red desk. He felt their eyes run up his frame. His grey loafers, skinny legs, khaki shorts, pineapple-patterned button-up blouse, raveled hair. He puzzled his entire number of garments, his haircut, his taste. 

“Beautiful nice ice cream right here. I’ve been ready all iciness for this position to open,” he mentioned. 

“All of us have,” a fair-skinned lady mentioned, answering as an alternative of Karen. 

There used to be a pause. A second’s pause is also fast, however, in that state of affairs, it lasted ceaselessly. Greg needed he had by no means come over. He will have simply dreamed about Karen. 

“Were given any summer time plans, Karen?” He specified this time who he used to be speaking to. He didn’t care concerning the different women’ plans. 

“Uh, a few journeys, I assume,” she responded dryly. 

“You making plans anything else?” 

The crowd felt awkward with the strained communicate between Karen and Greg. The opposite women remained silent and regarded on. 

“Wyoming, I believe. To peer the Rockies, the mountain vary, now not the baseball workforce.” He chuckled awkwardly and ended up giggling on my own. 

“I do know the adaptation. It’s the Colorado Rockies, now not the Wyoming Rockies.”

He couldn’t consider how badly issues had long past in a second’s time. Karen just about broke Greg’s will to face there. To the left, two women giggled softly, then became away to speak about one thing else. 

“I’d like to peer the Rockies and the Rockies,” Religion interjected into the dialog that had soured. 

“You might?” requested Karen and Greg in combination. 

“Jinx! Purchase me a soda,” Karen clamored to Greg. “I need a root beer waft.” 

Greg used to be astounded. Religion broke the awkwardness, and now he used to be purchasing Karen one thing to drink. A real ‘in’.” Religion will have stored the entirety. 

“Come on, Religion. I’ll get you one too, if you wish to have,” Greg mentioned. 

“I had an ice cream cone already.” 

“Simply get a small waft,” Karen mentioned. “I imply he’s paying for heaven’s sake.”

She grabbed Religion’s hand and dragged her to the Frostie Freeze’s ordering window. 

Religion and Karen, with Greg, ate their floats on the picnic desk and talked concerning the summer time. Religion eased the strain such a lot and let the dialog proceed easily. 

A couple of mins later, Wayne came to visit. “Greg, I want to go away. Gotta get the auto again. You coming with me?” 

Greg’s center sank, dissatisfied. Issues had been getting nice. Now Wayne’s curfew fouled up the entirety.

“He can keep,” Karen interjected swiftly. “Greg, we’ll get you house this night.” 

Greg smiled. “Neatly, Wayne, looks as if I’m now not coming with you this night. I’m coming with Religion and Karen.” 

Wayne nodded and left, grinning. 

When he used to be long past, Karen leaned ahead and raised her eyebrows. “, Greg, I were given what you mentioned to him. A foul refined message.” 

“What do you imply? I might by no means …” 

Religion nodded at Greg too. “Beautiful glaring, now not as refined as you idea.” 

Greg didn’t know what to mention. That choked-up feeling tightened his throat once more. 

“Glance, Kay, he’s became crimson. He’s all embarrassed,” Religion teased. 

“Like a deficient pet canine along with his tail between his legs,” Karen added. 

“I guess he’s were given a tail between his legs. what I imply?” She nudged Karen openly. 

“I surely do. Wink, wink. I wonder whether it’s a large tail or slightly one.” 

“Large or small, it’s a troublesome tail now. Neatly, deficient doggie, is it?” Religion murmured like an previous lady speaking to her spoiled puppy. 

Greg’s center thumped speedy, dashing quicker than all over basketball apply. His cock began to stiffen, like they’d mentioned, and used to be bent uncomfortably. It pointed down his thigh and towards the ground of his shorts. 

He will have scrambled away in sheer embarrassment however opted to take a possibility with overt flirting.

“It’s a large tail, and it’s laborious.” He emphasised every phrase. 

“Religion,” Karen mentioned, as though Greg wasn’t there, “I’ve discovered to by no means believe what a man says about his dick till he can end up it. Too many guys are liars. Or they don’t understand how to make use of a tape measure.” 

“They deceive me too. They inform me it’s massive, and their dicks finally end up being puny wieners.” 

“One of these unhappiness.” Karen brushed again her hair and dramatically rolled her eyes. “All I will do is lay there and really feel not anything however the bed bouncing up and down.” 

“Have our ‘toys’ ruined what we think from a dick?” 

“Perhaps. However I’ve a sense deep down inside of that Greg right here will have what we’re in search of. Meaty, thick—” 

“I really like a suite of huge balls that smack towards my ass when the man fucks me.” 

“Oh! And an enormous head, like a strawberry, bulging, and crimson like he’s about to …” 

“Oh, yeah, that’s great, really nice.” 

Karen touched Greg’s hand. He nearly jerked it away.

“Will you display us yours, Greg?” 

“Please?” Religion added, dramatically hopeful, tilting her head and pouting her lips. 

He countered their feedback. “Women inform me stuff too. I wonder whether they’re telling the reality.” 

“Like what?” The women responded in combination. 

“What they may be able to do with their tongues, how tight they’re.” 

The women checked out every different, rolled their eyes, after which regarded again to Greg. 

“A woman would by no means say that. For those who ever do pay attention it even though, believe a woman when she’s telling you the ones sorts of issues,” Karen mentioned. “Women don’t lie like guys do. We’d moderately end up it and go away it a secret. Secret for her and her lover to grasp. However we’re great and tight, proper, Religion?” 

A grin crossed Religion’s lips. “Check those lips. Each units.” 

Greg used to be astounded at those women, speaking about all this. 


The hind lights and switch sign lighting fixtures flickered on a crimson SUV parked within sight. And the engine ahemmed right into a low growl. 

“Able to move, Greg?” Karen giggled. 

“She approach, ‘come’ with us,” Religion added. 

Karen drove along with her hand on the base of the steerage wheel. Religion comfy within the passenger seat, and Greg rode within the again, his knees rubbing towards the passenger seat. 

They rode within the luxurious Land Rover in a clumsy silence out of the city. Greg’s thoughts used to be on what used to be forward. The chance for a fuck made the entirety else light, forgettable for Greg. Multiply that by way of having two women and Greg wouldn’t have cared if he used to be sitting in the most costly sports activities automotive. Not anything else mattered. 

The women should be excited too, Greg idea, was hoping.

Greg were given a handy guide a rough glimpse of Religion transferring her hand throughout her chest, like she used to be making an attempt to liberate the warmth stuck underneath her blouse. Karen had just one hand at the steerage wheel. The opposite hand used to be out of sight.

Seeing the ladies, he had a abnormal idea. It might be a wild transfer, as soon as in an entire life. It would failure utterly. He had no different selection. He unbuttoned his pants, undid his fly and slid his hand into his lingerie. He felt his hardness cocked uncomfortably to the left. He shifted and came about to seem up and spot Karen’s eyes within the rearview replicate. Her eyes squinted. 

She reached up along with her misplaced hand and bent the replicate down. Her eyes, which had smiled a moments ahead of, now widened in marvel. “Greg, my god!” 

“What?” Religion shouted towards Karen. 

Greg didn’t resolution Karen, and Karen didn’t resolution Religion. 

Karen pulled the white Land Rover to the facet of the street, and each women became towards the backseat. 

Greg used to be frozen in surprise. He had uncovered himself and had silenced two women. He feared their silence used to be his demise.

Their surprised faces slowly lightened up. Religion once more broke the unusual silence. 

“It’s so, uh, laborious.” 

“Yeah, status directly up.” 

“Did the auto trip do this to you or used to be it …?” Religion requested however didn’t end her query. 

“I wasn’t doing anything else except for riding,” Karen mentioned, aghast, throwing up each arms in innocence. 

Greg gulped down the stoppage in his throat, so he may just discuss. “It used to be you two. Either one of you probably did this.” 

“No, now not me,” Karen once more justified herself. “I used to be simply riding the auto.” 

“Neatly, I wasn’t even speaking. I used to be best sitting right here,” Religion mentioned. 

Whether or not they had been best riding or just silent, neither may just take their eyes off what stood proudly via his unzipped zipper. 

Religion pressed her lips in combination. She requested, “Can I contact it?”

Greg mentioned not anything so she reached between the 2 entrance seats and wrapped her hand round its duration. Her hand used to be cooler than the warmth expiring from the throbbing erection. She started to stroke his dick gently, cautiously, adore it used to be breakable.

Greg closed his eyes in excitement however used to be startled when he not felt the cool hand on him. As an alternative, Religion opened the entrance door and climbed into the again. She used to be beside Greg. 

She admired the erection as though it had been a treasure she had exposed. Her hand wrapped round it once more, contrasting the chill with the warmth. She toyed with it, gazing Greg’s frame soar and jolt with other touches and pressures. 

Greg closed his eyes within the sensation. Abruptly, there used to be a unique contact. He opened his eyes. Her rainy lips gently kissed the strawberry tip and pulled away. Her bottle-green eyes, shining, probed him for a response to her kiss. Her contact jolted his frame, and he or she wanted not anything extra. Religion leaned down for a 2nd kiss, however this time she swirled her tongue over the pinnacle. A French kiss. Her eyes rated Greg’s response to her mouth’s paintings. 

“Stay doing it, stay doing it,” he murmured. 

Religion became to Karen, who nonetheless sat within the entrance seat. She used to be surprised by way of what she had simply witnessed.

“Don’t let me have all of the a laugh,” Religion mentioned.

“I’m ok proper right here,” she responded. 

“You don’t wish to?” Religion requested. 

Karen’s scrunched eyebrows and limp backside lip introduced no. 

Religion gave a couple of strokes after which requested her, “Have you ever ever in reality touched one ahead of?” 

Karen reworked from the know-it-all about intercourse to a silky, white virgin. 

“His penis is good. Higher than the others I’ve touched. And I will really feel his pulse once I grasp him.” She gripped tighter to really feel the quickened beats. “Come on, Kay, simply take a look at touching it. He gained’t cum on you. He must be labored slightly ahead of that occurs. No a lot even though.” 

“I need … I wish to see you play with him. That’s what turns me on,” Karen responded. She choked out the closing phrases.

“Kay, have you ever ever truly touched, in reality felt, a man’s dick ahead of?” 

“Neatly, now not truly, now not such as you at the moment are.” 

“You want to take a look at it. You want to be told now. Greg this is keen to be your Guinea pig.” Religion patted his thigh. 

“Yeah, I will be able to be your Guinea pig, Karen—gladly.” 

Karen exhaled, and each Greg and Religion knew she had come round, even though just for one mild contact. 

Karen sat subsequent to Greg within the again seat, reverse to Religion. 

“This, Kay, is a penis. A cock. A dick. A member. A fuck-rod.” 

“I am getting it, I do know the names, Religion,” she interrupted paradoxically. 

“The penis is an appendage that can make your lifestyles really feel such a lot higher. And, so you understand, you’re gazing a handsome dick. It can be laborious to best this one until you discover a porn superstar.” 

“Yeah,” Karen mentioned once more. 

“Now, he likes you to take it gently to your arms. I will really feel him traumatic up after which breath.” Religion tightened her grasp and glanced at Greg. He had performed simply what she described. “Watch out while you see his face flip like he’s in ache. He’s about to …” Religion stopped unexpectedly. “Say it, Kay, say it. What’s he about to do?” 

Karen’s eyebrows dripped with awkwardness, and her again used to be humped over as though her one want in lifestyles would to be out of the backseat of her SUV.

“Simply say the phrase,” Religion egged. “He’s going to be about to …” 

She sought after her pal to fill within the closing phrase. A phrase, it gave the impression, Karen idea too sinful to mention—if her mouth had ever ahead of let the phrase slip via her red lips.

To Greg, Religion sought after to listen to Karen say the phrase too. Her frame used to be overheating. 

“Say it.” 

Karen glanced at Religion. 

“He’s …” 

She peeked at Greg. 

“… about to …” 

Karen shifted her eyes to the cock in Religion’s grip. Then she mentioned it.

“… about to … cum.” 

Religion launched a pent-up groan of delight in an instant and glued the dick deep in her mouth, its influence appearing towards her cheek. She sucked, bobbing her head, her crimson hair flinging about wildly. Her surprising engorging despatched Greg’s frame right into a are compatible. His legs tightening, his again straightening, his butt cheeks squeezing. He grasped for anything else and his hand discovered Karen’s craned neck. His hands instinctively gripped it and taken her face down, subsequent to Religion’s face, which used to be smeared with saliva and lust.

Religion too grabbed the nape of Karen’s neck and taken her face all the way down to hers. She kissed her pal, her tongue stretching into her open mouth. Karen’s eyes widened in surprise, however Religion took over. She would now not let Karen forestall her mouth from making like to her. Religion all however leaped over Greg to succeed in the just-revealed virgin. 

Religion were given to Karen like a lion to a lamb, however in a second the 2 had been neither lion nor lamb. They had been enthusiasts. Their heads became as they kissed. Karen’s hands ran via Religion’s hair. 

“Oh, Kay,” Religion mentioned, having torn her mouth from Karen’s, “I by no means idea you may be so nice. I may just best dream.”

Karen loved it. “I need extra of you.” 

“Kiss me right here.” Religion moved her lips subsequent to the crimson tip of Greg’s dick. 

Karen moved down and put her mouth on Religion’s fattened crimson lips and the slippery penis. They started their kissing once more however integrated the erection that used to be of their means. Tongues touched, they licked. Lips smacked and engulfed the penis. 

Quickly the ladies had been suffering to get the entirety into their mouths. One would take his complete head and let her tongue ring across the tip. The opposite would lick the duration and flick his balls along with her tongue. Then their mouths modified puts.  

Greg’s respiring intensified. His center thudded towards his chest, and his cheeks became crimson. His tooth clinched. He attempted to regulate what used to be about to occur. He couldn’t.

He growled and shortened his breath. In a twirl of short-term ecstasy, he shot cords of cum. A strand landed on Religion’s flushed cheek, however the biggest clumps hit Karen’s lips and her nostril. She straight away pursed her lips and close her eyes. The opposite blob slid to the tip of her dainty nostril. 

Religion leaned in and let her tongue lick a creamy clump. She then kissed Karen, main into her mouth with a tongue lined in cum. The women’ make-out intensified to the purpose that blouses had been unbuttoned. Karen unexpectedly stopped, huffing in exhaustion. “We will be able to’t. No longer with him right here. We want to pass to my area.”

“Sorry, Greg, we’ve got one thing to do,” Religion mentioned. “We’ll drop you off on the Frostie Freeze.”

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