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The Sticky Side of Kink: Choosing the Best Kinds of Tape for Play

The Sticky Aspect of Kink: Opting for the Highest Types of Tape for Play

For those who’re fascinated about what varieties of tape you’ll use on your bondage play, you’re in the best position! It’s nice for freshmen and complicated kinksters alike and springs with fewer risk issues than rope or different restraints. Alternatively, with all of the choices available in the market, it might get complicated what you’ll use as opposed to what may provide you with an unintentional Brazilian wax or agonizing beard removing. There are even appropriate however distinctive variations which are secure however may require some additional care.

Here’s a rundown of ALL sorts of tape, if they’re BDSM pleasant, protection pointers, and every other helpful knowledge to lend a hand making a decision which you could need to experiment with.


PRICE – You’ll use just a bit for a gag or so much for complete mummification. However the extra you utilize, the extra price-conscious it’s important to be. You may dream of a whole frame wrap of healing tape, however it might be extra environment friendly and cost-effective to do it in bondage tape and even packing tape.

STRETCH – Some merchandise stretch. Some don’t. That is vital to check as a result of for those who’re the use of it as restraints, it could be simple in your spouse to wiggle out of OR it might motive circulate issues or bruising if stretched too tight.

BREATHABILITY – Maximum ceaselessly, the clinical stuff will breathe (as it’s intended to stick at the pores and skin for some time). However different merchandise will entice any sweat and moisture. This is able to/will motive the outside to get waterlogged – and most likely motive issues if left on too lengthy.

BENDABILITY – Such things as duct tape have a more potent construction, so whilst you put it on any individual, the lengths received’t bunch, twist, roll, or distort as a lot. This implies you could most effective want one or two layers to get the outcome you wish to have (like one layer for a mouth gag). However thinner or softer tapes more than likely want multiple layer (suppose packing tape) if you wish to restrain any individual.

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GLUE & TOXICITY – More potent glue doesn’t all the time imply “excellent”. It may well injury the outside, motive hypersensitive reactions, rip off furnishings finishes, and go away a residue. It may well actually have a dangerous odor or style (for gags). Stay this in thoughts whilst you’re buying groceries. And, for those who don’t know, move to a ironmongery store in individual and notice.


Those are the imaginable accidents or issues that may come from tape…

ABRASIONS – The glue is simply too robust and it pulls on the pores and skin whilst you take away it. It is going to ceaselessly go away a purple tinge at the back of at the pores and skin.

STRIPPING – The glue is FAR too robust and pulls OFF layers pores and skin whilst you take away the tape.

TENSION INJURY – The surface is pulled with the tape and blisters, tears, or different accidents may seem.

ALLERGIC REACTION – Folks may also be delicate to the adhesives or have dangerous reactions to sure tapes. It may well additionally range from emblem to emblem.

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FOLLICLE INFLAMMATION – Hair removing can now and again go away the follicle open, or hair will get pulled out by way of the tape. The chemical compounds within the glue or micro organism can get into the follicle and motive inflammation.

MACERATION – Ever go away a Band-Assist to your finger too lengthy and the outside became white? That’s maceration. It makes the outside extra subtle and more straightforward to injure.

CIRCULATION – Pulling tape too tightly can bring to a halt blood drift.

BRUISING – Pressure/force towards the outside may cause bruising. The probabilities of bruising will building up with how a lot the tape can stretch or how a lot “tough play” you could need to do in a consultation.

BREATHING PROBLEMS For instance, if any individual has bronchial asthma, a mouth gag generally is a drawback.

MENTAL STATE – Whether or not it’s a easy wrist tie or whole mummification, being certain and restrained may cause discomfort, panic, or cause outdated/new trauma.

OTHER INJURIES – If you wish to tie the individual up in numerous positions, or the rest that places pressure at the frame, it will increase the danger of harm. Additionally, there are particular issues at the frame the place the nerves sit down nearer to the outside of the outside. If the tape rolls up, and the stress isn’t unfold throughout that a part of the frame, it might motive nerve injury.


It’s so simple as following the SSSC and RACK laws in addition to the use of commonplace sense.

  • Be informed the place nerve injury can occur
  • Have a verbal AND nonverbal secure phrase
  • Talk about limits and worries previously
  • For those who’re a amateur, get started easy and small
  • Check and perceive the tape you select
  • Restrain with LAYERS, now not stress
  • At all times ship suitable aftercare
  • Do a patch take a look at at the pores and skin first

PRO TIP – If the adhesive may just motive issues, many avid gamers will first put a layer or two of plastic wrap on their spouse and THEN upload the tape. Individuals who make reasonable frame patterns for clothes additionally do that.

SAFETY SCISSORS – This isn’t simply a part of your protection measures, however until it’s bondage tape, you’ll have to chop them out anyway. This implies you’ll want clinical/protection scissors – those with boring/rounded ends that you’ll slide below what you wish to have to chop with out hurting the outside.

KINDS OF TAPE – The Excellent, The Unhealthy, and the OMG NO!

I discovered as many distinctive varieties of tape available in the market and rated them for BDSM play. Right here’s what I checked out…

  • Value (P) = $, $$, $$$
  • Adhesive Power (AS) = Low, Med, Prime
  • Stretch (ST) = None, Some, A Lot
  • BDSM Pleasant (BF) = Sure, Type of, No longer in reality, No

DISCLAIMER – If two tapes have the similar ranking (e.g. $$), that does NOT imply they are going to be precisely the similar. It is a generalization to provide you with an concept of the place to begin.


Reasonable and simple to seek out. Sturdy however simply twists, bunches, and rolls. Sweat or different fluids will weaken the glue – it’ll keep in position higher when you have an under-layer of plastic wrap and even clothes. Can be utilized for mummification (complete or partial) however would want a number of layers to stick in position.

► (P) $ – (AS) Low – (ST) None – (BF) Type of


Best possible for bondage. Inexpensive, REUSABLE, and immune to water. Sticks to itself and now not the outside. No smell or residue.

► (P) $$ – (AS) None – (ST) Some – (BF) Sure


A more potent tape that may keep in position longer than different choices in addition to being extra water-resistant, however it’s slightly costlier in consequence. Can be utilized in mummification, alternatively taking it off may just injury the outside. Heavy residue and smell. Regularly used as a result of the stereotypical visuals in media round kidnapping, interrogation, and so forth. Reputation has created a requirement for it in many colours.

► (P) $$ – (AS) Med – (ST) None – (BF) Sure


Also referred to as Kinesio tape. It’s cotton, clinical grade, latex-free, and water-proof. It is available in all kinds of colours. The drawback – it’s VERY stretchy, so it’s now not nice for tape bondage. Higher suited to aesthetic accents all the way through events (suppose nipple covers) or clinical use quite than BDSM play.

► (P) $$$ – (AS) Med  – (ST) A Lot  – (BF) Type of


Has a identical feeling to latex or PVC. Very sturdy with some stretch. Any play must be with a much wider roll of tape (as an alternative of the skinny ones used for electric use). Every now and then used as nipple covers for events or as development fabrics for some BDSM toys or gear (reasonable deal with wraps and so forth.)

► (P) $$ – (AS) Low – (ST) Prime – (BF) Type of

kinds of tape


This tape is woven with fiberglass filaments to extend energy. No longer in reality utilized in BDSM. Simply keep away from it as a result of there are higher choices which are more straightforward to seek out.

► (P) $$ – (AS) Med – (ST) None – (BF) No


Heavy-duty tape that’s ceaselessly used as an alternative of paint. Sturdy adhesive and threatening for the outside.

► (P) $$$ – (AS) Prime – (ST) None – (BF) No


Complicated as a result of there are 3 sorts: skateboarding, hockey, and basic sports activities use. Alternatively, none are helpful for BDSM. Skateboard grip tape is like sandpaper. The hockey one is a skinny mesh for gloves. And the sports activities model isn’t appropriate with use at the frame – possibly for those who sought after a greater grip to your flogger?

► (P) $$ – (AS) Med  – (ST) Relies – (BF) No


Sticky on all sides and used for electric paintings.

► (P) $$  – (AS) Med – (ST) Some – (BF) No


Utilized in theater for marking degree spaces or round apparatus. Very similar to duct tape, the glue is petroleum-based and can come off blank. It’s simply torn and to be had in many colours.

► (P) $$ – (AS) Med – (ST) None  – (BF) Type of

bondage tapes, kinds of tape


For repairing rubber sheet pond liners. No longer for folks or kink play.

► (P) $$$ – (AS) Prime – (ST) None – (BF) No


Typically, double-sided tape isn’t helpful for any BDSM play. Steer clear of.

► (P) $ – (AS) Med – (ST) Some – (BF) No


Very similar to duct tape, however centered extra for outside use or underwater maintenance. The glue would more than likely be too robust at the pores and skin and would wish to put it over plastic wrap. But if duct tape is inexpensive, I’m now not positive why any individual would trouble with this. Plus with the Gorilla glue scare that went round social media, I’d say higher secure than sorry.

► (P) $$ – (AS) Med – (ST) None – (BF) No longer in reality


Particularly intended to glue to material and pores and skin – however to stay clothes in position. Model tape is excellent when you wish to have your BDSM outfits to stick simply in position, however that’s it.

► (P) $ – (AS) low – (ST) none – (BF) No longer in reality


It’s the belongings you wrap presents with. No longer in reality helpful and received’t persist with pores and skin or material. Possibly as a part of some kind of humiliation play?

► (P) $ – (AS) Low – (ST) None – (BF) No longer in reality

ideas for bondage tape, kinds of tape, what is bondage tape


Reasonable and is available in other widths. Simple to rip and inexpensive. Ok for bondage however you’ll want many layers. It’s now not as versatile as different varieties of tape, so the rolling, twisting, and bunching can be worse for those who opt for the slender rolls.

► (P) $ – (AS) Low – (ST) None – (BF) Type of


That is the stuff they embed in asphalt that displays mild and can ultimate for years. It’s certainly to be have shyed away from.

► (P) $$$ – (AS) Prime – (ST) N/A – (BF) No!!


There are two sorts (one for the stick and one for the shin pads). One isn’t stretchy, the opposite is. One is self-sticking and the opposite isn’t. Alternatively, there’s no level in the use of both for kink play as a result of there are inexpensive possible choices (e.g. bondage tape, which is reusable).

► (P) $ to $$ – (AS) Low – (ST) sure/no – (BF) No longer in reality


Very similar to packing tape, however with designs or watermarks to turn if any individual has tampered with or opened the field. Is available in other designs or with quite a lot of phrases or warnings, which generally is a sprint of additional amusing for whilst you play.

► (P) $ – (AS) low – (ST) None – (BF) Sure


Imply to cover drywall seams. Unnecessary for kink.

► (P) $$ – (AS) N/A – (ST) Some – (BF) No

kinds of tape,


Bring to mind one thing very similar to electric tape, however it’ll most effective persist with itself. Unnecessary for play when electric tape is such a lot inexpensive.

► (P) $ – (AS) Low – (ST) Some – (BF) Type of


Fast repair, aluminum tape for race vehicles and airplanes – , the sort you spot on social media movies the place aircraft passengers freak out seeing some man making maintenance to the wings with these items simply prior to take off.

► (P) $$$ – (AS) Prime – (ST) None – (BF) No


Suppose covering tape however for craft or labeling functions.

► (P) $ – (AS) Low – (ST) None – (BF) No longer in reality


Additionally utilized in theatres and different media productions. It’s intended to mark the place actors must stand or the place pieces must move. Is available in many colours. Additionally excellent for labeling. No longer helpful for bondage, however might be added as a last layer to brighten your submissive.

► (P) $ – (AS) Low – (ST) None – (BF) Type of

bdsm tape


Both for crafts or to hold within the lawn and scare away birds. May well be used as ornament over different, extra robust BDSM-friendly tapes.

► (P) $ – (AS) Low – (ST) None – (BF) I assume so


It’s particularly intended to persist with the outside with none reactions in addition to come off with out harming the outside – so it’s nice for a wide variety of play, particularly clinical. It could be too pricy for mummification, however higher suited to smaller restraints or coverings.

► (P) $ – (AS) Low – (ST) Little or no  – (BF) Sure


Some other clinical product that can be utilized for smaller patches of play and clinical function performs.

► (P) $ – (AS) Low – (ST) None – (BF) Type of


Used to carry bunches of vegetation in combination. It is available in all kinds of colours however it is rather skinny. Since there are higher possible choices, I wouldn’t trouble with this until you wish to have to get into some kinky floral or plant-themed play (now not positive if it’s a factor, however it’s the arena of BDSM – so who is aware of.)

► (P) $ – (AS) Low – (ST) Little – (BF) No longer in reality


This tape is supposed for packaging and is all the time slightly slender, so it’s beautiful needless for play.

► (P) $ – (AS) Low – (ST) None – (BF) No longer in reality


Intended for marking trails whilst you’re mountaineering. Because you tie it, now not stick it, there’s now not a lot use for kinksters until you’re marking a trail as a scavenger hunt for some kinky function.

► (P) $ – (AS) None – (ST) Some – (BF) No

duct tape bdsm


Silver tape that may face up to extremely popular or chilly temperatures. Skip these items.

► (P) $$ to $$$ – (AS) Low to Prime – (ST) Versatile – (BF) No


Tape to make use of on your lawn to your vegetation (as a result of its prime flexibility, it received’t injury no matter plants it’s tied to).

► (P) $ – (AS) None – (ST) Prime – (BF) No


It’s actually a magnetic strip that’s sticky on one facet. Skip it.

► (P) $ – (AS) Med – (ST) None – (BF) No


Bondage tape is the most obvious winner, but when you wish to have other varieties of tape as a base, then duct, packing, safety, and large covering tape will do the trick. Alternatively, the rest that comes to smaller amounts or much less frame floor, will permit you WAY extra possible choices (like gaffer tape).

And consider, if you are going to buy one thing with an adhesive that would motive problems (whether or not too robust or now not robust sufficient), you don’t must throw it away – upload a couple of layers of plastic wrap and also you’ll be excellent to head (despite the fact that the tape is excellent, you must be doing this for mummifications anyway).

Additionally, if you wish to have extra helpful or fascinating articles, you could like those…

In the case of varieties of tape for a BDSM scene, what’s your favourite? Percentage within the feedback!

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