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The Gift She Didn't Ask For

The Present She Did not Ask For

This put up comprises sturdy language (L).
It used to be at first printed on April 12, 2012.

She used to be dismayed with the reward, a chargeable “intimate house” razor, and idea, “Oh, yeah—it is a reward for me, all proper. That is what he desires, now not me!” However she purposed to make use of it at least one time simply to look if she would adore it. He’d frequently mentioned how a lot he’d love for her to have a easy butt and vulva, so she determined she will have to attempt to please him if she may just. She used to be slightly harm, regardless that, that she couldn’t simply settle for the truth that she had hair right here and revel in her frame how it used to be. His argument that she will have to forestall shaving her legs then regardless that she needed to admit it used to be logical, didn’t make her need to do that any longer.

Starting off her blouse, her denims and her panties, she requested him to lend a hand her. Kneeling within the empty bathtub in simplest her bra, she let him trim the hair between her butt cheeks together with his beard trimmer first, then sprinkle the powder on her sooner than the usage of the brand new razor to shave her easy. There used to be no ache, and when he used to be performed, she stroked herself round her butt hollow and used to be stunned to search out that her pores and skin used to be extremely easy and freed from bumps. When she took her palms away, he leaned over and blew softly at the spot he had simply shaved, and the feeling of the chilly air on her pores and skin made her shiver. She would possibly like this in the end…

Sitting down, she opened her legs. She glanced at him and noticed that he used to be aroused. Smiling lewdly, she reached up and squeezed the lengthy lump in his denims. He smiled too, and he or she beloved the boyish pleasure in his eyes as he checked out her. She used to be happy she’d stored her bra on regardless that there wasn’t a lot to it. It gave the impression to make the method a bit of extra mysterious and sensuous than if she’d been totally nude and spreading for him. She knew he beloved to look her complete breasts spilling over the lacy edges of a tiny bra.

Sparsely, ever so gently, he trimmed the hair round her vagina, gently fingering her labia as he did so. Then, after powdering her generously, he started to shave her. He pressed her outer lips clear of the razor so he wouldn’t nick her, after which put his thumb on her clitoris whilst he formed her bush and shaved round it. He made it narrower and shorter, only a small, close-cropped triangle of black above the crimson slash of her womanhood. She favored it, however had some other concept starting to hatch in her thoughts. He became away to scrub the razor, and he or she touched herself tentatively and used to be fascinated by the feeling of  caressing the extremely comfortable flesh of her personal frame. She couldn’t stay her palms away, and when she stroked the brink of her vagina, she felt herself getting rainy straight away. Her lips started to swell and tingle within the tantalizing precursor to complete arousal. She used to be so deliciously comfortable, and he or she may just imaging his palms—and hers—in addition to his lips and tooth and tongue giving her beautiful excitement as they went to paintings on her silken flesh…

When he used to be performed, he began to undress.

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“Let’s get a bath, after which I’ll provide you with as a lot loving as you’ll stand.”

“Ok, Child.” Her voice used to be husky, and he or she used to be smirking seductively. “You move in awhile. I’ve one thing to do first, then I’ll get a bathtub.”

He went down the corridor to the opposite toilet, and he or she briefly took his trimmer after which the razor and shaved off her bush, then shaved her legs. Now she used to be impossibly easy from the waist down, and as she gently ran her palms down her stomach to her groin, she abruptly learned why he’d sought after this for see you later, and he or she regretted by no means having performed it sooner than. Simply dressed in panties used to be going to be an erotic enjoy now, as she’d really feel the satin caressing her pores and skin when she moved. Slipping her palms inside of them whilst he watched her, or doing it whilst he used to be at the telephone, would lead them to each loopy with lust. She’d purchase some tiny thongs that might catch between her vagina lips and stroke her when she moved. No longer dressed in panties in any respect could be even sexier. She’d flash him in a cafe when he leaned over to pick out up her serviette…

She were given out of the bathtub and slathered scented shea butter on her newly shaved portions. The impact used to be improbable—by no means had she felt the rest so comfortable and mild. She sprayed some darkly scented fragrance between her breasts and thighs went to the mattress.

When he got here into the room he discovered her within the candlelight, a saxophone moaning seductively at the CD participant. She used to be nude and propped in opposition to the pillows, her freshly washed frame stretched out in a blatantly erotic pose. She had her head thrown again and her palms grasped the headboard at the back of her. Her breasts have been complete and swollen with want, their nipples rosy and plump and pointed upward at a welcoming attitude. Her legs have been splayed wantonly, one knee up.

He couldn’t consider his eyes. Her vagina regarded impressive, darkish lips pouting between her narrow, easy thighs. He may just even see the little white pearl of her clitoris straining at its gossamer sheath. She reached down and fondled herself lovingly, licking her lips as her palms explored her vagina as though for the primary time. Her labia changed into slippery and sizzling, and he or she slipped a finger into herself after which licked it slowly, gazing his response.

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“I’m consuming honey from my very own hive, Darling. It’s scrumptious. Wanna style me?”

“I’d love to wait for a short while longer.”

“Oh, please come and style me. I would like your tongue in me. I would like you to stroke my clitoris with it.”

She giggled, then reached at the back of the pillow and took out her vibrator. Although he may just now not listen the motor’s hum above the song, he knew she’d became it on as a result of she reacted straight away to the feeling. She touched her nipples with it, and so they sprang to consideration eagerly. He longed to suck them, to chunk them gently and make her gasp with the beautiful agony of ecstasy.

“I would like you to suck me, Darling. Suck me after which fuck me.” She squealed girlishly at her naughty remark. She slid the toy alongside her frame to her vulva, and as she touched the pulsating tip to her labia, the feeling made her twitch involuntarily and he or she arched her again and moaned with the sheer excitement of it.

“Do you prefer my vagina? I will be able to’t consider how implausible it feels—I will be able to’t stay my palms clear of it.”

“That’s wonderful with me. I really like to look at you excitement your self anyway. You actually stunned me. I don’t know what to mention, aside from that I believe we’re about to have some impressive intercourse.”

“I believe I’m going to need to move bare underneath my attire now. I think so uncovered, so completely decadent and fascinating. I actually really feel like your Shulammite lover now, now not simply your faithful spouse.” As she mentioned all this she persisted to stroke herself with the vibrator, and the darkish interior lips of her vulva had blossomed and swelled and have been now bursting from her like an unique flower. Although he used to be a number of ft away, he may just odor the musky odor of her interest, and it excited him. She used to be gasping hoarsely, and her frame used to be writhing with the serious excitement of her personal contact. She thrust her hips ahead to him, inviting him to style her, to tease her, to lap the new love from her after which to ravage her. Her interior thighs have been slippery with the dew of her arousal.

“Do me, please, Child. Touching myself is superb, however I actually desire a excellent, onerous screwing.” Her lewd communicate excited him to no finish, and he pulled her by way of her ft to the brink of the mattress and let her hold her legs over the facet. She used to be squirming and gasping, and her palms went to her marvelous breasts to knead them and cup them in her hands and pinch her nipples till they have been darkish and swollen.

Bare himself now, he opened her legs extensive and, lifting her decrease frame from underneath her thighs, he plunged his inflexible, throbbing penis into the slippery fissure between her engorged labia. He may just watch himself fucking her, and the sight of his penis thrusting out and in, out and in, tightly wrapped by way of her slick, crimson vagina, made him loopy with interest. She used to be bucking and thrashing now, and he or she wrapped her legs tightly round his hips and pulled onerous to pressure him extra deeply into her as he thrust. She used to be pounding the mattress along with her fists and screaming, and her again used to be arched in a convulsion of erotic agony.

She began to cry uncontrollably, and it gave the impression that wave after wave of orgasmic power swept over her. Her frame used to be reacting with an erotic ferocity that neither of them had ever skilled. He used to be respiring closely, however he couldn’t forestall slamming his frame in opposition to hers. His penis used to be nonetheless inflexible, and he may just really feel her squeezing its shaft along with her vagina because it plunged into her over and over again. “Tougher, Child! Tougher! Fuck me—FUCK ME! Oh, expensive I will be able to’t forestall coming!”

At that second her vagina erupted in a circulate of transparent fluid. Her ejaculation startled him out of her, and the fluid flowed between her thighs onto the sheets. Her frame used to be wracked with interest, and he or she persisted to thrust her pelvis upward, her swollen vagina gaping and twitching along with her dissipating orgasm.

Her knelt and put his face between her legs. She used to be calmer now, whimpering like a kid, her frame going limp at the mattress. He lapped the liquid from her vagina, gently stroking her engorged clitoris and licking the place she directed him by way of guiding his head.

“Kiss me, Darling,” she gasped. “Let me style my pleasure.”

He did so, letting her lick the fluid from round his mouth, then plunging his tongue into her mouth and letting her suck onerous, biting his lips and as soon as once more wrapping her legs round his hips and digging her nails into the onerous muscle of his butt.

“Did you come back?”

“No longer totally.”

“Take me once more, then. Input me. Experience me, Darling. Get your fill.”

He did so, rolling her onto her abdomen with two pillows underneath her hips and spreading her legs extensive. Kneading the tight spherical orbs of her butt, he stroked her lips with the top of his penis, then knelt over her and rammed himself into her, feeling her clamp tightly round him to pump the entire love out of him he needed to give her. He got here once more in a convulsion of pleasure, gasping and after all mendacity on most sensible of her, happy and exhausted. They rolled onto their aspects and he stayed inside of her, pushing his still-firm manhood in so far as he may just, she urgent her easy butt into him and wriggling gleefully, playing the texture of her pores and skin in opposition to his as they spooned.

They fell asleep this manner, and aroused from sleep simplest as the sunshine of the moon flooded their room with its bluish gentle. She aroused from sleep when he stirred, and he or she reached all the way down to grab his flaccid penis along with her lengthy, practiced palms and started to stroke him, her frame hungry over again for his loving. Her different hand went to the sleek, comfortable flesh of her shaved vulva.

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