Thursday , 29 February 2024
Synesthesia by Rachel Semenov

Synesthesia by the use of Rachel Semenov

Sexual Synesthesia! Scorching damn, thank you Rachel for covering this type of fascinating and super cool topic! Person who’s if truth be told beautiful revealing to Erika and mine’s life; she’s steadily discussed seeing colors and shapes after having a good time, and it’s not something I’ve ever in fact been ready to take hold of!? Like… sure… sex is amusing, alternatively no, hon, I didn’t see fireworks and rainbows as it happened. Welp, turns out – it’s a friggin superpower.

Rachel is always a delight to artwork with and at the moment’s comic merely sings. A while once more she moreover made us a comic book guide about Healing After Childbirth that I in fact recommend finding out!


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