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Questions on Semen

Questions about Semen

I’m very curious as to the critiques that the gals at the website have towards cum and if there may be any trade in perspectives through the years thru enjoy and publicity.

In the case of semen, would you assert about your self these days:

  1. I benefit from the style of cum.
  2. I benefit from the really feel of cum on my frame or face.
  3. I don’t benefit from the style of cum, however I can do it for my husband.
  4. I don’t benefit from the really feel of cum on my frame or face, however I can permit it for my husband.
  5. I simplest permit my husband to cum inside of me or in other places however now not on me.
  6. Different.

How about ahead of you skilled your husband’s semen?

  1. The considered cum disgusted me.
  2. The considered cum intrigued me.
  3. I had no expectancies or ideas of semen ahead of my husband.
  4. Different.

Would really like non-public feedback in this.

And guys, please chime in and let us know about the way you seen ejaculation and what you favor and why!

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