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High Heel Fetish 101

Prime Heel Fetish 101

Chances are you’ll assume that adoring excessive heels (or having a excessive heel fetish) is simplest one thing that males do all I’ve to mention is … Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo. Girls will shiver on the concept of proudly owning 5 inches of spikey sneakers that immediately rockets their badass self-confidence into the stratosphere.

And a few males will shiver, cum, and cave in simply seeing them. Sure, these days we’re having a look at Altocalciphilia!

I additionally wish to premise the object with my use of ladies is only for the sake of simplicity, however will come with binary, non-binary, and many others.)


It is a sexual want for prime heels. It could possibly contain sexual fantasies, deep urges, and even the need to have them provide to get the blood flowing. But it surely’s now not simply the sneakers themselves which are a turn-on, it will possibly come with extra detailed parts akin to…

  • Design – Somebody would possibly love one taste however don’t have any sexual want towards a special taste of excessive heels. As an example a pump as opposed to a sandal.
  • The Foot – How the foot seems whilst within the shoe. This may also be anything else from blank and smartly pedicured to even grimy.
  • Subject matter – Footwear are available in all kinds of fabrics. So it is sensible that there is usually a haptic choice between such things as leather-based or velvet (for instance).
  • Odor or Style – If this one is tricky to know, simply consider the enjoyment of smelling a brand new e-book or the frenzy of a “new automotive odor.”
  • The Sound – Audio connections of the click sound excessive heels make around the flooring, and even stomping round, may also be sexually potent.
  • Age – Some other people would possibly desire brand-new sneakers whilst others like them extra worn-in.

FACT: In keeping with Jimmy Choo and Gucci, a low heel is lower than 2.5 inches (6.4 cm). Mid heels are anything else between 2.5 and three.5 inches (6.4 and eight.9 cm). Any shoe upper than that is thought of as a excessive heel. In keeping with the clothes business, any shoe between 2–5 inches is high-heeled.


Completely sure! So far as fetishes pass, it’s one of the most extra not unusual ones too. But even so, I don’t assume one may also be human with out some form of fetish in a single level or some other. It’s simply a part of a regular intercourse force. But even so, there are transparent bodily adjustments that occur when any person wears excessive heels.

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  • The breasts glance better as a result of strolling in heels forces the individual to have a straighter posture, even an over-arched again. This makes the boobs pass ahead extra.  The shoulders additionally return, which provides to an air of self assurance.
  • The calves and bum hectic which generally is a primitive mating sign or simply upload to a curvy attract.
  • The hips sway extra or even tackle an undulating movement. That is from the smaller steps. Any focal point put in this space has a tendency to be interesting.
  • They upload peak. And a few other people pass loopy over taller other people.
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Some other people would possibly argue there’s a darker aspect to this fetish – that it creates a scenario that makes it tougher for a girl to run away. On the other hand, this can be a small, disturbed percentage of the inhabitants. Maximum means it with adoration and recognize. Many even tackle a submissive function the instant excessive heels seem.

FACT: The most important high-heel shoe on report measures 3.96m (12 toes, 11 inches) lengthy and a couple of.82 m (9 toes 3 inches) tall. Created by way of Dido Model Membership on April 20, 2019, this large shoe used to be supposed to spotlight the artistry of brogues.


The excessive heel fetish is person who spans all of the sexual umbrella. Homosexual companions have commented that one or each like to put on excessive heels. Instantly {couples} have stated the similar.

Some other attention-grabbing reality is different fetishes like toe or foot sucking ceaselessly pass hand-in-hand with Altocalciphilia.

And whilst we’re shouting out random high-heel info, right here’s some other one that may blow your thoughts…

“Foot and excessive heel fetishism happen extra ceaselessly all over occasions of sexually-transmitted epidemics, in step with a learn about performed by way of Giannini et al. (1998) at Ohio State College.

All over the gonorrhea epidemic in thirteenth century Europe, the Western International syphilis epidemics within the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, and the AIDS epidemic, non-genitalia gadgets akin to sneakers and toes had been regarded as a protected choice to extra conventional sorts of sexual touch.”

Girls’s Well being


As you’ll be able to see, this fetish isn’t simply customary, it’s one of the most extra fashionable ones. It additionally has no limitations of sexual choice. And taking into consideration the craftsmanship that is going into a few of these items, it’s simple to peer why some other people wish to worship them.

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So pass on! You do you, and kiss the ones Choos!

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