Thursday , 29 February 2024
Primal Noise by Michel

Primal Noise by the use of Michel

Sizzling damn, this sexy BDSM comic gets horny. Michel is true right here at the moment, pushing ALL the buttons! BDSM coverage, gloves, gags, monster-dongs, orcs, elves, hot-sweaty-drooly-sexy, AND clever BANTER… ALL IN 5 PAGES. I didn’t suppose it’ll smartly be finished =D

We’re officially a few weeks transparent of OJST turning TEN YEARS OLD. I believe a phenomenal comic like at the moment’s gadgets the very best celebratory tone as we ramp up for our DECADE of comics =D Erika and I have been nursing Covid the ones earlier two weeks, however it certainly hasn’t stopped us and the crowd from secretly planning a Pledge Pressure full of bonuses! April will be a big month for us and we’re hoping you’ll be there to have a great time with us!

Inside the interim, move tell Michel he’s awesome sauce.

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