Wednesday , 28 February 2024
Permission To Dance by Kellin Sproul

Permission To Dance by the use of Kellin Sproul

In this autobiographical comic, Kellin Sproul recalls the nervousness and dysphoria he faced as a trans man in dance class and the way in which he were given right here to embrace his glide with the help of an inspiring instructor. June is excitement month and I hope you all find your own moments to bounce.

Thank you this sort of lot for opening up and sharing something like this with us Kellin!

As ever, I’m gonna end this week with a word of thanks and lightweight promotion for our Patreons. Due to all of you who are supporting our internet web page and comic. You’re keeping up this dream alive and enabling us to reach out and hire as wide of a crowd of cartoonists and stories we can. Every week that we get to place a brand spanking new voice on this internet web page is this kind of victory. Thank you for making it possible.

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