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Our Guide to Silicone & Glass Toys

Our Information to Silicone & Glass Toys

There are handiest 3 necessities for intercourse toys:

    1. Making your physique really feel just right, 
    2. Being secure on your physique, and 
    3. Making you are feeling just right (once more).  

At Unbound, our vibes, dil’s and plugs are made with body-safe and examined fabrics like silicone or 100% forged borosilicate glass — which sound just right, however you can be asking of yourself: what the hell does that imply? And which one is correct for me? 

Very first thing’s first: let’s ruin down what precisely the ones phrases imply. 

Frame-safe silicone is nonporous and doesn’t include any phthalates or latex — mainly, what that implies is that no fluids might be absorbed into the toy, and the toy has no destructive chemical compounds or allergens that your pores and skin can soak up. 

Borosilicate glass is a particularly sturdy form of glass, which makes it superb for toys. Our glass toys are utterly forged (and nonporous!), which makes them all of the extra more potent, more secure and the chance of them breaking all through use extraordinarily low.  Then again, it is nonetheless glass, and shedding them on arduous surfaces can make them chip or crack. In case your glass toy will get broken, completely don’t use it!  If you happen to do wish to eliminate your glass toy, you’ll be able to achieve this via recycling it. 

Each are similarly efficient in getting the activity achieved, however in the end all of it comes right down to desire.

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Silicone toys, particularly insertables like dildos or plugs, have a “softer” really feel to them, and are way more versatile than their glass opposite numbers. If you need one thing that can transfer with you however nonetheless have that strong really feel, silicone is the only for you. Pogo, our silicone dildo, is our go-to for this.

Glass toys, then again, are fairly inflexible and don’t be offering the similar flexibility as silicone. However what glass toys lack in flexibility, they make up for in versatility. Due to its conductive nature, glass toys are the easiest mate for temperature play. 

Safely warmth up your toy via submerging it in not-too-hot water, or cool it down via throwing it within the refrigerator in a santized container. Plus, glass toys are in order that rattling beautiful — check out Gem and Stellar and let us know they don’t belong within the MoMA.

Cleansing Your Glass and Silicone Toys 

A just right scrub down with an antibacterial, unscented cleaning soap gets any toy blank. If you wish to take it a step additional, nonmotorized silicone toys will also be boiled, and our glass toys may even be thrown within the dishwasher!


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