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Names and Phrases

Names and Phrases

Hubbie proper right here. Eye-catching subject. Words are essential! I’m in. Overall, Queen and I try to see and be sexually-focused and intentional as much as conceivable and anywhere conceivable. Everyone knows there is marriage-bed power in sex, and we adore to actually really feel it surge in us and between us all the time. (I’m sure some will also be evident) …

* (a nod for your ”strawberries”) We grocery retailer each and every Saturday, and strawberries get “noticed”, as do bananas, cucumbers, peaches, and those massive pepperoni logs. If there’s sexual-food innuendo, we select to notice! (And I eat a ton of pineapple, so that gets noticed (certain, my cum tastes very good to both of us!))

* we consult with ourselves (every other) as Vixen and Horn Dog. Vixen because of this a sexually professional and wild girl (not the foolish because of this inside the vixen/bull/stag open marriage sin), and Horn Dog being essentially the male an an identical, with a slightly of over-sexed, attractive high school teenager thrown in.

* we predict sex within marriage is also very massive open, and so “married slut” is a reward, and doesn’t lift the usual pejorative because of this. We get “whore” on the other hand need “best priced escort” – it’s rather classier, no? No longer sure of the male an an identical, on the other hand conveying that we’re professional at fucking and have some skills is superb!

* out-of-bounds (OOB), or “The Six”, is the most important thought. We firmly believe that each and every sexual issue is superb and appropriate within a monogamous marriage EXCEPT for that which God prohibits in His word. Certain, they exist, and I’ve referred to them in prior posts as “The Six”. Too lengthy for this post.

* Rules Of Engagement (ROE) way (1) If we CAN do a sexual issue (it’s not OOB), then we SHOULD do it. (2) If we SHOULD do it, then we ACTUALLY DO IT (not merely talk about it), and (3) if we ACTUALLY DO IT, then we do it with WILD ENTHUSIASM. (mediocre, lukewarm, passive, meh sex has no place in a scorching marriage!)

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* following ROE, wild, unleashed, animal sex is how we describe what we strive for. We talk about “The Edge” being the street over which is OOB, and we don’t transfer there. On the other hand there’s specific heat being at this Edge, and we adore to play “all over” the soccer field, certainly in-bounds, on the other hand not safely inside the middle, each.

* normal, we consult with our “passion”, the “heat” between us, our Christian, monogamous, sexual focus as “The Way of living” (to Take It Once more (TIB) from the out-of-bounds swingers) and our “Fairytale” to remind us to intentionally create, assemble, craft a passion-based marriage that’s rather then “common”.

(And there’s NOTHING innocent or G-rated implied in “Fairytale”. It’s totally sex-focused and X-rated! We tend to be naked spherical the house (NAH) such a lot, and I’ll say to Queen, “Ask your friends if their husband serves them naked all the time. Transfer ahead, I’ll wait. I know the answer. It’s no!” We CHOOSE to be wildly different!)

* we intentionally use the very graphic sexual words to indicate and remind us that we’re not scientists or doctors, on the other hand besotted, sex-crazed lovers! So cock, pussy, dick, cunt, and fuck are commonplace fare. Penis and vagina, and so on. belong in a biology elegance, not between our messed-up sheets!

* related (I hope I don’t offend any individual), on the other hand we’ve spotted “Man-Parts” and “Woman-Place” as euphemisms for the obvious cock and pussy, and it makes blood shoot out my eyes. It sort of feels each too shy, too offended, or too ingenious. God created cock, pussy, and fucking! They’re our area field! Take them once more and get heated!

* we keep up a correspondence regarding the “background hum” of passion, like a soundtrack to a movie. You recognize when risk is coming, and in addition you yell at the TV, “Can’t you other people concentrate the music? There’s risk coming!” We always want to concentrate the music or hum that reminds us “There’s sex coming!”

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I’m sure there’s further on account of we’ve been at crafting this Fairytale for a while now, and have built up quite the metaphor vocabulary. I will be able to easiest encourage you all to be very centered and intentional about your passion in conjunction with your spouse, and words are so the most important!


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