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My IUD Adventure by Alina

My IUD Journey by way of Alina

Web page 1
As of late’s pretty comedian is drawn in pinks, browns, and vegetables, it’s an autobiographical caricature from Alina who’s a self-described, overweight, female individual with shoulder duration, darkish hair, brown pores and skin, and glasses. Elena’s pronouns are she/them.

The comedian begins with Alina in a health care provider’s workplace her legs raised in stirrups, she’s in a affected person robe and nervously searching out from in the back of a Mirena IUD field against the digital camera as she fills us in on, and what’s taking place.
‘I had an IUD put inside of me previous this yr. It was once additionally the primary time I’ve had a pelvic examination in my lifestyles. Understand that, I used to be extraordinarily frightened.’

A tall, thin redhead, feminine-appearing physician, enters the workplace waving against Alina.
‘Hello Alina! Are we in a position to move?’
‘Oh, yeah.’

The physician snaps on a couple of gloves, as Elena sweats.
‘Bit overdue to again out now!’ The physician broadcasts.

The comedian flashes again to 2 weeks in the past, Alina is with the similar physician as they discuss alternatives.
The physician begins the dialog ‘ so, you assert the tablet’s been messing up your length?’
‘Yeah, I’m bleeding like, each different week.’ Alina responds
‘Oof! Have you considered getting an IUD?’
‘No longer truly. It sounds more or less painful. And horrifying.’

Web page 2

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The physician thoughtfully seems up.
‘Neatly, the insertion will also be. And it takes some being used to.’

A large panel takes up lots of the remainder of the web page appearing a large IUD, which in truth is a tiny T-shaped software meant to take a seat throughout the uterus. Perched on best of the IUD are the physician and Alina, searching down at stated software as they communicate over it.
Physician: ‘However there’s numerous upside to an IUD! That is the Mirena! It stops being pregnant by way of combating your uterine lining from thickening. Maximum customers have little to no length after insertion, so it could lend a hand with cramps too. It’s a one-time value, so you’ll be able to get it and disregard about it for five to eight sure!’
‘That sounds beautiful nice!’

The physician sits down at their laptop
‘Candy! I will guide you in for it in two weeks?’
‘Two weeks!’ Elena shouts

A tiny Marshmello model of herself nervously only for us readers, because the scene finishes.
‘At this level, I’d by no means had a gyno examination. My first revel in with one was once going to be an IUD insertion too!’

Web page 3

Alina walks us thru some panels depicting her historical past and background. On this first panel, we see a more youthful Alina together with her mom visiting a health care provider way back. A modern day Alina is searching at us and narrating over the wordless scene.
‘Rising up, I had little or no keep an eye on over my well being. Whilst an grownup, my mother would take me to the physician. Going to the gyno was once most effective finished for those who have been having intercourse.’

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The following two panels are drawn in a stainless-glass model, depicting two archways. One archway is an outline of an Indian girl, kneeling in isolation, round closed plant life. The opposite is a lady driving cowgirl a best of her lover as plant life bloom and hearts explode in abundance. round. In the back of those two archways is a simplified marshmallow model of Alina who’s there to present those panels context thru narration.
‘In my Indian upbringing, having intercourse supposed you needed to be married. Nevertheless it didn’t truly shake out like that for me.’
‘Other people, be informed from my errors! No doubt get checked up sooner than your IUD appointment for those who haven’t already.’

The ground of this web page leads us again into the existing as a pleasant Physician holds up a speculum.
‘This shouldn’t harm too dangerous.’
A laying down Alina, responds meekly with, ‘Neatly, no less than it could’t harm greater than giving start, ha ha.’

Unexpectedly, Alina is struck by way of crimson ache Sparks.
‘I used to be utterly unprepared for the ache I used to be about to be in.’

Web page 4

4 panels display abstractions of sparks, noises, tears, and scrunched-up Alina faces, because the IUD is inserted, out of view. The vibe test here’s one in all ache and uncomfortability.
We reduce to a smiling Physician.
‘All finished! Now pass forth and don’t multiply! It’s possible you’ll really feel a little bit bit, woozy, however you’ll be advantageous in a little.’

The physician continues as we see a small, wobbly damaged Alina laying in a puddle of ache and blood.
‘Now you’ll be able to’t have any penetrative intercourse for seven days. You’ll be able to bleed for a couple of days, but when it hurts an excessive amount of, please name us!’
‘OK…’ Alina dazily responds.
‘Assume you’re OK to move house?’
‘Y-yeah, I feel so.’

A grumpy-looking Alina is zooming by way of at the back of a taxi
‘Within the Uber again house, I felt like my insides have been on fireplace. I’ve had some beautiful painful length cramps sooner than, however this was once on some other degree. I felt like I couldn’t transfer with out passing out.’

Alina weekly smiles against us and the digital camera.
‘However although I felt unwell and dizzy, I used to be nonetheless elated. I felt so proud to in spite of everything take fee of my sexual well being. As foolish as it will sound, it made me really feel like an actual grown-up.’

Web page 5

A big panel takes up part the web page. It displays a transitional Alina, shifting from a crimson, small marshmallowy model of herself kneeling in ache, to a contented, joyous, working one sooner than in spite of everything, a 3rd Alina who’s hugging herself in glee.
‘My IUD journey was once so definitely worth the ache. It was once so freeing to push myself out of my convenience zone, and simply opt for it. It felt like the beginning of a brand new adventure, being extra aware of my frame’s wishes and taking good care of it myself.’

We reduce to Alina in mattress beneath her blankets in entrance of her laptop. At the different aspect of the pc, in our on-line world is her spouse speaking again.
Floating round Alina’s narration are hearts.
‘I will’t wait to take this IUD for a spin with you!’
‘Whats up! You’ll’t have any PIV intercourse for seven days bear in mind?’ Responds the spouse

Alina seems away rejected
‘Oh yeah…’

The spouse’s face seems again with a smirk
‘Have you learnt what that suggests although proper?’

We see two marshmallowy variations of Alina and her spouse, leaping and high-fiving within the air as they each shout
‘Butt stuff!’

As of late’s IUD Journey Comedian was once written and drawn by way of Alina who will also be discovered at
It was once then transcribed by way of Matthew Nolan on 2/05/24!

Oh Pleasure Intercourse Toy is paid for and supported by way of Patreon, and we might ask for any and all strengthen you’ll be able to give us there, so we will stay those comics and transcriptions going for some other yr or extra! We now have bonus comics and In the back of the Scenes stuff there too, so do not omit out –

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