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My Hairy Situation by Jewel Suan

My Bushy State of affairs via Jewel Suan

Beside an indication of an open computer with a display stuffed with a yellow younger guy speaking excitedly seems the textual content, “On the Age of 24, I were given my first boyfriend.”

Jewel, a red cisgender girl, now stands within the bathe, having a look down at her hairy pubic hair whilst having a look quizzical and reasonably alarmed. Beside her, the caption reads, “And the overall grown jungle between my legs was extra of a dreaded factor in my thoughts.”

Sitting nervously at the ground and sweating with nervousness, Jewel asks herself, “Do not males generally like their companions shaved? I am afraid he may not be drawn to me on account of my bush… I would like the whole lot to head completely when he visits, I do not need to disappoint him…”

Squatting within the nook along with her again to the reader, she furiously varieties into her telephone, GOOGLE: Must you shave your pubic hair?”
The effects learn, “Putting off pubic hair would possibly make an individual extra liable to not unusual infections, UTIs, vaginitis, yeas infections…”
“SERIOUSLY?!” exclaims Jewel, with the phrase “Ignorant” written subsequent to her.
“The query you might be asking of yourself is do you WANT to shave?” the hunt effects ask her.
As jewel walks away considering her telephone, the caption reads, “I began to investigate why some ladies shave to start with.”

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In a park, Jewel comes throughout an orange girl and a pinky-rose girl who’re having tea at the grass. They wave her over and Orange asks her, “We pay attention that you are considering if shaving is for you?”
“Yeah!” Jewel replies. “I am frightened about what my spouse will take into accounts my pubic hair…”
Orange hopefully tells her, “I for one cannot stand my pubes stepping into the best way of my a laugh.” and Pinky-Rose chimes in with, “I like to trim. It appears to be like and feels tidier.”
“However what about UTIs?” panics Jewel.
“Positive,” Orange continues. “pubic hair can lend a hand towards the, however shaving doesn’t suggest you’ll be able to GET UTIs! Practice those common rule of thumbs!”
Pinky-Rose helpfully writes out the following pointers:
“1. Pee after intercourse
2. Blank with water after intercourse and keep away from fragranced merchandise
3. *Probiotic meals
4. Cranberry juice
5. Wipe entrance to again
And so forth.
** kingdom/what-we-treat/sexual-health/urinary-tract-infection-uti/articles/urinary-tract-infections-foods-to-fight-the-bacteria
Having a look at herself and her complete bush within the replicate, the narration subsequent to her reads, “Time used to be temporarily working out. Finally my analysis and debating if I must shave, it dawned on me…”

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Jewel’s mirrored image realizes, “I… like my bush.”
A large stunning representation displays Jewel posing along with her pubic hair surrounded via plants and the textual content, “It is like my easiest buddy! Protective my lovable little chooch. It makes me really feel… smartly… Like a girl!”

The following panel returns to fact, with a completely clothed Jewel dashing as much as meet her boyfriend on the airport, with the accompanying caption, “He is coming right here for ME. And he’s going to get me; bush and all!”

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The caption continues, “I should shave if I need to, now not out of force!” whilst the orange boyfriend and red Jewel include for the primary time.
Later, in mattress and within the act of turning into intimate with their underwears nonetheless on, Jewel nervously says, “Hiya, uh… I have were given a bush via the best way. I’m hoping-“
“I’ve hair too!” Her boyfriend cuts her off. “All I care about is no matter makes you’re feeling comfy.
At that, she flings away her unders as they start smoochin’ with loads of hearts floating round.

Transcribed via Erika Moen on November 20, 2023

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