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Melody’s First Time, Part 2

Melody’s First Time, Segment 2

Melody and I had married the day past.  For no lack of attempting, we had not been a success at her gifting me her virginity.  We had carried out some great sexual problems, then again she used to be as soon as just too tired to get utterly aroused, and her pussy used to be as soon as too tight for us to succeed at having intercourse.  

It used to be as soon as 5 throughout the morning when Melody gently shook me mindful, and I opened my eyes to an incredible sight; it is burned into my ideas as one amongst my favorite recollections of my lifestyles.  (Each different favorite memory used to be as soon as our marriage the day previous than. Alternatively now it used to be as soon as tomorrow in our sumptuous hotel room.)  My beautiful bride used to be as soon as lying on one side, coping with me.  She used to be as soon as fantastically nude and leaning up on one elbow, looking me throughout the eye.  I was watching at a good looking voluptuous babe who used to be as soon as moreover my absolute best conceivable good friend.  

She discussed one line. “ Let’s DO this!”

I was utterly mindful without delay!  Come to take into accounts it, the sight of her curvy, athletic, porcelain-skinned, beautiful body and lovely, deep-set eyes had me utterly mindful instantly.

I just about tore off my PJs, crawled over, and went to artwork.  We kissed, and in a while I was sucking on every nipple as she cupped her boobs and offered them to me in turn.  

“Certain!” Melody whispered, writhing in pleasure as I preferred on her mounds.  Then I reached proper right down to her pussy and began stroking her.  It used to be as soon as very evident that she used to be as soon as FAR additional aroused and in a position for lovemaking than she had been the night time previous than. 

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As I was orally loving on her nipples, I experimented with other ways to stroke her pussy, and in a while her writhing used to be way more intense.  I consider I found out the “key to her door.”  (See Track Of Solomon 5:4) It used to be as soon as superb and surprising to me.  I had been married previous than, then again I noticed that my new partner needed to be touched and her pussy/clitoris stroked in a completely different approach!

Then, to my renewed marvel, her pussy began to drift.  I gently put my pinky into her pussy.  Then I used merely my ring finger and pushed it up and in more.  Next, I slid simplest my index finger in deeper and used her natural juices to moisten and then stroke her clit.  I was hopeful that the finger penetration would be in agreement stretch her hymen.

“Mmmmm, positive.  Keep doing that,” she discussed in a husky horny voice.  I had not ever heard that amazing, aroused tone from her previous than, not even the night time previous than – our marriage rite night time. 

In the end, I slid my center finger up inside of her wetness.  She squirmed her pussy against my finger, opening her legs wider as we went on.  As my fingers did all this, I stored sucking and tongue flicking Melody’s nips.  Her boobs looked as if it would flush and swell even higher.  She used to be as soon as soooo beautiful and tasty.  

I would possibly not wait any more.  I climbed on absolute best of Melody’s beautiful body, and he or she gently took grab of my shaft to be in agreement align my VERY onerous “Fred” along with her tight pussy.  (She had named my cock “Fred” when she spotted it for the principle time on our marriage rite night time.)  

Now, Melody had under no circumstances had anything in her pussy higher than the smallest-sized tampon.  And not to brag, then again I’m smartly above cheap period down there.  Alternatively my tip is successfully tapered as smartly, which I consider helped with what were given right here next. 

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My glans would possibly in reality really feel how wet she used to be as soon as.  I slowly pushed in.  She winced in pain. 

 “OWEE! OWEE!” she cried out.  So I ended moving.  “Don’t stop!” she instantly demanded.

 So I pushed my cock in another time.  This time she cried out louder, OWEE! OWEE! DON’T STOP!” 

I did not want to hurt my bride, then again I knew I had to push in another time.  And another time she cried out even louder, “OWEE! OWEE! DON’T STOP!!!  

I realized that my beautiful Melody wanted us to consummate our marriage.  She REALLY wanted me in her pussy, so I had to in truth go for it.  I did an excessively onerous thrust up into her beautiful pussy and felt her hymen rip open to let my hungry cock in!  As my shaft slid into her, I would possibly the torn, sharp edges of her popped cherry felt like that they had been nearly lowering my shaft.  

 I had thrust in deep, and I ended to look down into those beautiful eyes, watery with unshed tears.  Gently, I brushed a hair transparent of her face. 

“It’s okay now,” I discussed. “I such as you.”

“I such as you too,” she replied, and her massive, expressive eyes instructed me that her love for me used to be as soon as absolute.  I kissed her long and deeply with my tongue deep inside of her small mouth like my dick used to be as soon as deep in her wet pussy.  She kissed me once more regardless of the pain of her torn hymen.  Alternatively She instructed me later she LOVED the feeling of me inside of her for the principle time. 

I began to thrust in and out very slowly.  My shaft would possibly in reality really feel her hymen tearing additional, and I realized her wince a few circumstances previous than her tight vagina loosened up just a bit.  I felt the instinct to go faster, deeper, and harder, so I often speeded up.  I had prior to now asked her to stick her beautiful eyes divulge heart’s contents to conceivable, so my eyes cherished her facial just right seems as my penis used to be as soon as entranced by the use of the caresses of her pussy!  Plus, there used to be as soon as however occasional biting pain on my shaft to ring a bell in me that I was the one who had the honour of receiving her virginity.  

Her face, which already seemed 10-15 years younger than her exact age, began to glow.  Despite the fact that 11 years older than me, she in fact did look like a stupendous 19-year-old bride turning into a woman.  She had no makeup on, so this used to be as soon as her raw and aroused just right seems.  Consistent with the ecstatic look on her face, it used to be as soon as clear that she used to be as soon as REALLY enjoying our lovemaking and the feel of an erection deep inside of her willing vagina.  And I noticed then that the additional aroused she is, the additional beautiful and tasty she turns out to me. As I stepped ahead into an absolute pounding of Melody’s pussy, I watched her face, and all the signs discussed she used to be as soon as enjoying it an increasing number of.  She used to be as soon as clearly in deep sexual arousal! 

Melody’s boobs looked as if it would swell, and her nipples seemed for all the world like ripe, pink raspberries.  I couldn’t withstand leaning in—without slacking my pounding pace—to suck on one nipple, and easily then, she hit the peak!

It used to be as soon as a gift from God for me to see such aroused just right seems in my beautiful, no-longer-a-virgin partner.  She strived to stick her eyes open (maximum recurrently successfully) since the caressing contractions of her still-tight pussy instantly sent ME to MY orgasmic best!  We’re talking “Olympus Mons” heights.  Come to take into accounts it, my ejaculation used to be as soon as like Olympus Mons erupting!  (That’s a volcano on Mars that is 2½ circumstances taller than Mount Everest.  Sorry regarding the science analogy, then again my bride likes it!  We are every happy to be science geeks.  It’s maximum no doubt because of we live in a mountainous area that my thoughts buddies sex and orgasms with mountain climbing to a main mountain best.)

Sharing love in this passionate sexual approach with my beautiful new bride used to be as soon as in truth one amongst my lifestyles’s greatest blessings.  I felt then and however in reality really feel so grateful to God for giving her to me and me to her.  

I kissed her another time as my erection refused to soften.  Alternatively I was able for this very good experience of being given the honour of receiving her virginity.  You can have noticed that I do not say “taking her virginity.”  It used to be as soon as a stupendous provide to me, one freely given, not taken.

I enacted my plan, sliding out of her pussy and off the bed to go into the bathroom.  I had offered a small basin to fill with warmth water, and with a at ease washcloth, I gently cleaned up my partner’s leaking pussy.  There used to be as soon as a mixture of maximum recurrently thick white man-cream and a couple of streaks of brilliant pink blood.  Even supposing I was very delicate, Melody however winced a few circumstances.  

Afterward, I sat up and leaned against the king-size bed’s padded headboard as Melody sat between my open legs.  She used to be as soon as coping with transparent of me, and my fingers have been wrapped around her waist as she lay against my muscular chest.  We talked and easily cherished the moment.  Then she grew to transform her head to kiss me.  And so that you could upload icing to the cake, my horny new bride shyly averted her eyes, and discussed, “THAT used to be as soon as my first orgasm ever!”  

I suppose that many people masturbate to orgasm, then again some don’t.  Melody had under no circumstances had an orgasm previous than that morning, and to absolute best it off, our first lovemaking experience together had built-in simultaneous orgasms.  After that surprising and tasty announcement, I was surprised another time when she seemed once more spherical at me and discussed shyly with the sexiest look of all time, “I would possibly do it another time!”  

And we did.  We did missionary position another time, and I however felt a couple of of her tricky hymen hanging on and kind of scratching my shaft. It used to be as soon as however a very good feeling as her popped cherry testified of her virginity newly gifted to her husband. We made love with entire sexual intercourse seven circumstances that day and seven circumstances the next.  Then we made love six circumstances a day for the rest of our week away.  We did cowgirl and domestic dog style; we even made love beneath the stars on the second-floor balcony of the isolated mountain cabin where we spent days 3 via 5.  It used to be as soon as an indescribably wonderful honeymoon with the kindest and most beautiful partner! 

No one can tell us that able until marriage for sex with every other wasn’t worth it.  And it wasn’t easy able. 

Next to God’s provide of love, our lives on this absolute best planet for lifestyles, and of course, His Son, Melody giving her virginity and her sexual love to me is my greatest excitement, greatest blessing, and largest provide.  It is so identical to the prevailing that she however provides me near to every day;  often I get to love on her boobies as part of the fun. After thirty years or so of marriage, we every are professionals at nipple play, pussy and penis play, oral sex, erotic healing therapeutic massage, role-play sex, and general sex play, along with entire sexual intercourse in a few positions.  Nevertheless it unquestionably all REALLY started on the day AFTER our marriage rite night time at 5 throughout the morning. 

 It’s been 30 years of marriage and we can take into account our honeymoon with fondness.  However, now we can say that regardless of getting outdated and a few neatly being problems, our sex lifestyles has never been upper!   To the best of my memory, that’s the manner it happened.  This story is 100% true. 

 Praise the Lord for his superb provide of marital friendship, marital love, and marital sex!


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