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"Loving Man," a Song Parody

“Loving Guy,” a Tune Parody

Now and again, as I’m waking up, the beginnings of a horny music parody cum to thoughts. (Pun meant.)  The beginnings of this music parody came about to be there in my thoughts this morning.  We have been running on restoration from our 3rd spherical of COVID-19, and it was once getting in reality aggravating for either one of us.  We have been at the upswing however now not but totally smartly.  I believe I wrote this music parody to cheer up my spouse.  She have been sicker than I have been. The lyrics got here to me briefly since my spouse’s moniker on MH is Melody.  My MH authorship title is LovingMan, and that labored smartly too. The music parody was once impressed by way of many very actual horny issues we do.  However most commonly, I am hoping it offers you a just right giggle. WE concept it was once humorous.

“Loving Guy”

Sung to the music of “Piano Guy” or learn as a poem:

Verse 1:
It’s 9 o’clock on a Saturday
We each had been as unwell as sin
My stunning spouse’s mendacity subsequent to me
Making like to her’s what I wanna be doin’

She says Tom are you able to play me
I’m your Melody
(I would like her from her head to her ft)
Your guy touches are candy
And you’re making me really feel entire
So I would like you to take away all my garments

She says Make like to me
You’re my loving guy
Make like to me this night
‘Motive you realize that I’m your Melody
And I would like you to play me all night time

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Verse 2:
Melody was once as soon as a pal of mine
However I grew to like her, and she or he grew to like me
She likes all my jokes
We adore each and every different’s other people
However she’d love to a lot more fit be

She says, Tom this dang COVID’s been bugging me
Because the smile runs clear of her face
And I want that you just have been making like to me
I say, Within you’s my favourite position

I say, We’ll get thru this
I’m your Loving Guy
We’re gonna get thru this alright
Motive you’re my stunning Melody
And this isn’t an everlasting plight

Verse 3:
Now we have been as soon as busy scientists
However we discovered time to be husband and spouse
Lovemaking’s been gravy
We move sexually loopy
And we are hoping to take action for existence

And I’d love us to be practising oral intercourse
After which her pussy I’d bone
After which I’d give her cunnilingus
And lick out our protein-rich foam

Verse 4:
I say, I’m so pleased with you this Saturday
She provides me a lovely smile
and says, It’s my nude frame you’re longing to peer
So we will be able to disregard about our well being for some time

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And I do know that we’re gonna have an actual ball
When the COVID will get outta right here
‘Motive we’re each and every different’s celebrity
and we’re gonna move a ways
So we cuddle, and I cling her close to

Make like to me you’re my Loving Guy
Make like to me this night
‘Motive you realize that I’m your Melody
And I would like you to play me all night time

I’ll make like to you, I’m you’re Loving Guy
I’ll make like to you this night
‘Motive I do know that you’re my Melody
And I wanna play you all night time

Simply so ya know… We DID make love tomorrow – within the morning, in truth.

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