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How to make a Rabbit Vibe: A letter from our team

Learn the way to make a Rabbit Vibe: A letter from our crew

It is our crew’s pleasure to introduce you to Grasp, Unbound’s bold new take on the iconic Rabbit vibrator.  We consider that sharing the process of setting up a vibe works to demystify the ones products and humanize the field of sex toys, and expectantly, the parents that make them too. While our crew of 7 is small and mighty, we didn’t artwork on my own on this. All great products are the result of the arduous artwork and care of a group of engineers, manufacturers, shipment carriers, product testers, and in spite of everything — you. We’re so thrilled to percentage Grasp with you! Be told on for a little bit glimpse into the making of Grasp!

It took us two years to expand Grasp and plenty of additional years of gathering wisdom and feedback from our crew. We at all times knew that we’d have favored to do a rabbit vibe on the other hand felt strongly that the only way to do it was once to send on a in reality unique experience inside the kind of an iconic vibrator profile. 

We cherished the theory of introducing our crew to a thrusting vibe on the other hand it was once important to us to combine that feature with a continuing external vibrations. Simple enough correct? Well, most thrusting vibes to be had available on the market now offer the type of mechanical movement that you can see merely from having a look at them. The issue is that once inserted, those vibes don’t actually switch inside you, they more or less…switch out of you making constant stimulation tricky. By way of designing a thrusting mechanism housed inside the inside arm, we have been able to succeed in those repetitive, waves of stimulation while moreover offering tough constant external vibrations. Be told additional regarding the inside mech proper right here.

We moreover felt that the usual rabbit vibe, while environment friendly, doesn’t offer a pleasing hand grip experience. The vibe generally merely…ends and there actually isn’t a take care of to them. With our triangular ergonomical shape take care of, we developed a type that the individual can uncover to hunt out merely the correct position for them. It’s moreover easier for a partner to take care of too. 

Proper right here’s what our crew discussed when we asked them to percentage their favorite issue about Grasp


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Polly (she/her), CEO

I will say with stroll within the park that additional research and analysis went into the advance of Grasp than every other vibrator we’ve created at Unbound. I individually had the joy of learning over 2,500 survey responses from our crew and trying out over 20 different designs previous to we landed on the final product. We poured our hearts into Grasp and hope you adore it as much as we do!



SJ (she/her), CCO

 Naming our vibes is at all times a a laugh, collaborative, and rather chaotic process. I’ve urged the identify Grasp for the overall 3 vibes now we’ve got introduced on the other hand this particular profile felt so correct. I’m so glad the gang agreed. Grasp is this kind of tough and possessive word. I in reality just like the intensity of it and in reality really feel adore it actually fits this vibe.


Shazi (she/her), Director of Supply Chain

It takes a village to boost a Grasp, and it cannot be understated how so much input and what percentage of alternative voices went into the creation of this groovy vibe! Every Unbound free up seems like a collaborative effort, on the other hand I’m actually thinking about Grasp because it feels adore it answers a decision we’ve been getting from our crew for a minute, while however staying true to such a large amount of of our values: useful and eye-catching design, accessibility, and affordability, to name a few! I am hoping you come to care about your Grasp as much as we do!


Sam (they/them), Wholesale Manager

When the vibe-that-became Grasp was once in early stages, we sat spherical a table drawing sketches and discussing how we could create the best conceivable rabbit vibrator for you, our crew. What do other people desire a rabbit vibe to do? What mechanisms can we use to succeed in those functionalities? How will it in reality really feel to hold it? What will it seem to be? I’m so happy with the product we’ve created, and even prouder to artwork alongside people who center particular person experience so carefully & unwaveringly when rising products. 


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Jing (she/her), Product Manager

Our manufacturer is in a similar fashion happy with Grasp as we are. They worked with us hand in hand tirelessly on each and every single design and part refinement. The development method of Grasp in reality presented us some way of hope inside the believe and honesty between partners. This can be what we would love Grasp to put across you – to bond along with your self and your partners!


Kate (she/her), Director of Design

When designing the packaging for Grasp, a not unusual Unbound purchaser request was once top of ideas for me. Years previously we presented storage baggage with all of our vibrators, on the other hand so as to decrease down on waste, we eliminated a number of elements to our emblem packaging, along side the storage baggage. Inside the years since making this solution now we’ve got had innumerable requests to put across the bags once more, and Grasp was once the perfect choice to do this. So now the bags are once more and better than ever, bb. Briefly you are able to moreover be able to achieve additional storage baggage beneath the apparatus segment of our internet web page, so be at liberty to stock up to your heart’s content material subject matter.


Maddy (she/her), Content material subject matter Manager

It’s possible you’ll know me as The Face of Unbound on Instagram and TikTok, on the other hand have you learnt I’m moreover The Arms, too? 🤪 All jokes aside, in spite of everything conserving Grasp for the very first time as our hand kind throughout our e-commerce shoot was once surreal — should you occur to knew how long the design, manufacturing, and artistic process was once, you possibly can be in disbelief too. My favorite issue about Grasp is its ergonomic take care of that allows you to seize it very easily in anyplace. Believe me once I say that you just do not wish to be a hand kind to decide how you can seize this kid 😎


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