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Her Best Fan – An Erotic Tale

Anna strolled in the back of her buying groceries cart from the haircare aisle of the massive retail retailer. Within the wider lane between sections, she felt eyes on her, staring. She thought of darting down a distinct aisle to escape and search for an worker to lend a hand in case of assault.

Prior to she may disappear regardless that, a deep voice mentioned, “Ma’am, ma’am, I’m sorry, however …”

She stopped and tightened her shoulders. She knew she hadn’t dropped anything else or left her telephone in the back of. No rest room paper used to be caught to her shoe. A wheel at the buying groceries cart used to be wonky, however what cart ever had 4 nice wheels?

Anna took a breath and placed on a with politeness faux smile. She grabbed a shampoo bottle for protection in contrast guy. She grew to become to him.


He used to be a tall, extensive guy. His darkish eyes conveyed that he used to be a simpleton. But, he had gentleness in his demeanor.

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“Don’t take this the improper manner, ma’am, please.”

His meaty palms gripped tightly on his buying groceries cart take care of. They squeezed it and launched, after which squeezed once more. He used to be a long way out of his convenience zone.

She nonetheless retorted sternly. “Yeah, k. What?”

“Um, do you will have an OnlyFans web page?”

“An only-what?” she requested with a pointy tone.

He instinctively subsidized up his cart. The cart banged on his shin. Distance turned into his protection from a probably angered lady.

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“Yeah, OnlyFans. Or some social media factor. A platform, because it’s name.”

“Me?” One among her palms held onto the bottle and the opposite pressed in opposition to her extensive, fleshy hip.

“I used to be simply questioning as a result of…” He stroked his brown beard and darted his eyes. He then began to pull his ear as though making an attempt to restart his commentary.

“You’re chatting with the improper girl, dude.” She scoffed. She slammed down the shampoo and driven her cart ahead with its squeaking wheel.

“I didn’t need to disenchanted you. I’m sorry if I did. However you’re easiest for it. You’re stunning.”

She quickened her tempo, his voice changing into softer and farther away.

“I imply it as a praise, even though it didn’t appear to be.” His voice cracked.

He scolded himself. “I knew I shouldn’t have mentioned that. Why did I do stuff like that? Silly, silly, silly.”

Listening to him, she truthfully felt sorry for the simpleton. On the identical time, she made up our minds he used to be improper for what he did, even though it used to be purely blameless or even complimentary.

Scanning her pieces within the check-out line, Anna stayed shut each to workers in blue vests and the go out.

She didn’t see the tall guy once more. However his remark lingered. Did a person need to see her? Did he assume she used to be handsome?

Anna felt her thighs wobble as she walked out of the shop. Her ass switched. Her breasts had been massive and proportionate to her decrease frame. She preferred her hair. She used to be happy along with her smile and eyes. The ones had been the good stuff about her. Her heat face would make folks’s demeanor alternate. Alternatively, this giant man had first observed her from in the back of. Her hips. Her ass. No longer her face, and he concept her decrease frame used to be easiest for social media. Odd.

At the pc at house, she rummaged during the OnlyFans website online. She driven during the best profiles of porn stars and girls with completely faux our bodies. Faculty women, with younger tight our bodies had subscribers. Apparently, there have been many profiles of women with out boob jobs, lip injections, or different frame improvements. Mothers, too, had a lot of fans, as did on a regular basis other halves, thirty- or even forty-somethings.

She stretched her neck after a bit arousal from the simpleton and the net nudity. She grabbed her telephone and went to her bed room. She locked the door for a buffer in opposition to interruptions or walk-ins.

In a cloth cabinet drawer, she pulled out a thong that she didn’t put on continuously—hardly. In truth, solely as soon as. It used to be leopard print, however she knew the print didn’t truly topic. The string would get misplaced deep in her ass.

She labored the thong over her thighs and shimmied it into position, snapping the tight material in opposition to the fleshiness that she disliked. She set her telephone upright, opened the digital camera, and started taking photos of herself, for herself.

Taking a look on the photographs, she noticed solely her worst options. She deleted them, separately, instantly, after which emptied the telephone’s garbage can to additional burn the proof. She tossed the thong again into her drawer and closed it.

A couple of days later, Anna and her pal, Danni, had been stress-free on the nail salon as they had been getting pedicures.

“Oh, Danni,” Anna mentioned, tapping Danni’s hand, “you wouldn’t imagine what came about to me on the retailer.” She slapped the again of her hand in opposition to her brow.

“This numbskull man requested me if I had an OnlyFans website online. Me! He simply got here out of nowhere. I wasn’t certain if it used to be a funny story, a nasty come-on line, or what.” She laughed on the absurdity. Alternatively, deep within, the praise had, actually, grown on her.

Danni gave a handy guide a rough cackle. “Did he glance nice? Used to be he scorching?”

Anna sat up in her chair, splashing some water from the basin. “That’s what you ask first—used to be he scorching? I will’t imagine you now and again.”

“Sorry. If a scorching man mentioned that to me, I might find it irresistible.”

“Yeah, smartly, you’re toned, and also you stay in form to your task, a sheriff’s deputy. However me? I couldn’t take what he mentioned as anything else apart from a funny story.” She nestled once more in her chair. “The earth underneath me quakes after I stroll.”

Danni’s eyes closed once more, and she or he appeared at peace. “So … did you take a look at OnlyFans?”

Anna didn’t solution without delay. “The entire scenario used to be simply absurd. To have him forestall me within the retailer and ask that. Am I a porn superstar, principally, that used to be his query.”

“Did you have a look at the website?”

She whispered her solution. “Only a peek. I needed to. I didn’t even know what OnlyFans used to be.”

“It’s a well-liked website. Guys pays for you. I imply for you, Anna.”

“Smartly …”

Danni remained nonetheless. “I’ve thought of it.” 

Anna gasped. “What, critically? You’ve thought of OnlyFans? Taking photos and promoting them?”

“I imply, it’s crossed my thoughts a couple of instances. I’d by no means do it, no. As a result of my task as lieutenant within the division, I wouldn’t. No.”

Anna shifted once more, accidentally transferring her ft clear of the pedicurist who used to be tending to her proper foot.

“How a long way have you ever long gone?”

“I’ve taken photos of myself earlier than. Virtually nude. No longer nude. In a pleasant bathing go well with. In a thong. You haven’t?”

“By no means! I simply couldn’t …” She stalled her phrases. “Smartly, I deleted them instantly. I used to be manner too embarrassed.”

“Males want to see you. All males don’t seem to be interested in supermodels or high-profile porn stars.”

“Actually, me?”

“Hello, I paintings with all guys on the sheriff’s division. They communicate. They’re crass and unfiltered. Then, in the street, males are the similar. They only love ladies and intercourse. Give them hope—the glimmer of hope—and guys will love you! Love you very long time.”

Anna used to be silent, shocked at Danni.

Danni glanced at her perplexed pal. “You might want to get started one thing and no longer display your face. Neck-down bare.” Danni smiled after which returned to her comfortable state within the salon.

The concept oddly intrigued Anna. Males love ladies. All ladies.

Danni interrupted Anna’s ideas.

“Should you did it, ever considered a reputation you’d use? One thing distinctive, catchy, kind of a ‘non de plume’, like who authors use.”

Anna blew off the speculation. “No.”

“I might be ‘Kelli Tois.’ Enjoying with a wide variety of toys. Get it?” She laughed. Quickly Anna joined her, awkwardly in the beginning however warming to the title in addition to the speculation of being on-line.

“A reputation, hmm.” Anna upped the vibrations in her chair.

“You’re considering already. Possibly you’ll want to be Eve, the initially ladies along with your nice boobs. Or De-luscious or …”

Anna giggled. “Hipster or Biggie Bigs.”

 “Anna Banana.”

“Hunks of Ham. Gotcha Cheese.”

“Make sure that the names aren’t adverse. ‘Hunks of Ham’? Let’s alternate your standpoint for your frame and who you’re.”

“I’ve at all times disliked my weight and form.”

“All of us have. Has any lady’s mom ever no longer criticized her daughter’s frame? We need to settle for what we’re decorated with. Try to, no less than.”

Anna used to be quiet. A reputation caught along with her regardless that.

“Anna Banana, huh.”


“Anna Banana.”

Danni agreed. “Anna Banana.”

Later that night time, by myself, Anna signed into the OnlyFans website. To her marvel, she discovered profiles with beautiful photos. She scrolled during the profiles and gasped.

She instantly referred to as her pal. Once Danni spoke back—earlier than she may even say hi—Anna introduced her torrent.

“I can’t imagine you. You might be unhealthy! So, so unhealthy. You cross and inform me, ‘no, by no means, no longer me,’ and I to find this …”

“Anna, wait, what’s improper?”

“Kelli Tois!” she shouted into the telephone. “Kelli Tois!”

The opposite finish used to be silent.

“You’re already in this website! You by no means informed me. You lied to me these days on the salon. You solely ‘concept’ about doing it? You’ve been on right here—bare—for months already!”

Danni spoke back mouse-like. “Sorry. I wasn’t certain what you’d assume.”

Anna huffed in her sadness and confusion. She felt slighted that her pal wouldn’t confide this sort of secret.

“You’ll have shared,” Anna mentioned. “I’m utterly shocked you by no means did.”

“Nobody is aware of it’s me,” she mentioned and briefly added, “And it’s simply any other move of cash. A laugh cash. Not anything giant. I’m saving for a travel to Hawaii.”

“Kelli Tois.” Anna whispered the title as she considered the just-revealed secret. A brand new facet of Danni. “You’re Kelli Tois. I’m stunned, totally stunned. I simply … I don’t know … I’m with out phrases.”

Danni used to be quiet on her finish of the telephone till she snickered, and shortly, she may no longer keep watch over her laughter.

“I’m so satisfied you already know now. I had the toughest time conserving it quiet and having nobody to discuss it with.”

Danni exhaled during the telephone. “That man on the retailer, if solely I may thank him! He used to be the most efficient factor for me. I will discuss ‘Kelli Tois’ now.”

“Kelli Tois. And also you play with all varieties of toys! Superb.”

“Sure, sure, I do. All varieties of them.”

Anna may inform Danni simply had a restraint got rid of from her shoulders, like handcuffs. Danni started to talk with a lighter, more straightforward tone of voice.

“This website has been so amusing. Thrilling, truly. And the lads, they love, love, love me. The feedback I am getting are higher than any I’ve gotten in actual existence.”

“It’s as it’s no longer actual existence, Danni. That is all faux. Social media is faux.”

“Certain, I remind myself about that incessantly. My day task on the sheriff’s division is my actual existence. However the cash—sure, the cash—is actual. It’s inexperienced, child. I promise you that, and I promise that males will drool over you.”

Anna scoffed on the perception.

“Don’t knock it until you check out it. Come over to my space. I’ll take you to my studio and display you round.”

“Round your porn studio! The place is that this studio?”

“Smartly, it’s only my basement, however I love to consider that I’m going someplace thrilling.”

“An entire new global!” Anna sang dramatically.

“Been looking at Disney? Recover from right here. We’ll make our personal film!”

An hour later, Danni gripped the doorknob of the basement door, no longer but opening the door. “You’re certain you gained’t see me as a deviant or chuckle at me?”

Anna stomped her foot. “Don’t stay me ready, Danni! I wish to see this.”

“I’ve already crossed my middle how again and again since I were given right here!”

“4 instances. However I need yet another. 5 is sufficient.”

“I assumed 8 used to be sufficient.”

“Ha! Too many.”

Anna swished her finger briefly throughout her chest, and Danni grew to become the door take care of.

The basement used to be no grand studio. It used to be no longer Hollywood. There used to be just a selfie ring gentle, recliner, gamer chair, a small mattress, and dangling inexperienced display screen.

“That is it?” Anna requested awkwardly.

“Yep. No longer a lot to take a look at, I do know. However—” She raised her finger. “—magic occurs right here.” She presented the room to Anna as though inviting her into Disneyland.

Anna didn’t reply however moseyed during the room. She pursed her lips, secretly astounded that her pal had grow to be an newbie porn superstar.

Anna stopped and grew to become to Danni.

“Seeing your photos on-line, I assumed there’d be extra ‘stuff.’ You understand, apparatus, like cameras and massive lighting fixtures.”

“Nowadays’s era doesn’t require quite a lot of ‘stuff.’ That’s why amateurs are doping up in every single place. We don’t want ‘yucky-wood’ to do the paintings for us.”

“‘Yucky-wood’ being …”

“Commercial porn,” Danni mentioned.

Anna endured to peruse. Danni reached out and patted Anna’s butt playfully.

“Would you be a visitor on my website? Stylish photos, most commonly nude—perhaps nude—however by no means a face. Not anything to spot you.”

Instantly, Anna considered her length. Alternatively, she additionally considered males drooling over her. The simpleton on the retailer got here to thoughts.

“I don’t assume I’m …”

Danni walked to a tall upright steel gun cupboard. A grey American flag used to be plastered from the highest to backside of the door. “When used to be the final time you had an orgasm or had a bit amusing by myself?”

Anna have shyed away from being fair. She wasn’t overly sexual and in consistent want of orgasm. Alternatively, she masturbated the night time after the incident with simpleton within the retailer. She beloved it.

“I don’t know, some time in the past,” Anna mentioned.

The cupboard clanged as Danni opened the double doorways.

“Have a look. Anything else appear amusing?” She leaned at the proper door.

Anna used to be stunned through all of the toys. “You truly are Kelli Tois!”

Anna scanned the plug-in wand vibrators and scrutinized the cock-shaped dildos, in addition to the dildos molded like octopus tentacles and alien fingers. There have been anal plugs of various sizes and rainbow colours. However one merchandise stuck her eye.

She picked up the toy, which used to be fashioned like a C. “This one is other than the remainder.”

Danni grabbed a small round instrument from the cupboard. She pressed it. Anna felt the toy vibrate in her hand.

“It’s Hugo,” Danni mentioned. “Offers some, you already know, anal amusing. Once I used it all the way through a livestream, the lads beloved it. They blessed me with compliments and presents. I nonetheless get chills. So let’s do that simply as soon as. Appearing not anything greater than your beautiful butt.”

In that rapid, Anna didn’t object briefly sufficient. Danni introduced her sturdy persona that she won from her time within the Military.

“Off along with your pants. Toss them over there. Assist me transfer the mattress. Then I’ll get the lighting fixtures and the digital camera in a position.”

Anna gave in. The toys, the audience, the anonymity. She shimmied her pants all the way down to her ankles. She wore beige full-size undies. They cupped her butt and lined her bellybutton.

Danni halted unexpectedly. She shook her head, seeing the dull briefs.

“Anna, you truly wish to …”

Anna timidly spoke back. “I introduced any other pair.”

“You had been interested by this critically! That’s nice,” Danni mentioned. “Pass get that pair. Let’s make your ass a celeb.”

A couple of mins later, Anna got here again within the leopard-print thong she had attempted on at house. She swaggered in with the thong misplaced in her ass.

Danni bravoed the yet-unknown superstar. “Sure! That’s what I really like.”

Danni turned into the director. She shifted the digital camera in entrance of the mattress and had Anna kneel and lay partly at the mattress, knees at the ground.

She pressed the file button on her telephone.

“Welcome, everybody! Happy you made it to my channel. Nowadays isn’t about me. On no account. I’ve a present. A super ass to proportion!”

She smacked the wide, faded butt after which gripped a handful of the flesh and shook it, making it wobble.

“You’re going to love this. I will ensure,” she mentioned as though on a late-night infomercial.

In the meantime, Anna remained silent, staring on the inexperienced display screen.

Anna felt Danni’s palms creep over her, like a spider, till discovering the material of the thong at best of her ass.

“I’ve Anna Banana right here, guys. This is among the biggest asses I’ve observed. She likes to have her ass spanked and an extended dick driven in her ass. Anal is her factor. I do know, you guys need to be the only giving it to her. Don’t deny it. You all are loopy males.”

She pulled up the thong, letting the material rub tough in opposition to Anna’s butt, and she or he let it slap again to the flesh.

“This ass is so cushiony,” She squeezed it a number of instances, as though fluffing up a pillow. “I may sleep on it.”

She dragged her palms from Anna’s decrease again, down, and around the extensive mounds of flesh on each side of the darkish crevice. She then pulled cheeks aside.

“Peek a boo!” Danni giggled.

Anna felt a tiny whoosh of unpolluted, cool air.

Danni let the cheeks flap again into position. “See one thing nice in there? I did. Let me display you yet another time.”

To Anna, Danni now sounded just like the hostess of a children display on PBS.

Danni pulled Anna’s cheeks extensive open.

Anna felt her asshole stretch to a scorching ache. Then Danni blew gently into her ass and launched the heft of flesh.

“Can I say once more that this ass is an ideal pillow for me. I will sleep on it, if you need. Do you, guys?” Anna felt Danni, her pal, put her face in opposition to her ass cheek. “I simply want some likes and feedback from you earlier than it may possibly occur. Anna Banana wishes some love too. However … however, however …” she mentioned in her infomercial voice, “you’ll solely to find her and her beautiful ass right here, with me, Kelli Tois. This can be a first-time and only-time—perhaps. You’ll lend a hand to make a decision the long run.”

She positioned each and every hand on the backside hump of flesh and lifted in brief.

“Now, I’m going to take away this thong to turn you the whole thing.”

Danni’s palms once more, tantalizingly, adopted the material and sumptuously pulled the thong down over Anna’s spherical mounds. Increasingly more of the material, which has been hidden deep at the hours of darkness obscurities, seemed. After an antagonizingly very long time, her ass used to be totally naked.

Danni shook the extensive butt. She hugged it as a tender lady’s favourite doll.

“Whatta booty! So comfortable, so luscious. And it’s all mine these days! All mine!”

Danni put her fingernails at the edges of Anna’s butt and mentioned, “Let me display you the actual factor. And Anna Banana right here will wink.”

Danni pulled the pair of cheeks aside as soon as once more. Anna then squeezed and tightened her asshole. However the superstar of the display yipped, and her frame jolted when she felt a comfortable finger press in opposition to her rosebud.

“It’s k, Anna Banana.” She rubbed her decrease again as though calming a beloved puppy. “It’s simply curious me.” She then spanked the ass arduous, leaving a pink mark.

“Guys, I’ve at all times beloved Anna Banana. And she or he has been occupied with Hugo. Hugo is a anal massager. It’s were given a far flung keep watch over too! Offers me a bit keep watch over. I grow to be a dominatrix.”

Danni gave a sinister chuckle however briefly returned to being the hostess.

“Hugo has more than one settings. From a steady pulse to full-on throb. Test my earlier movies to look my first strive with Hugo. It used to be a travel.”

Danni slapped Anna once more.

“Anna Banana, unfold your knees and we’ll get began.”

Anna slid her knees aside. She then felt slightly of saliva plop at the best of her ass and slide down the crevice.

Danni helped lube Anna through massaging her. She poked her butthole, and Anna jolted and yipped once more. Danni started to continuously practice extra power.

Anna arched her again, elevating her head towards the ceiling.

Quickly, Anna eased the herbal stress on her bottom and comfortable herself.

With a bit tickle, Hugo slid into Anna’s ass.

It used to be higher than Anna had anticipated. She winced and gritted her tooth. “Oh, oh, oh, oh …”

“Guys, did you pay attention Anna Banana? She’s getting familiar with Hugo. I’ll be great and get started with the softest mode. Too imply and she or he might by no means come again. And we don’t need her to not ‘cum’ again, will we?”

Anna felt a comfortable wiggle from Hugo and a easy shift. Her respiring eased. She in fact smiled.

Danni stored chatting with the long run audience, however Anna didn’t care. The wiggle used to be glorious.

Then the wiggle turned into a round twist. “Wow,” Anna whispered.

The pressures and actions complex, changing into more difficult and wider. Quickly the onset of delight shaped deep within her, that acquainted speck of goodness. And that speck grew. Anna’s middle sped and her feet curled. She shifted, looking to cling again from bucking in opposition to the mattress.

“She’s loving it,” Anna heard Danni say. She had virtually forgotten she used to be being recorded.

Moments later, Anna had a torrent of energy shoot up backbone till it stiffened her neck. Danni had touched her clit. The orgasm detonated rainbows and glints throughout. Anna wailed in excitement. She used to be shot a number of extra instances with orgasms, expanding her respiring after which eased her frame to complete relaxation, as though deflated. And it came about in every single place once more.

By the point Anna had calmed her frame, the recording used to be completed. She had had an extended bout with excitement. Anna rolled over and reset herself upright at the mattress, resting her elbows on her knees.

“My god, that used to be superb,” she mentioned.

Danni sat subsequent to her. “I loved it. I’m hoping you probably did too.”

“I did.”

“I owe you part of what I am getting from this video. Simply as a reminder, nobody is aware of who you’re. You might be nameless.”

Anna nodded. “Let me understand how the video does.”

Two days later, Anna were given a choice from Danni.

“You gained’t imagine this! You’ve taken Kelli Tois over the moon! I’ve triple the perspectives of any video of mine. The feedback too! You’d be stunned at how a lot they beloved you. ‘Anna Banana is a goddess!’ and ‘Anna Banana used to be blessed from above and simply blessed us. I need extra blessings!’”

Anna smiled.

“They would like extra of you. For actual. I’ll ship you price range and provide you with all of the presents I were given from this video. We is also a workforce, for those who ever need.”

“I’ll must take into accounts it. It’s an enormous resolution. I’m no longer so certain.”

“Take your time. I’m right here to speak about anything else and all issues.”

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