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Heartbreak Baby by Hien Pham

Heartbreak Child via Hien Pham

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The comedian opens on a bed room at night time, Hein Pham, a cis homosexual asian guy, lays part undressed, seems to be up and round his room as he recollects some factor painfull from his previous. As the primary few panels development now we have growing narration from Hein.

Hein “I fall exhausting. And I fall rapid.”
“When my center breaks, it breaks two times as unhealthy.”
“I attempt to run clear of it in my head… I at all times check out…”

The flashbacks Hein reviews are considered one of rejection, we see his hand, achieve out to someone else who turns their again to him. The general panel in this web page has a ghost Hien sitting up and leaving his laying down frame as he disassociates.

Web page 2
The ghost-Hien runs clear of his laying frame in a panic, and an try to go away this painful reminiscence at the back of.
“But if my center breaks, it breaks two times as rapid.”

Ghost Hien grabs at his chest in ache
“fuck… FUCK!!!”

He Keels over, and on his fingers and knees says out loud
“I don’t wish to really feel like this… I…”

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Web page 3
A 2d set of fingers achieve out from the past, gently greedy Ghost Hein’s crying head. THe fingers belong to a 2d Ghost Hein, a relaxed and loving one.
“I see you. I see you hurting.”

The second one Ghost hugs, the primary heartbroken one as he crys within the include.
“I’m so sorry.”

Web page 4
“Let’s follow one thing”
Says the second one Hein as he sits down subsequent to his reflect self.

“The following time you are feeling undesirable… Like your craving for a hand to carry is going unanswered… When your center breaks, and all you’ll do is administered away… I can hang your hand. Like this. And we will take a seat with it in combination.”
As he talks this Hein, gently grasps the hand of the opposite and squeezes.

Web page 5
We see the the hand squeeze once more, a reflect symbol to earlier visible, however this time the coloring presentations’ that we’re again at midnight room of Hein’s bed room as he remarks to himself
“when it passes… it at all times passes… My center will heal… Two times as satisfied.”

The comedian involves an finish with a teary however smiling Hein keeping his personal hand and sitting up. Out of doors the blinds it looks as if the solar is emerging.

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As of late’s comedian was once made via Hien Pham who can also be discovered at
It was once then transcribed via Matthew Nolan on 12/24/23 who struggled to seize the superb visuals, however attempted his best possible!
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