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Goodbye, Mr. Vanilla

Good-bye, Mr. Vanilla

Andrea and Gabriel had just lately celebrated their thirtieth wedding ceremony anniversary. Once they have been first married, their intercourse existence used to be an explosion of vibrancy and color. Alternatively, through the years, the joy had waned into boring and beige. The ‘I do that, and also you do this’ regimen lacked the flare that the infancy in their romance had began with.

They nonetheless beloved every different very a lot. They each nonetheless felt the affection, fireplace, and want, however existence’s mundane regimen had taken over. Gabriel wanted they might go back to a time after they would lie in every different’s fingers, their our bodies a tangle of sweaty limbs, frantic kisses, passionate appears to be like, and fantastic intercourse.

Their paintings ate up such a lot in their time that they hardly ever spent any in combination. Gabriel travelled regularly, and he knew Andrea spent a large number of time along with her buddies. When Gabriel’s paintings escalated, he realised that Andrea had begun going out with them two or 3 evenings every week. Frequently she didn’t come house till he had long gone to mattress.

Andrea stated there used to be no drawback with their marriage. Alternatively, he used to be positive there used to be a wish to put extra effort into the connection or this may turn out to be a make-or-break crossroads for them as a pair. Gabriel knew he wanted to go back his consideration to Andrea and re-light the flame prior to the fireplace went out.

Andrea used to be running in her workplace when the receptionist entered with a large floral bouquet in a vase. “This arrived for you.”

“Oh, my!” Andrea’s face lit up. “They’re stunning.” The flora have been a mixture of her favourites: red and white lilies.

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“There’s a card, too,” the receptionist added.

Andrea picked the small envelope from between the stems and appeared on the entrance. She smiled at his crooked writing at the out of doors of the envelope.

‘I’m so sorry we fought. I am hoping you’re taking part in a ravishing day, Mon Amour. Gabriel.’

“Ooh! They’re from Gabriel!” the receptionist grinned. “Fortunate you.”

Andrea beamed, glad. “We had a small désaccord. That is his technique to apologise. I will be able to’t keep mad, and I’m a fortunate woman.”

“Smartly, revel in your flora, Andrea.”

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“Thanks, Linda. I can.”

Andrea positioned the flora on her table and proceeded to open the envelope. Pulling out the internal card, she heard a plastic clatter as a key card slipped out of an internal fold and landed at the table. When she learn Gabriel’s 2d message, she gave a shocked Ohh.

“18:00 Le Grand, InterContinental Resort, Park Lane. Room 818”

Andrea felt a little bit perplexed and a little bit embarrassed as her cheeks flushed purple. She puzzled what Gabriel used to be as much as. He had now not been spontaneous like this in years.

The afternoon clock-watching used to be painful because the day slipped through slowly. The entire sensations in her head have been made worse when her telephone dinged two times, and she or he won a textual content from Gabriel.

“Do you take into account that day in Marrakesh you stated sure to my each and every request?”

Her hands temporarily typed again.


Another time, her telephone binged two times.

“Will you assert sure to me this night? Will you do as I ask?”

Once more, she typed again a easy “Oui.”

“Merci, mon amour.”

For the remainder of the day, Andrea used to be in agony. The day dragged slowly through as Andrea’s pleasure grew. She may just now not get away the thriller of what Gabriel is also making plans, and her fantasies grew. When the virtual show on her pc confirmed 17:00, Andrea hustled her issues into her bag and rushed out the door.

“Linda, I’m away early nowadays. Have a good looking night time!”

“You too, Andrea,” Linda smiled again, then watched her rush out the door.

Andrea have shyed away from the push hour as she jumped onto the Metro and hurtled beneath Paris. The InterContinental used to be with reference to paintings, simply two stops at the Metro, so the adventure took lower than quarter-hour. It gave her much more time to create stunning eventualities in her thoughts’s eye.

The lodge used to be as grand and dear as its identify. Le Grand, Paris. Andrea crossed the foyer and noticed the grand salon and the pretty chandeliers. The concierge introduced to escort her, however she shook her head.

“I’m k, thank you,” she smiled, waving her key card.

Her heels clicked at the flooring as she approached the elevator. She entered with a couple of different visitors. Andrea decided on the 8th flooring, and the doorways closed. The elevator hummed because it rose during the lodge. The doorways opened at the convention rooms on the second one flooring, and everybody however her filed out. Andrea’s middle started beating sooner as she began to really feel increasingly more excited.

Gabriel had now not created this a lot exhilaration and adrenaline in the sort of very long time. She felt a hurry, and she or he beloved each and every minute of it. The doorways closed at the back of her. Andrea leaned in opposition to the aspect and waited to move up the rest few flooring. Because the carry reached its vacation spot, it dinged loudly. Andrea exited and walked alongside the hall.

She were given to room 818 and stood immobile momentarily prior to pulling the cardboard out of her jacket. Andrea appeared on the key card after which again to the door, her middle pounding, and a grin crept throughout her face.

“Right here is going,” she stated, slipping the important thing onto the door reader.

The door made a mechanical shucking noise, and Andrea driven it open.

“Hi.” She known as out. There used to be no resolution from the nonetheless and quiet room. Nervously, she ventured additional into the room.

Andrea realised that she used to be by myself as she stepped right into a lavish suite. A dismal settee and chair accented the impartial tones of the partitions, and a big window appeared out onto the Paris skyline. At the wall over the table used to be a big ornate antique-style reflect. Located in opposition to the opposite wall reverse the reflect used to be a big double mattress with a wealthy, plump white quilt and 6 company pillows.

“Gabriel,” Andrea stated once more, figuring out there could be no reaction.

She dropped her purse at the settee and appeared out the window onto a chilly but sunny afternoon in Paris.

“What a perfectly capricious night time,” she concept to herself.

It used to be not like Andrea to really feel this apprehensive about Gabriel’s plans. Nowadays, he had controlled to fan the flames of all forms of sensations in her. A textual content message pinged as Andrea checked out her telephone to test the time. Andrea’s middle leapt, and she or he pulled up her messages and skim the notice.

“Slide your panties off, after which sit down on the table.”

Andrea bit her lip.

“He’s getting naughty,” she smirked.

Andrea didn’t respond to his textual content. As a substitute, she dropped her telephone at the table and started to slip her lingerie down. Once they hit the ground, she lifted them along with her foot, picked them up and dropped them subsequent to her purse. Andrea took her position on the table, questioning what would occur subsequent. She used to be excited, grew to become on and, extra importantly, intrigued.

The telephone pinged once more, and she or he appeared down to look every other message from Gabriel.

“There’s a little marvel for you within the drawer. Apply the directions exactly, please, mon amour.”

Andrea slid the drawer open and pulled out a black field. Opening the lid, she noticed a stack of A5 notice playing cards, a black fountain pen and a velvet pouch. Mendacity on most sensible used to be a handwritten set of directions. Andrea gave an excited gasp as she learn his notice.

“Mon Amour,

I’ve a little bit activity for you. Please set a timer in your telephone for 5 mins. Take the paper and pen I left for you and write this line: “I can now not overlook my marriage.” Stay writing till your timer beeps. Oh, please accomplish that whilst the usage of the toy I’ve left you!


“Wow,” Andrea stated, choosing up the velvet pouch. She untied the black ribbon, and the bag dropped open. The very first thing Andrea noticed used to be a graceful Womaniser clitoral stimulator. The following factor Andrea discovered used to be a bottle of lubricant. She squeezed the bottom, and a thick, glossy liquid dripped into her palm.

“I’m going to revel in this,” Andrea laughed.

Andrea kicked off her sneakers and pulled up her pencil skirt. Her hands slid the silky vibrator in opposition to her pores and skin. The toy buzzed quietly as she switched it on, and the vibration made her tingle. Putting it between her legs, she realised the humming used to be completely localised on her clitoris. Andrea couldn’t assist however moan in excitement as she felt the vibrations pulsate between her legs.

“Ooh, wow!” She moaned, taking part in the completely satisfied feeling.

Andrea used to be misplaced in a haze of want and ecstasy. She sought after to near her eyes and benefit from the sensations development between her legs. Alternatively, she remembered the remainder of the directions Gabriel had laid down for her. Andrea pressed the nib onto the paper and started to write down.

  1. I can now not overlook my marriage.
  1. I can now not overlook my marriage.
  1. I can now not overlook my marriage.

Initially, she discovered the duty simple, however because the vibrations grew in depth, her writing become increasingly more erratic.

  1. I wiw now not overlook my maige.
  1. I wiil now not neglekct my mgaie.
  1. I can now not neglet ct my maige.

Andrea’s thoughts used to be getting fuzzier, and she or he may just now not focal point correctly. Underneath the table, her legs began to buckle, and her knees shook. The Womaniser used to be making her really feel unbelievable, and she or he may just really feel its vibrations increase the excitement because it moved on her clit. She bit her lip as she approached quantity 17.

Her hand used to be shaking, and her grip at the pen used to be failing. She attempted to stay her focal point, however it used to be now not imaginable. Andrea dropped the pen and positioned each fingers at the desk. Her frame trembled, and her legs shook. Andrea’s eyes closed, and her breath become heavier and extra laboured.

She may just really feel the serious vibrations in opposition to her and her frame reacting to the stimulation. She picked up the pen and attempted to proceed her activity when her orgasm crescendoed.  A heat warmth enveloped her like a heat hug. A comfortable humming crammed her ears as her frame shook with an explosive liberate. Her entire frame quaked, and the feeling beaten her.

“Oh, mon Dieu,” Andrea exclaimed, feeling her frame tingle with an earth-shattering climax. “Ooh,” she gasped as she sat again and loved the remaining remnants of her orgasm.

Andrea slumped into the chair because the sensations subsided and attempted to compose herself. She checked out her telephone and noticed the timer display 3 mins left on her timer. Andrea appeared within the reflect and smiled at her mirrored image. She put the stimulator again into place and began her traces another time.

  1. I can now not overlook my marriage.

Andrea’s frame used to be nonetheless delicate and extremely aware of the stimulation. Because the mins handed, her thoughts went clean. Andrea’s eyes rolled again, and her lips parted. Her moans have been audible, and her frame twitched.

“Ooh!” She gasped, her feet curling and her frame tensing. She dropped the pen and gripped the threshold of the desk another time.

“Argh, fuck,” she grunted, feeling the second one climax hit. Her entire frame shuddered, and her frame twitched as she let move. Andrea’s eyes screwed close, and her respiring got here out in heavy, gasping breaths. She slumped in opposition to the chair and attempted to compose herself another time.

  1. I can now not overlook my marriage

Because the stimulator vibrated in opposition to her clit, the 3rd climax arrived temporarily. The 3rd orgasm used to be essentially the most robust. Her frame convulsed, and her thoughts went clean.

“Oh, God, fuck,” she gasped, the sensations overwhelming her senses.

She used to be shaking, and her frame used to be nonetheless shuddering when the timer beeped. Andrea let the toy fall to the chair, then switched it off, and took a deep breath. As her respiring returned to standard, she appeared on the clock and discovered she have been there for half-hour. Andrea used to be nonetheless respiring closely when her telephone pinged another time.

She grabbed her telephone and skim the brand new message from Gabriel.

“Smartly finished, my love.

I left you one thing to become within the cloth cabinet.

You’ve gotten 5 mins to switch and kneel on the foot of the mattress.

You’re going to be retaining out your homework for me to check up on in your open hands.

Gabriel x”

Andrea pulled herself in combination and stood up, her legs wobbling. She stumbled, looking to make it to the cloth cabinet. Within, she discovered a sheer purple undies set, a black lace suspender belt, a watch masks, and stockings. Andrea undressed, losing her garments and sneakers right into a messy pile on the backside of the cloth cabinet. She dressed temporarily within the new outfit.

Andrea took the notes from the table and stepped over to the mattress prior to tying the masks over her eyes. The carpet felt comfortable underneath her as she knelt and waited for her husband. The silence made her uneasy, and the joy grew.

She had no concept how a lot time had handed, however it felt longer than the allocated 5 mins. Her imaginative and prescient used to be obscured through the blindfold, and she or he used to be starting to really feel chilly. However her senses have been enhanced. She felt each the joy and trepidation of the instant.

After all, Andrea heard the door open, and her middle started to pound.

“Hi, mon Amour,” Gabriel’s voice stated.

“Bonjour,” Andrea answered. She may just listen the door ultimate and the clicking of the lock.

Andrea listened as his footsteps moved across the room. She distinctly heard him hanging his briefcase at the baggage stand beside the cloth cabinet. She listened to the rustle of him sliding off his jacket and putting it on a hanger. His footsteps approached, and she or he heard his respiring. Andrea puzzled if he had spotted her garments thrown haphazardly within the backside of the cloth cabinet.

“You have been just right. You probably did the whole thing I requested, Mon Amour.”


Andrea felt a finger stroke her cheek. It moved down her neck, over her shoulder alongside her outstretched arm and to her hand, the place she felt him take the paper from her.

“You handiest wrote 27 traces, mon amour. Don’t you like me sufficient to get to 30?” he requested, a playful tone in his voice.

“Oh, however I do, Gabriel,” Andrea purred.

“Just right,” Gabriel laughed, his tone glad. “I believe we will be able to do higher, regardless that.”

Andrea heard him shuffle.

“Right here’s the plan, mon amour,” he started. “I need you to mention your line like a mantra. Alternatively, each and every time you forestall, I forestall. Do ?” he requested.

“Sure, sir.”

“That’s my woman, bien joué,” he cooed.

She felt the vibrations of the massive wand on her mound prior to she heard it buzz. It felt deliciously tingly on her delicate clit.

“I can now not overlook my marriage,” Andrea stated, looking to sound as sultry as imaginable.

The wand stopped.

“Once more. Give it a host.”

“One, I can now not overlook my marriage.”

This time, Gabriel used the tip of the wand and teased it alongside the folds of her labia, burrowing it onerous in opposition to her pelvic bone after which up her slit. He moved the sleek tip round her lips and flicked it in opposition to her clit.

“Two, I can now not overlook my marriage.”

Gabriel moved the wand and pressed it to her lips.

“3, I can now not overlook my, my, my marriage she stuttered.

“You stumbled, mon amour,” he stated. “I will be able to’t paintings with grimy toys,” he barked.

“Blank it. Use that tongue I really like such a lot, and I need to listen you suck it.”

Andrea met Gabriel’s hand, introduced the wand to her mouth, and ran her tongue across the head. She sucked the toy in her mouth, operating her tongue alongside its shaft.

“Let’s check out once more,”

She spoke loudly and obviously so he may just listen her. “3, I can now not overlook my marriage. 4, I can now not overlook my marriage.”

The phrases have been changing into a combat, however she made up our minds to let her husband tease her for so long as she may just. She felt divine because the vibrations shuddered thru her frame.

“Ten, I can now not overlook my, argh,” Andrea gasped, feeling Gabriel’s finger slide between her legs from at the back of.

“Don’t lose rely,” he whispered, his breath scorching in opposition to her ear.

“11, I can now not overlook my mar, argh, marriage,” she stated as Gabriel slid his finger into her scorching pussy.

“Twelve, I can now not,” Andrea struggled.

“I believe you’ve misplaced rely now, mon amour.”

The vibrator switched off, and she or he may just really feel the wand being dragged from between her legs. Andrea’s frame ached for him. She wanted his contact.

“What quantity did we forestall on, Mon Amour?”


“Superb,” Gabriel stated.

Andrea heard him shifting once more after which the sound of his zipper.

“Get at the mattress,” Gabriel ordered.

Andrea scrambled to her ft and attempted to keep in mind what aspect the mattress used to be on. Her blindfold tightly mounted round her head, and she or he fell onto the bed, feeling the plump quilt underneath her.

“Kneel in entrance of me,” Gabriel stated, his voice deep and raspy.

Andrea obeyed and moved ahead, her legs tucked beneath her torso, her fingers outstretched, retaining her weight. Gabriel moved nearer, and Andrea may just really feel his breath.

“Suck my cock,” Gabriel commanded.

Andrea didn’t wish to be informed two times. She grabbed him through his hips and guided his penis into her mouth. She felt it develop more difficult and extra distinguished. Andrea may just style the saltiness of his pre-cum because it leaked from the top.

“You’re so fucking stunning,” he groaned.

“Your lips glance fantastic round my cock,”

Andrea used to be misplaced within the excitement of his thick girth. Her eyes closed, and she or he may just now not keep watch over her respiring. Her frame used to be trembling as his shaft throbbed in her mouth.

“Prevent,” he grunted, handing her the wand. “Use this, however don’t orgasm, do ?”

“Sure, sir,” Andrea panted.

“I want you to suck my balls,” he panted, pulling himself out of her mouth.

Andrea took the toy, and with one hand, she guided his thick erection again into her mouth. She ran her tongue alongside the bottom of his shaft. Lofted his cock up along with her hand and sucked his balls into her mouth. Andreas tongue swirled and flicked his ball sack, sucking it and slurping her tongue. Gabriel’s knees buckled, and he moaned deeply.

“I really like the way in which you suck my balls, Mon Amour.”

He pulled himself away and driven his penis again into her mouth.

“Make me cum,” he demanded,

Andrea didn’t want him to inform her what to do. She may just sense he used to be getting shut, and her middle raced excitedly. Andrea used to be misplaced in a haze of euphoria as his penis twitched in her mouth. His balls tightened, and she or he may just really feel his orgasm used to be moments away.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum,” he groaned,

Andrea didn’t reply. She held him tight, her fingers on his cock and the opposite guiding the toy over her clit. Gabriel grunted and exploded in her mouth, and his scorching load spurted into her throat. Andrea swallowed his semen, gulping and slurping the creamy substance down.

She used to be nonetheless swallowing his cum when she felt the vibrations from the wand weigh down her. Her frame used to be with reference to shuddering as she switched the toy off. She may just style his salty juices dripping down her throat. His entire frame shook, and his thoughts went clean. Andrea’s eyes closed as she sucked his cock dry of cum.

“Get in your again,” he commanded,

Andrea adjusted onto her again as she felt Gabriel’s fingers on her knees, spreading her legs broad. Andrea laid on her again, her legs open.

“Just right woman,” Gabriel growled, his voice deeper and raspier.

Andrea’s legs shook, and her frame twitched because the waves of ecstasy rolled thru her. She used to be determined for liberate. Her frame used to be screaming.

“Are you in a position to beg, mon amour?”

“Please fuck me, Gabriel.”

“Repeat the road, my love,”

“I can now not overlook my marriage,” she panted.

“You sound superb. Repeat it,”

“I can now not overlook my, marry, oh, I can now not overlook …”

“Fuck, you’re going to make me onerous once more,”

“… my marriage,” Andrea gasped.

She felt Gabriel’s lips kiss her knee and transfer down her thigh. His breath used to be scorching on her pores and skin, and his contact used to be mild. Gabriel moved to the interior of her thighs, his lips kissing the subtle flesh. He licked and nibbled, sending Andrea right into a state of delirium. His hands traced her opening, teasing her front together with his hands.

“You’re so rainy, Mon Amour,”

“Gabriel,” she whimpered.

“Sure, mon amour?”

“I want you.”

“You’ve gotten me,” he whispered.

Gabriel’s breath used to be heat on her delicate folds, and she or he may just really feel his lips so with reference to her pussy. He kissed her gently and ran his tongue over her labia. He flicked his tongue up and down and swirled it round her opening.

“You style so just right, Andrea,” he whispered.

She may just really feel his fingers shifting up her frame, his hand stroking her pores and skin, his breath on her mound. Gabriel’s fingers moved over the purple undies, pulling it up her frame as he explored her. She felt him snatch her breasts and knead the comfortable flesh.

“I want you, Gabriel.” she begged, her voice hoarse.

“I do know.” he breathed.

“Please, Gabriel, I need you inside of me.”

“Now not but, mon amour,” he whispered into her warmth.

“Please, Gabriel, I’m begging.”

“Now not but.”

Gabriel endured to tease her together with his hands. His fingers have been all over, exploring her, and he used to be making her determined. He endured to tease her, kissing, and licking her pores and skin. Andrea’s frame trembled as she lay spread-eagled at the mattress.

“Please,” she whimpered, her voice cracking.

“You sound so determined.”


“I want you,” she stated, her voice cracking.

Gabriel’s mouth moved over her, and he took her clit in his mouth. He flicked his tongue over her nub and sucked on it. Gabriel moved his hands into her and curled them, stroking the subtle spot that drove her wild.


“Say it.”


“Say it, Andrea.”

“I can now not overlook.”

Gabriel stopped shifting, and Andrea’s middle skipped a beat.

“What quantity, mon amour?”

“11,” she stated, her voice wavering.

“It used to be 12, however shut sufficient.”

“13, I can now not overlook my marriage,” she screamed as Gabriel gently bit her labia’s lips.

“14,” she screamed.

Gabriel’s hands moved sooner. He thrust them inside of her and stroked her.

“15,” she shouted.

Gabriel’s mouth sucked and kissed her pussy, and his hands thrust sooner.

“16, I can now not,”

“Louder, Andrea.”

“17,” she cried, feeling the acquainted wave construct.

Gabriel’s hands pumped furiously into her, and his tongue used to be flicking her clit.

“18, I can now not,”


“21, I can,”

Gabriel pulled his hands from her, and Andrea may just listen him transfer across the mattress.

“Please, Gabriel,” she begged,

“Non,” he stated, taking part in the instant of energy he had over his spouse.

“Face down, mon Amour,” he ordered, his voice deep and husky.

Andrea moved her frame into place. Her chest pressed in opposition to the bed. She felt the bed sink as Gabriel knelt in entrance of her once more. His hand guided his cock again to her mouth, and Andrea guzzled it into her heat mouth.

His breath used to be loud as he watched Andrea transfer from side to side alongside his shaft. Her tongue labored the bottom of his cock furiously. Andrea unfold her legs and may just really feel the nippiness of the room on her rainy pussy.

Gabriel grabbed her hair and driven his cock into her mouth, making Andrea take him deep. She comfy her throat, and his penis driven additional in. Gabriel held her head firmly and pumped her face.

“Oh, mon amour, your mouth feels so fucking just right,”

Andrea endured to suck, her fingers gripping his ass. She may just style this salty precum another time. Gabriel launched his hang and withdrew from her. He moved across the mattress and slid a hand beneath her torso, positioning her so she used to be kneeling at the mattress. Andrea felt him transfer his fingers to her hips and grip her tightly.

“Andrea, the road.”

“29, I can now not overlook,”

“Say it,”

“30, I can now not,”

Andrea felt him transfer his pelvis against her and press the end of his cock into her front.

“Say it, Andrea,” he growled.

“31, I can now not overlook, 32, I can now not overlook.”

“Louder, Mon Amour.”

“34,” she screamed, as his cock pushing into her.

“35,” she gasped as he slowly driven his entire period inside of her.

“36,” she moaned.

Gabriel didn’t give her any time to regulate. He began to pound her. His actions have been speedy and livid, and his cock slid out and in of her very easily.

“37, I can now not overlook, oh Gabriel,”

“Say it, Mon Amour,” he demanded.

“38, I can now not overlook my marriage,”

The rhythmic movement of Gabriel’s thrusts driven her nearer to the threshold. She may just really feel her orgasm development. Gabriel’s cock stretched her and crammed her.

“39, I can now not, I can now not,”

She attempted to talk the phrases, however her breath stuck a sensation of euphoria washing over her frame. Andrea’s pussy clenched and unclenched because the orgasm ripped thru her. Her legs trembled, and she or he used to be slightly in a position to stay herself upright. Gabriel didn’t sluggish. His frame moved furiously in opposition to hers, his cock filling her totally.

“40, I can now not, I can now not,”

The waves have been nonetheless crashing thru her frame, and she or he may just now not catch her breath. Gabriel’s cock driven out and in of her, and he endured to thrust, his tempo by no means faltering.

“41, I can now not,”

Any other orgasm rolled thru her frame. Her legs buckled, and her frame spasmed.

“42, I can,”

Gabriel gripped her tighter, his actions frantic and pressing.

“43, I can now not, I can,”

Not able to complete the road, Gabriel Pulled his cock out of her in a swift motion. Sitting again, he stared at Andreas gaping hollow, and his cock twitched. Andrea collapsed onto the mattress; her respiring laboured.

“Flip round, mon Amour,” Gabriel stated.

She may just listen him shifting across the room after which the unmistakable sound of the stimulator being grew to become on.

“To your again, Andrea.”

“She is drained,” Andrea pleaded, cupping her fingers over her pussy.

“Are you neglecting your marriage?” he requested sternly.

“No. 44 I can now not overlook my marriage,” she stated, turning her frame so she used to be mendacity on her again.

Gabriel located a pillow beneath the small of her again, lifting her pelvis up. He then moved between her legs and teased her clit with the vibrator.

“You’re the sort of just right woman, mon amour. Have you learnt how a lot I really like you?”

“45, I can now not,” she stuttered, feeling the stimulator puff at her clit another time.

“46, I can now not overlook, ahh, fuck. My marr,”

“Just right woman, Mon Amour. Inform me once more, how a lot do you like me?”

“I really like you,” she moaned.

Gabriel pressed his cock to her opening and teased her clit.

“47, I can,”

Gabriel glided his cock deep into her rainy pussy. He may just really feel her warmth enveloping his shaft as Andrea wrapped her legs round him, pulling his deeper inside of her. The toy whirred and puffed as Gabriel held it over the purple, swollen nub of her clitoris. Andrea’s moans and gasps have been intoxicating. Her frame used to be lined in a skinny movie of sweat.

“I really like you, mon Amour. Do you wish to have to cum once more?”

“Sure,” she screamed.

“Then you’ll inform me why we’re right here nowadays,”

“48 I can now not overlook, I can now not,” she struggled to get the phrases out.

“49, I can now not overlook my marriage,”

Gabriel slammed into her, his balls slapping her pores and skin.

“50,” she gasped,

“Why are you right here, Andrea?”


“Inform me,”


“Inform me,”

“To, to, to, 51, to,”

Gabriel thrust onerous into her as he grew to become the clitoral stimulator as much as prime. Andrea arched her again as she screamed.

“I’m right here to remind myself that, too, 52, too,”

“Pass on, Mon Amour,”


“Say it,”

“53, not to,”

“Say it,”

“Not to overlook my marriage.”

“That’s my just right woman,”

“I wish to cum, Gabriel,”

“Now not but” he groaned.

Gabriel pulled out and grabbed her fingers, pulling her up right into a sitting place. He pulled the blindfold off her head, and she or he checked out him. Gabriel’s cock throbbed. Her hair used to be raveled to her brow.

“Flip round and sit down in my lap, Mon Amour,” he grunted, shifting to the aspect of the mattress, and taking a seat.

Andrea crawled against him and grew to become to take a seat in his lap, straddling his hips. She appeared up and noticed her mirrored image within the reflect. Her fingers scrunched her hair up as she raised her fingers prime. Gabriel guided her to his cock, and she or he eased down onto him. They each gasped as his erection crammed her.

“I really like you, Gabriel.”

“And I really like you, Mon Amour.”

She began to dance up and down, his cock sliding out and in of her.

“Inform me, Andrea,”

“54, I can now not, 55, overlook,”

“You’ll do it,”

“My, 56, marriage.”

“Once more,”

“57, I can now not overlook my,”

“Just right woman,”

“58, my marriage,”

“Do you like me, Mon Amour?”

“I really like you, oh,”

“Stay going,”

“59, I can now not, 60, oh god, I can now not,”

Andrea felt her orgasm construct and her respiring quicken.

“61, I can now not overlook,”

Gabriel gripped her hips and lifted her up and down on his cock as he checked out her mirrored image within the reflect. Her eyes closed, and her head again in opposition to his cheek.

“62,” she panted, her frame shuddering because the waves rolled thru her.

“63, I can now not overlook,”

She attempted to proceed, however the sensations have been overwhelming.

“64, I can now not,”

Her breath used to be ragged.

She opened her eyes, and the sight of her personal bare frame bouncing on Gabriel’s cock took her to the threshold.


Gabriel endured to lead her up and down on his shaft.


Her orgasm used to be development.


“You’ll do it, Mon Amour,”


“Say it,”

“I can,”

“Say it,”

“I can now not,”

“Stay going,”


“69, I can,”

“Come on,”

“Now not overlook my marriage,”

“Just right woman,”

Andrea’s frame spasmed.

The sensations have been an excessive amount of.

She collapsed on him.


“Mon amour,” Gabriel stated, “say the phrases.”

“71, I can now not,”

Gabriel endured to transport her up and down on his cock, her frame limp.

“72, I can now not, 73, oh God,”

“Once more,”

“I can now not,”

Gabriel pulled her legs out and laid her down at the mattress. He stood over her and driven his cock deep into her, her legs splayed open.

“74,” she panted,

Gabriel thrust into her, his frame glistening.

“75, I can now not,”

He thrust more difficult and sooner.


His balls slapped in opposition to her.

“77, I can now not, now not,”

Gabriel leaned down and kissed her passionately.

“78, I can now not, I can now not overlook my,”

“That’s my just right woman,” Gabriel praised, shifting sooner and more difficult.

“79, oh, I can now not,”

Gabriel felt his balls tighten.

“80, I can now not overlook my marriage,” she stated weakly. “Cum in me, Gabriel,”

Gabriel fucked her spent frame more difficult and sooner as he felt his ball tighten.

“81, I can now not overlook my marriage,” she stated as the feeling of her husband the usage of her like a toy despatched her thoughts right into a deep trance.

Her pussy clamped round him as she got here another time, her frame writhing beneath him.

“82,” she screamed, her frame trembling.

“83, I can now not overlook my marriage,” she stated as Gabriel grunted, his balls twitching and tightening.

“84, I can now not,”

The primary move shot deep inside of her.

“85, I can now not,”

Andrea moaned as Gabriel’s semen flooded her insides.

“86, I can now not overlook,”

Gabriel’s 2d move sprayed throughout her abdomen and breasts.

“87, I can now not, 88,”

Gabriel held his cock over her, and every other move hit her pussy.

“89, I can now not overlook, 90, oh, I can now not,”

A big glob of semen landed on her cheek.

“91, I can now not, 92, oh,”

Gabriel sat again on his heels and admired his paintings.

“93, I can now not,”

Andrea used to be lined in semen.

“94, I can now not overlook,”

Her pores and skin glowed, and her frame trembled. She fell silent as Gabriel lay beside her and held her in his fingers.

“95,” she whispered.

“Mon amour, what quantity is that?”

“I will be able to’t take into accout,”

“You might be superb. Thanks, Gabriel,”

“I really like you, mon Amour,”

“I really like you, too,” she stated, curling up into his fingers.

“So, have you ever been neglecting your marriage?”

“I’ve disregarded you,”

“Sure, you might have. That’s why you’re right here.”

“I do know,” she stated, smiling.

He held her in a tangle of legs and arms. Gabriel may just really feel the warmth from her mound in opposition to his pores and skin, her respiring heavy on his neck. Andreas’s fingers held him in a tiered and limp include.

After some time, Andrea felt Gabriel rise up and stroll to the toilet. When he returned, he perched at the aspect of the mattress and ran his fingertips over Andrea’s frame. His digits adopted the contours of her frame over her aspect and up over her fingers. She used to be conscious that Gabriel had outstretched her fingers above her head. In a relaxed post-sex second, she used to be acutely conscious that her fingers have been Sure Above her head. She appeared as much as see Gabriel smiling at her as he fastened a couple of handcuffs to the headboard through a rope.

“What’s that for?”

“We will nonetheless make every other 50 numbers, Mon Amour,”


“You don’t need to overlook your marriage, do you?”

“I’m drained, Gabriel, and She is a little bit sore,” she stated, taking a look at her puffy purple labia lips.

“You do need to overlook your marriage?” he stated with a faux marvel.

“No, however”

“You might be neglecting it.”

“However, Gabriel,”

“Do you like me?”

“I do,” she smiled.

“Do you agree with me?”


“Then inform me what quantity we’re on, Mon Amour.”

“I don’t take into accout,”

“Let me remind you,” he stated, “95.”

” Sure, 95, I can now not overlook,”

Gabriel moved down between her legs, his eyes taking a look without delay at her rainy folds.

“96, I can now not,”

He bent ahead, his tongue snaking out.

“97, I can now not,”

And not using a hesitation, his tongue plunged between the folds of her lips and penetrated her vagina. She tasted scrumptious as he slurped between her fats lips.

“98, I can now not overlook,”

Her moans made him suck her clit, his nostril urgent in opposition to her delicate button.

“99, I can,”

She may just now not end the road. Tiredness, exhilaration, and delight washed over her frame, the waves of enjoyment sending her again right into a trance. Gabriel’s mouth moved, and he sucked and nibbled the comfortable pores and skin of her internal thigh. Andrea wrapped her legs round his head as he ate. She used to be torn between every other orgasm and the sensitivity of her sore pussy.

“100, I can,”

She moaned as Gabriel’s enamel sank into her flesh,

“101, I can now not, is not going to,”

Her breath stuck,


Gabriel licked a path of saliva as much as her clitoris and gently bit her clit.

“103, I can,”

Andrea arched her again.

“I can, I can,”

Her legs quivered.

“104, I can, I,”

Gabriel pressed the button of the wand and teased her clit.

“105,” she screamed.

Andrea’s frame convulsed, her muscle tissue clenching and her fingers straining in opposition to the cuffs.


She writhed at the mattress as Gabriel moved the toy over her cunt. Gabriel moved again and knelt on his haunches. He grabbed her ankles, and Andrea discovered herself again on her abdomen. Gabriel slid the wand between her legs and located the toy beneath her.

“107,” she breathed.

“You favor this, don’t you,” Gabriel stated.


“Do you wish to have to cum?”



“110, sure, please.”

“Then inform me why you’re right here nowadays, mon Amour.”

“Not to overlook, 111, now not overlook, oh, oh,”


“To, 113, not to, 114, oh fuck, not to,”

Andrea’s voice used to be determined, and her legs unfold wider as Gabriel larger the tempo of the wand.

“115, not to,”

“Say it,”

“116, not to,”

“Why are you right here,”

“117, I,”

“Why are you right here?”

“118 Not to overlook my marriage,” she screamed.

Gabriel lay over her and pressed his cock between the cheeks of her arse.

“119, I can now not,”

He teased her opening.


Andrea’s eyes rolled again.


She used to be so shut.

“122, I can now not,”

He eased into her rear.


Her frame quivered.


He moved deeper.

“125, oh, I,”

He thrust onerous.

“126, I can,”

He felt the partitions of her bum clamp down as he began to fuck her. Andre felt her frame press once more, the wand bussing between her legs.



She gasped.


Gabriel’s hand reached up and grabbed her hair, and he pulled her head again onerous. She felt the excitement of her clit being pressed onerous in opposition to the vibrator contrasted with the pinch of ache each and every time Gabriel’s Cock overtly penetrated her arse.


He fucked her more difficult and sooner.

“131, oh, oh,”

She may just really feel the wave begin to roll thru her.


He pounded her.


She used to be going to cum.


“Cum, mon amour,”

“135, I can, oh, 136,”

She felt her frame spasm, her again arch, and her frame convulse. Her fingers have been clenched tightly across the steel chain of the cuffs, the muscle tissue in her fingers pulled taut as she used to be despatched spiralling into an impressive orgasm. Gabriel slammed into her, her tight ring of muscle clenching his shaft.

“137, I,”

She screamed.

“138, oh,”

Her frame shuddered.


He endured to fuck her.


Gabriel grabbed her hips and pulled her against him, his cock buried deep in her bum.

“141, 142, 143,”

He groaned, his frame stiffening, his grip tightening.

“144, oh, 145,”

“I’m going to cum, Mon Amour,”


“Cum in me, child,”

“146, 147,”

Gabriel exploded inside of her, his heat seed filling her insides.

“148, 149, 150,”

His cum spurted into her.

“151, 152,”

His frame went limp, and he collapsed on her again.

“153, 154, 155,”

Andrea used to be slightly mindful, her eyes closed and her chest emerging and falling unexpectedly. Gabriel pulled out and rolled onto his again. He grew to become his head and checked out her. Andrea used to be on a unique aircraft as her frame gyrated at the wand.

“156, 157, 158,”

“Mon amour,” he stated, kissing her again as her frame tightened, and she or he let loose a noisy moan of enjoyment.

Andrea felt essentially the most intense orgasm she had skilled in a very long time. She held her breath, taking part in each and every sensation because it waxed and ebbed over her goose-pimpled frame. Gabriel slid the toy out and held Andrea in his fingers.

“I really like you, Mon Amour,”

Andrea smiled. “I really like you, too,” she stated sleepily,

Gabriel were given up, launched her cuffs, and held her hand in his. “Thanks, Mon Amour, for these days,”

“Thanks for appearing me that I’ve disregarded my marriage.”

“We’re married, Mon Amour, and you’ve got now not disregarded the rest,”

“Thanks, Gabriel,”

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