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Gee Whizzard by Jey Pawlik

Gee Whizzard by the use of Jey Pawlik

These days I’m reviewing the Gee Whizzard by the use of Vixen Creations, a Magic Wand Attachment that’s leveled up my sexy adventures!

This was once this sort of magical addition to the Rechargeable Magic Wand that has cemented itself as my most used toy. I did some toy research well prior to creating this comic and I had no idea there were add-ons for the magic wand, so when I spotted this online I knew I had to give it a check out!

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It kind of feels just like the Gee Whizzard is generally a hard-to-find products! That happens with Vixen Creations; they’re a small workforce who makes small alternatively prime quality runs for their toys! I came upon Shebop and Come As You Are (CA) have the Gee Whizzard in stock. On the other hand, would counsel purchasing groceries spherical within the match that they’re purchased out – there’s are also a few an equivalent variants to be had out there identical to the ‘Gee Whiz’ so merely search for ‘Vixen’ when you’re on the hunt and spot what you are able to uncover.

And heck, if you want additional of our reviews of what is STILL Erika and mines fav silicone-toy-makers, Vixen Creations, be informed our hot-takes proper right here!

After all; listed below are some links to Erika’s reviews of the unbelievable Magic Wand (2013) & Magic Wand Rechargeable (2015) & Magic Wand Plus (2019)! All 3 are excellent toys that we however use, love dearly, and are made to fit the Gee-Whizzard.

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