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Friday is World AIDS Day

Friday is Global AIDS Day

December 1st is Global AIDS Day, an afternoon to boost consciousness and training about HIV and AIDS and honor those that have died from AIDS. It’s common to put on pink or a pink ribbon to fortify Global AIDS Day and this is a nice alternative to study what you want to learn about AIDS.

What’s AIDS?

AIDS is an STI and stands for Obtained Immunodeficiency Syndrome and is brought about by means of the virus HIV. HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV assaults the white blood cells within the frame which may make it onerous for an individual’s frame to combat off infections. HIV ends up in AIDS and AIDs can sooner or later motive dying. About 38 million persons are lately residing with HIV on the planet and any person may have HIV.

How do you get HIV?

HIV is unfold via blood, semen, pre-ejaculatory fluid (pre-cum), vaginal fluid and breast milk. HIV isn’t unfold via saliva, sweat, or some other fluids within the frame. Any time any individual is available in touch with blood, semen, pre-ejaculatory fluid (pre-cum), vaginal fluid and breast milk from someone else, they may well be vulnerable to HIV. This implies it will be important for any individual to offer protection to themselves right through intercourse and it is usually essential to ensure when the use of needles like for a tattoo, piercing, or any form of injection that any individual is the use of a blank needle and now not sharing needles with any individual else.

How are you aware when you’ve got HIV?

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Any individual may have HIV for a very long time with out appearing any signs. If any individual has signs, they really feel unwell with such things as a headache, fever, fatigue, or frame aches. Very similar to a chilly or flu. They might also have fast weight reduction. The one option to know evidently if any individual has HIV is to get examined. HIV checking out will also be performed with a blood check, a prick of the finger, and infrequently a cheek swab. You’ll discover a health facility close to you to get examined for HIV or see if you’re eligible to order an at-home HIV check. Simply take into account that it could take as much as 3 months after being uncovered for HIV to turn up on a check.

Is HIV curable?

No, HIV isn’t curable. On the other hand there are medicines that permit any individual with HIV to are living an extended, wholesome lifestyles. Any individual who has HIV and is the use of their medicines appropriately isn’t in a position to transmit HIV to any individual else. It is crucial for any individual with HIV to apply the course of the physician.

How can I give protection to myself from getting HIV?

Getting examined and having your companions get examined for HIV is crucial means to offer protection to your self. You can discover a health facility close to you to get examined. Condoms additionally give protection to towards HIV, in finding loose condoms! Any individual who’s at top possibility of having HIV can communicate to their physician a couple of predication referred to as PrEP or pre-exposure prophylaxis which is taken on a daily basis and lowers the possibilities that any individual would get HIV in the event that they have been uncovered. There may be a drugs referred to as PEP or submit publicity prophylaxis which is taken after any individual will have been uncovered to HIV to forestall them from getting it.

This Global AIDS Day, make a plan to get examined for HIV. You’ll additionally rejoice by means of dressed in pink, studying the fundamentals, and spreading the phrase!

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