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Erotic Spanking (L)

Erotic Spanking (L)

She’d under no circumstances been proper right here forward of. The path that led her in the past was a journey of self-reflection and imagine in me. I felt blessed, honored, and humbled that she would entrust me in such a way. I would possibly not betray her. This lady in front of me held my middle within her middle.

Her trembling breath was the only sound inside the room. The room was dim, and the blindfold concealed all mild from her eyes. I moved in her course, then again the sound of my steps were muffled in the course of the comfy plugs in her ears. She did sense something, although, and tried to turn her head, then again her movements were restricted. She was not gagged. No longer anything else was going to stick me from taking note of the sounds that she made.

It was movie night time time, and we were staring at some RomCom. She was glad, dressed in sweats and a loose tee, and her mood and laughter set me completely relaxed. At the end of the movie, she exhaled sharply, sat the popcorn down, and as even though making some within answer, looked at me and discussed my identify.

“Kid,” she discussed.

“Certain, dear.”

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“I have to permit you to know something.”


“I’ve come to words with something about myself.”

I had no idea where this was going.

“Our sex existence is simply at this time.”

“I agree.”

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“On the other hand I would really like additional, I would really like additional… and I will come up with additional, if you want to have it.”

I studied her expression. It was comfy, subdued even.

“Every now and then we make love.”


“I actually like that. It’s romantic. It’s beautiful.”

“I agree completely.”

“On the other hand every so often we fuck.”

“Certain. That’s true.”

“I like that, too. On the other hand every so often once we’re fucking, there’s a part of me, a deep part of me that wants… needs… something else.”

I was puzzled and intrigued.

She blew a stray hair from her forehead. “You’ve been playfully swatting my bottom ever since we were dating.”

“Certain, I’ve all the time performed that.”

“Do you remember the very first time?”

“No, kid, I in point of fact don’t.”

“We were bowling. I was wearing jeans and that cream blouse you liked this kind of lot.”

My cock undoubtedly remembered that blouse.

“I made an uncongenial throw, and likewise you knowledgeable me not to fear, I would possibly simply nevertheless make the spare. Then you definately unquestionably smacked me on the butt.”

“Ok, I don’t remember that.”

“I didn’t say anything, then again that sting… it went right away to my pussy. When I threw the spare, I instantly went to the bathroom. My panties were soaked.”

“Shit, I had no idea.”

“It’s been the equivalent ever since—each and every time. I suppressed it for a while on account of I thought it was strange, then again it wouldn’t transfer away. So, I started sexy you.”

Realization dawned on me, and I would possibly simply see her in my ideas, bending over in my way, laying all the way through my lap… putting her butt in my path each and every chance she got.


I became round her slowly, drinking inside the sight of the naked lady forward of me. She was face down, her breasts spilling off the facet of the padded bench. Her wrists and ankles were positive with cuffs.

I lightly drug my arms, first down one facet of her once more, then the other. She moaned at the contact and arched her once more in opposition to my arms. I then moved my fingertips all the way through each ass cheek. She knew what was coming next.

I raised the flexible leather paddle and rapidly swatted each cheek three times. She cried out and hunched forward, in search of to avoid the blows, then again then moaned and humped at the padded bench afterwards.

I soothed her bottom with my hand, rubbing each cheek in turn. Her pussy was dripping woman juice, and the room had filled in conjunction with her smell.

Time to up the ante. I planted 3 additional swats on each cheek, then slid an overly lubricated phallus into her pussy and grew to turn into on the random vibration.

She was squirming as much as her bonds would allow. The words and sounds coming from her mouth were explicitly delightful. On the other hand we were not performed.

“So, I would really like you to spank me… sexually.”

“Wow.” My cock wanted to start out right kind then, then again she appeared like she wanted to say additional.

“And … I’m ready to be tied down when you do.”

“Damn. Are you positive about this? I indicate, in point of fact positive?”

“Certain, I’ve been occupied with it for weeks. I decided I wouldn’t permit you to know until I knew I would possibly simply go through with it.”

“Holy shit, kid.” Her revelation was a marvel, then again I’d be lying if I discussed I’d under no circumstances thought to be spanking her. “I’m gonna need some time to prepare.”

“I actually such as you. I imagine you.”

Her ass was crimson, and he or she was nevertheless in search of to hump the bench. Her pores and pores and skin glistened with a clear sheen, and he or she moaned my identify when I grew to turn into the vibration up a notch. So, I grew to turn into it up all over again.

“Fuck, kid!”

This was fun, then again I wasn’t about to complete it too briefly. I smiled at her expletives when I switched it once more to random vibes.

Over the next few weeks, I made an order and in a position an unused portion of the basement for our first foray into some mild spanking. It was a bit of little bit of of venture, and larger than fairly expensive, then again I wanted this to be specific. I wanted it to be memorable. I wanted it to be something she’d need to do over again. She under no circumstances asked what I was doing inside the basement and now not checked on my building. On the other hand each and every time I were given right here up from working, she all the time smiled fairly smile, and even perhaps appeared fairly giddy. I made a few additional small orders. It was just about ready… then it was.

I known as her from artwork. “This night time,” I discussed.


“This night time, the kids are going to your sisters. Shower, shave your legs, and there’s a package deal deal beneath my pillow. Placed on best what’s within. Kneel on our bed and look ahead to me.

She hesitated, then discussed, “Certain, sir.”

I just about were given right here right kind there.

She was humping laborious now, in search of to get the sensations once more. So, I took the danger to smack each cheek 3 additional circumstances…

“Ah! Shit!”

…then instantly went to degree 3 on the some distance off.

“Mother-$@&)! Son of a !$@&”

I walked to her head. This beautiful, naked lady, positive and blindfolded, was sweaty from her onerous paintings and seriously wriggling on the bench. Her breasts were moving with each of her thrusts, and I couldn’t prevent myself from fondling each one. She moaned louder when I pinched her nipples; she in point of fact wanted to cum.  The image was one I would possibly not briefly omit.

I pulled the plugs from her ears and whispered, “Say it.”

“Please, kid!”

“Please… what?”

“Please make me cum!”

“As you need.”

I smacked each cheek two instances additional and grew to turn into the toy to confident orgasm. It did not disappoint. The string of sounds and expletives greater until it melted into one long “Nnnngggg, Ahhhhhhhh!” and expansion. She were given right here laborious. Her body stiffened into an arch, and her face was contorted in sweet agony as she rode the orgasmic wave. It was beautiful and erotic to behold.

I grew to turn into off the toy and introduced her bonds. Then I removed the blindfold and helped her take a seat down up. She fell into me and introduced tears she’d been maintaining. I held and soothed her.

“Oh my God,” she discussed, over and over. “I don’t know the way you’ll have in all probability made that any upper.”  She gave the impression around the room for the main time. “You’ve been busy.”


“Worth it.”

I carried her up the stairs and in a position her a bathtub. I washed each and every inch of her body, finishing in conjunction with her hair. Then I dried her and carried her to the bed, where I gave her a gradual healing therapeutic massage, carefully applying lotion to her reddened booty. Shortly, I covered her up, stripped, and spooned her.

“You didn’t cum.”

“No, kid. Not this night time.”

She made a contented sound. “You’ll be able to.”  Then she drifted off to sleep.


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