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Embrace The Rainbow by Alex Graves

Embody The Rainbow by way of Alex Graves

Alex, our genderqueer protagonist, makes use of he/they pronouns and is a medium brown skinned individual with a narrow body and black locs that reach to the period of the ears and undercut. He’s driving a cramped bus with their seaside tools (a rainbow seaside umbrella, cooler, and thermos), with a sleeping man leaning into him at the left and a mom tending to her crying kid at the proper.

Narration: Nowadays, I went to my first-ever seaside day with pals at Riis Seashore– the one particularly queer seaside in New York Town.

They have a look at their mirrored image within the window, smiling.

Narration: I noticed how fortunate I’m to have queer pals to hang around with.

The bus doorways open and Alex steps out, dressed in crimson shorts, strawberry knee-high socks, and inexperienced sandals.

Narration: Rising up, it wasn’t like that.

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Little stars and hearts of pleasure pop round their head as they slide their heart-shaped sun shades on.

Narration: It took time for me to search out the group that would have a good time me.

In a flashback, we see Alex as a 10 yr outdated child in a toy retailer. Their eyes remove darkness from as they spot a way doll in her field, and he brings it to his oldsters.
“Can I am getting this toy?” They ask, excited.
“Come on now,” some of the adults responds. “you do not actually need that, do you?”
In reaction, he appears embarrassed and apprehensive.
Because the circle of relatives leaves, his mother asks, “Now are you positive you did not need the rest from the shop?”
“I… uh did not see the rest I sought after.” They reply, having a look away whilst their sibling appears occupied with their very own toy they picked up.

In some other flashback, Alex briefly eliminates his fingers from their wallet, having a look apprehensive and alarmed as they’re admonished by way of an unseen individual, “Oh. Get your fingers from your wallet. It makes you graceful whilst you stroll. You do not need that.”

Now slightly older, Alex sits in a faculty artwork studio, drawing of their sketchbook whilst others are doing their very own factor round him.

Narration: Once I did in finding queer connections, the ones worries about “becoming proper” disappeared.

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“Good day, what are you drawing?” Asks a scholar from at the back of Alex, startling him.
“NOTHING!” They answer as they fumble their pencil and sketchbook.
“Can I see that?” The scholar asks, having a look whilst Alex tries to “casually” lean over his e book to hide it up.
“It is not one thing cool. It is kinda girly.” They admit to the schoolmate.
“So?” His new good friend asks and in combination they take a seat, speaking whilst going throughout the sketchbook. Little hearts and stars sparkle across the two as they attach over a shared hobby.

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Alex applies lipstick.
Narration: The ones friendships supported and sustained me thru difficult occasions.

He appears at himself within the reflect, now of their 20s, dressed in eye shadow, lipstick, and a magenta blouse. He appears unsure of my themself however is interrupted by way of a knock on the door.

Narration: They have been at all times there in a method or some other.

“Are available.” They name to the door, which is instantly flooded with pals coming into the home.
“You higher be in a position, we gotta move.” One says with a grin.
“Yo, you glance superb! I like the attention shadow.” One good friend says, whilst Alex smiles and poses, hearts and begins blooming round them. “ALEX! You made a decision to after all take a look at the crimson lipstick I gave you?”
“Thank you, guys.” Says Alex, having a look completely thrilled.

Again within the provide day, Alex reclines at the seaside subsequent to a pal. Alex wears their heart-shaped crimson sun shades that compliment their crimson speedo.

Narration: Thank you to those friendships, I have discovered a way of protection, price, and acknowledgment.

“Good day! Love your crimson velocity!” A brand new individual publicizes as they means Alex.
“I do know proper? It is my favourite.” Replies Alex proudly, status up and posing slightly to turn it off whilst stars and hearts flutter round them.
“Alex.” Says the good friend who used to be reclining with him. “We are going to head to the water.”
“Good day, do you need to enroll in us?” Alex asks the brand new individual.
“Yeah!” The brand new individual is of the same opinion as all of them get started heading against the water. “I might like to.”

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