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DIY Latex Vacuum Bed – Detailed Guide on Making Your Own

DIY Latex Vacuum Mattress – Detailed Information on Making Your Personal

I had written an editorial on latex vacuum beds prior to – and I’ve sought after one ever since. Alternatively, just about each and every style’s price ticket made me cry. They’re SO pricey. Even the few DIY kits in the market are so much.

I imply, I am getting it – they’re working a industry and issues price cash, but if I regarded on the fabrics to make one myself, I noticed simply how a lot of a markup buyer’s are paying.

And what are you paying for?


It’s most commonly other folks’s time to make it.

This is excellent news – as a result of in case you’re A. no longer scared of creating issues your self and B. keen to position in about 3 days of labor (off and on), you’ll have your personal.

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Right here’s an in depth information (plus ideas from my very own errors) on easy methods to make your personal.


A few of your base fabrics will likely be belongings you purchase as soon as and don’t must repurchase for some time (like a rotary cutter). Others will likely be ate up all the way through the challenge (like glue). Additionally, in case you are fortunate sufficient to have somebody to borrow this stuff from, you are going to save much more cash.

► LATEX – You wish to have  0.4mm thickness, 5-6 meters lengthy and 1 meter large (in no matter colour you need). Don’t pass thicker. It received’t mildew to the frame as effectively. And don’t pass thinner as a result of it’ll be more difficult to paintings with (particularly in case you haven’t glued latex prior to).

I purchased mine from RadicalRubber.com (they’d superb customer support).

NOTE: There are puts that promote them wider, but it surely’s way more pricey and you’ll get by means of with one meter no drawback for a traditional, one-person mattress.

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► ROTARY CUTTER x1 – A spherical blade that is helping you chop in the course of the latex with out growing ragged/susceptible issues alongside the seam. Amazon or craft shops have them. I discovered mine in a ironmongery store.

► SCISSORS  x1 – Sharp ones that can assist you minimize the respiring holes and valve holes or patches.

► SEAM ROLLER x1 – To press down the latex after you’ve glued it. Amazon or leatherworking shops may have them.

DIY,Latex,Vacuum,Mattress,Detailed,Information,Making► GLUE – This it will be the HARDEST phase – getting the fitting glue.

The usual is solvent-based rubber cement that produces a powerful bond between herbal latex sheets. You’ll be able to use water-based as effectively, however the bond will likely be weaker (higher suited to stuff what received’t stretch or be stressed out that a lot).

There are MANY emblem names and recommendations in the market (no longer all are going to have a top quality, long-term bond on your initiatives). Listed below are some manufacturers or phrases you’ll listen on your searches…

  • Bostik 3851 Rubber Resolution Adhesive is a Ecu emblem
  • Easiest-Check White Rubber Cement (no longer PAPER cement)
  • Also known as Vulcanizing glue
  • Water-based latex glue is often known as Liquid Latex
  • Every other water-based emblem is Copydex (additionally excellent for prepping zippers)

When you’re no longer certain, I recommend purchasing the glue from the latex distributor – you’ll be paying a mark-up however they are going to have the right kind stuff. I were given mine at Latexpermeter.com however MJ Traits or Radical Rubber (water-based one) additionally has it. If you need massive amounts, you’ll ask them for a cut price for larger purchases or simply ask them the place they purchase theirs.

IMPORTANT: Unhealthy glue will discolor or consume away on the latex through the years. Chlorinated solvents corresponding to trichloroethylene may just hurt the latex. Maximum ironmongery store merchandise don’t seem to be excellent. If you need one thing for a one-time-use (any latex glue is ok), but when you need it to last more, get the simpler stuff.

► SOLVENT – That is intended to blank and de-grease your seams prior to you glue the rest (and gives a greater bond). Needless to say some solvents can’t be shipped in a foreign country, so be aware of transport and product main points.

HEPTANE or BESTINE founded solvents will paintings. When you’re no longer certain, you’ll additionally purchase those off of the latex distributor’s web page as effectively. I were given mine from Latexpermeter.com.

► WASTE PIPES x4/6 – This may increasingly make your mattress body. You’ll be able to both have 4 items (more potent body) or 6 items (more straightforward to retailer and shipping) of PVC waste piping. You wish to have the “rigid” pipes. I like to recommend you pass to a ironmongery store to have a look at them in user and spot if they’re mild but sturdy sufficient. They are able to additionally minimize them at any period you need.

  • 2 lengths of 84cm (best and backside)
  • 4 lengths of 115cm (aspects)
  • OR 2 lengths of 230cm*

IMPORTANT: You’ll be able to modify the “lengthy” aspects to no matter period you need according to how tall you or your customers will likely be. You’ll simply must be sure to have sufficient latex.

The WIDTH, on the other hand, isn’t in reality adjustable with a 1m (large) sheet of latex … 84cm is since the fittings will upload additional width, PLUS the latex seams may have round a 1.5 cm overlap.  It’ll go away simply enough space to slip the body into the latex “pocket” or “envelop” you’ll make.

CONNECTORS x4/6 – Those will stay your body in combination.

  • 3 x 90-degree elbow fittings
  • 1 x Tee becoming
  • *2 x Directly connector (if in case you have 4 items on your body)

Be sure to purchase ALL your pipes and fittings on the similar position so you’ll bodily put them in combination to ensure they are compatible.

LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE: The directly connector was once a little too brief and allowed the 4-piece body to buckle somewhat when the mattress is became on. It additionally makes it more difficult to stay the pipes in position. I needed to duct tape mine in combination to lead them to keep (it was once nonetheless practical, just a little unsightly and aggravating). If you’ll in finding longer connectors, GET THEM.

► VALVE x1 – This controls the air going out and in. Remember the worth will have to have the ability to activate/off and be “air tight”. Additionally, what number of items it comes to is dependent upon the place you purchase it or what’s to be had.


That is what the fellow on the ironmongery store recommended to me.

► SAW x1 I were given my items rather longer than essential – simply to ensure there have been no problems once I when put next the measurements to the scale of the latex. When you do it this fashion, you’ll desire a noticed to chop of the surplus.

► FILE x1 – One video recommended the use of a document to scrape off any sharp, tough, or raised bits at the connectors or pipes. This reduces any possibilities of ripping.

► DRILL x1 – You wish to have to drill holes alongside the pipes to permit the air to come back out and in. Be sure to have a drill bit that’s for METAL no longer picket. If you’ll borrow one, you’ll get monetary savings – however I controlled to shop for one for round 30 Euros and the drill bit was once 1.5 Euros.


Don’t get those for picket. 5-6mm will paintings effective.

CUTTING BOARD x1 – This is a self-healing craft board or simply cardboard. Anything else that may take the wear and dust of building. I in reality didn’t use this however many of us do.

► GLUE BOARD x2 – I used paper to offer protection to my latex whilst I used to be gluing, however that leaves bits of paper caught to my challenge. You’ll be able to get easy, skinny, plastic slicing forums as a substitute.

► CREDIT CARD OR BUSINESS CARD x1 – Is helping unfold the glue at the latex. Unfastened, seek your own home.

► COTTON BUDS x1 bag – Used to scrub the latex prior to gluing. Simply get a bag at a greenback retailer. They’re helpful for the whole lot.

GEL PEN – A gel pen will help you placed on glue marks (to be sure to don’t stretch the latex too a long way whilst gluing). they arrive off simply with solvent. Unfastened from paintings or pals.


I couldn’t in finding white, however neon inexperienced ended up visual.

► BREATHING MASK x1 – The glues and solvents don’t seem to be protected to respire. When you’re no longer in a well-ventilated space, you’ll desire a cloth physician’s masks. Affordable or unfastened.

CLAMPS x4 – Used to carry in combination the tip of the latex the place other folks get into the mattress. I purchased 1 pack of four clamps.


Clamps are for the tip of the mattress, however helpful for building too.

LONG RULER OR ROD – That is to roll throughout the finish segment of latex to assist stay the air in.

A VACUUM – I’m assuming you could have one. Another way, the mattress received’t paintings. If no longer, BORROW one.


Right here’s the buildup of what I spent (in Euros). Word that Euros use commas as a substitute of decimals. So 26,00 you’ll consider 26.00 for greenback forex.

Purchased in user at quite a lot of shops:

  • 26,00 – all pipes, becoming, and valve
  • 9,89 – easy noticed for pipe slicing
  • 6,59 – steel document
  • 6,99 – plastic clamps
  • 14,25 – rotary cutter
  • 32,00 – fundamental drill
  • 1,50 – steel drill bit 5mm
  • 1,00 – one bag of cotton balls
  • 9,99 – seam curler (on Amazon)

Purchased on-line from Latexpermeter:

  • Glue = 60ml bottles x2  (8.95 every)
  • Solvent = 60ml bottles x2 (7.95 every)
  • Plus transport and taxes for a complete of 59,96

Purchased on-line from RadicalRubber:

  • Latex 6 meters = 45,30
  • Plus transport = 25,00
  • Plus taxes = 15,00
  • Word that I purchased 10 meters (additional for a 2nd challenge) so I recalculated according to latex JUST for a vacuum mattress – 6 meters will give you a variety of period for the mattress PLUS somewhat additional to chop your reinforcement items out of and a couple of apply strips.

GRAND TOTAL = 243 Euros and alter …BUT…

If you’ll borrow the drill, drill bits, document, and noticed PLUS be able to get your glue and solvent in the neighborhood (and keep away from the ones transport prices), you’ll save a SIGNIFICANT sum of money – upwards of 130 Euros and slicing your invoice in part.




Take off any serial numbers, sharp seams, or pointy bits alongside your pipes and fittings. This makes certain there are much less “probabilities” one thing will rip or puncture your latex – it’s going to be put below drive finally. You should definitely do that outdoor or over a sheet as a result of it will probably get messy.


Put all of it in combination to ensure issues are compatible effectively and safe. Keep in mind, double checking prior to critical building or alterations is NEVER a nasty factor.

You additionally wish to do that as a result of you must lay the latex over the body to test that the width of your body leaves enough space on your “latex envelope” to head over with out resistance.



Alongside all pipes, drill calmly spaced holes (what number of is as much as you) so you could have sufficient issues of air flow to suck out the air when the mattress is became on.



Right here’s the arduous and time-consuming phase. When you’ve by no means labored with latex prior to, DO A COUPLE PRACTICE SEAMS FIRST with the additional latex you purchased.

  • Paintings in small sections at a time (I stayed across the period of a bank card). It would take longer however it’ll be more straightforward to paintings with the latex.
  • Blank off each side of the latex that will likely be glued (along with your solvent). It’ll roll and pucker. That is standard and can return to the common form when it dries.
  • Practice a small blob of glue on your card or applicator.
  • Run a skinny, even layer of glue alongside your seam (round 1.5cm large)
  • Let dry for a minute (accept as true with me that is essential)
  • Slowly and moderately lay the seams in combination and gently pat down
  • Run the curler alongside the seam (somewhat drive, however don’t press too arduous) to get out any air bubbles.
  • Repeat till you could have the perimeters glued down.

I added paper below the latex so I didn’t get extra glue on the remainder of the mattress.

I’d use a skinny slicing board subsequent time as a substitute.


The primary aspect was once puckered as a result of I didn’t let the glue dry prior to laying the seams.


The completed latex. The left is the primary aspect I glued.

You’ll be able to obviously inform the variation when letting the glue dry somewhat prior to laying the seams.


Estimate the place you want to your respiring hollow. Lower a small hollow of round 1 cm. The, in finding the place the latex meets the T becoming (the place the tip stands out and the worth attaches) and moderately minimize some other hollow of round 1.5 to 2cm. Stay your cuts as blank as imaginable and take a look at to keep away from any angled portions or additional micro cuts into the latex (which might purpose it to tear).


My unique price hollow was once 2cm – too large and air got here out (despite the fact that it regarded and felt tight sufficient)


Lower out circles greater than the respiring hollow and the valve hollow. Then, minimize a hollow at the within every circle that’s the similar measurement of the unique holes. Glue those patches over the holes – this may increasingly be sure that not anything rips whilst you use the mattress.

When the whole lot is glued, I would depart it for an afternoon to be at the protected aspect.


I additionally strengthened the highest edges to assist arrange any pressure from the vacuum.


Your first take a look at will have to no longer be with an individual. Use pillows or a blanket roll and stuff it inside of. Suck out the air, flip off the worth, and spot if air escapes and care for the problem accordingly. After that, you’ll take a look at with an individual.


  • The outlet for the worth finish was once a little too large – it went on securely however the air ended up popping out somewhat. I needed to tie it off with some other piece of latex. Make your hollow smaller than I did (a minimum of when it comes to no matter measurement price you get.
  • I minimize the highest segment of my latex sheet to make issues more straightforward to care for, if you’ll keep away from this, I’d attempt to stay it intact. This fashion you’ll save a little of overtime and fabrics.
  • Don’t trouble with paint brushes to use the glue – it’s a ache within the ass.
  • Squeeze bottles to use the glue on your applicator are a godsend.
  • Pump bottles – the type utilized in nail salons – will likely be a lot more straightforward that can assist you get the solvent out (don’t go away the solvent uncapped or it’ll begin to evaporate).
  • Purchase a protracted ruler or rod to wrap up with the tip segment – this makes it more difficult for the air to get out.
  • Ensure the holes are pointed without delay into the middle of the mattress or pointed down rather. When you level them up, the latex will block the holes and it’ll be more difficult to take all of the air out.
  • Get a respiring tube to enter the respiring hollow. It makes it more straightforward to breath BUT your style too can tilt their head to the aspect to keep away from drive at the nostril whilst the mattress is on.
  • Word that turning the mattress ON/OFF time and again to atone for air loss will make the individual inside of VERY uncomfortable and dizzy.
  • Do NOT wash off the powder that includes the latex when shipped. I washed mine and didn’t have a option to unstick the latex after it dried. I needed to in finding child powder and re-powder it simply so it was once workable once more. You’ll be able to blank it and varnish it AFTER you bring together it.
  • Practice silicone lube to the individual coming into the mattress first – makes it more straightforward to wiggle in.

Right here’s the general product after sharpening. No longer the prettiest, however very practical.


Even with all of the little bumps, I nonetheless really feel issues became out nice – sure, I did spend extra money than expected, however that was once as a result of I sought after it performed asap (somewhat than wait to seek down unfastened fabrics). Additionally, you’re greater than welcome to vary the fabrics and measurements according to no matter body dimensions you need to paintings with.

Need extra helpful articles? Take a look at those…

Be happy to depart any feedback!

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