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roller skaters erotic story

Curler Skaters – An Erotic Tale

Marissa double-knotted the laces at the rented curler skates. The tan high-tops had 4 vivid orange wheels with one wheel studded on the toe to be a makeshift brake.

Sitting at the bench, she rolled her ft ahead and again over the worn, star-covered fluorescent carpet.

“I haven’t been on skates in about two decades,” Marissa stated.

“Simply twenty?” her pal, Rachel, poked.

Marissa raised her eyebrows and became her head to the aspect, wondering the truthfulness of the remark.

“I gained’t admit to greater than twenty.”

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“Don’t concern. I used to be proper there with you,” Rachel stated. “Take into accout skating to the music ‘Supersonic’ via some rap workforce. I will’t assume who.”

“Supersonic, motivating rhymes … los angeles los angeles da da. I disregard the remainder of the phrases.”

“I may just by no means pay attention the phrases.”

“Since you had been skating with the men!”

Marissa waved off the remark proudly. “Uh, you had been too. We had the entire guys coming as much as us.”

Marissa seemed all the way down to her ft laced into curler skates after which as much as Rachel.

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“They could be coming as much as us once more, however, this time, for a unique explanation why,” Marissa stated.

“We got here right here this night, so we’ve were given to skate.”

Marissa gripped a close-by chair to arrange to face. Understanding she could be on her wheels, she had a routine concern of falling on her ass in entrance of the entire skaters within the rink, the laughing pre-teens and veteran skaters. Her recreation plan now used to be to head in circles slowly across the rink and now not hit the ground. If momentum and gravity took keep an eye on, she would seize any wall or somebody for protection.

Her fingers tightened at the chair. She heaved herself up. The skates rolled ahead, and she or he bent backwards and ahead at her hips to get stability. She held onto the chair for expensive existence. With little or no stability, she feared a black-and-blue butt and, worse, a bruised recognition.

“I’m going to wish numerous toughen.”

Rachel attempted to inspire her. “You’ll be wonderful. Dangle onto me.”

“You, how can I dangle directly to you? We’ll each be at the flooring.”

Marissa took a deep breath and let move of the chair. She grabbed Rachel’s hand. She squeezed tightly.

As they approached the doorway to the hardwood rink, they watched very younger youngsters stomp their skates at the flooring, like they had been trudging via thick dust. Two laughing women slowly glided via, whilst shopping around the rink at a lovely boy. A teenage man zipped via in a couple of black skates, florescent inexperienced wheels and matching laces. He used to be flying ahead after which spun to roll backward. He used to be no newbie. And every other duo of women adopted him, despite the fact that they struggled to take care of.

Marissa rolled with Rachel to the place the tough carpet and the hardwood of the rink met—what could be thought to be a cliff.

Laser lighting fixtures of all colours spun over the ground and up the partitions concurrent with the pounding track.

“Oh my! Why did I do that?” Marissa shouted over the track.

Rachel rushed forward with Marissa in tow ahead of Marissa had an opportunity to switch her thoughts about skating or be just a spectator on wheels leaning in opposition to a waist-high wall. Rachel and Marissa squealed like that they had squealed in combination two decades in the past. Their squeals now had been for various causes.

Marissa’s thoughts returned to that bygone technology.

Marissa used to be a boy-giddy youngster. She skated simply to the double-time beat of Supersonic, via J.J. Fad. The rink’s outsized audio system blared out the heavy, instantly digital beat. The reverberations rebounding, echoing, across the room, thudding in her chest. The lighting fixtures swirled overhead and whirled and danced at the hardwood flooring. All in exact unison. Shiny converting colours, transferring in rhythm with J.J. Fad.

The teenage Marissa had no concern of falling. She used to be easy and succesful on her skates. She raised her fingers and grooved to the track and rapped at the side of the gang. Enraptured within the atmosphere. Fingers raised and hips rocking aspect to aspect.

She wore her acid-washed jean shorts and a New Children On The Block T-shirt. Every face of the men from Boston bounced on her chest.

Around the rink, she noticed Jeff Lass. Cropped darkish hair, his sturdy chin and a tone of tenacity and tomfoolery blended with a lovely butt, all packed in tight denims. He wore his customized pair of black racer skates. Airbrushed with “L’Ass” at the aspect of each and every skate. Up to he used to be handsome, he used to be a showoff.

“There he’s,” Marissa stated to Rachel.

Rachel used to be an adolescent too with easy pores and skin and lengthy, teased hair. Marissa at all times have been intrigued via her blue eyes that knew handiest what “may well be” in existence: Boys and funky garments.

“Must we meet up with him or simply fall on our butts? He’d come select you up, ya know.” Rachel winked because the pair rolled forward.

“He would, you assume?”

Marissa lined her mouth in giddiness. She couldn’t prevent this flush of blameless infatuation. She cherished the theory of Jeff swooshing over to rescue her, sporting her away to someplace superb. A fortress, a picnic alongside a quiet flow, anywhere so long as she used to be in his sturdy fingers, whilst his brown eyes stared into her soul, into her inside spirit, wanting to understand her.

Around the rink from Jeff, the teenage Rachel and Marissa skated. They had been hand in hand, connected in combination via each the fellow and their want for highest pal toughen.

Coming to the flip, Marissa lifted her proper foot and crossed over her left, easy and simple. Then she reversed, became backwards, to skate going through Rachel, retaining either one of her fingers. It used to be a ability she hadn’t practiced. It got here naturally and used to be simple.

Together with his showoff’s pace, L’Ass stuck up with them.

“Girls, lookin’ nice and nice lookin’.”

And he sailed via.

“Thank you, Jeffery.”

Marissa’s smile brightened her face, with a whoosh of minor pet love.

“I feel he loves to be referred to as Jeff, now not Jeffrey,” Rachel stated.

“In point of fact? Do you assume he heard me? Is he disappointed?”

Marissa grimaced on the considered frightening the most up to date boy round.

“I don’t assume he heard you. Simply smile again at him. He’ll forgive you. Let him kiss you and you’ll be able to name him no matter you need.”

“Oh, close up.” Marissa swatted.

All of sudden, in real-time, Rachel flopped at the flooring and taken Marissa down together with her. The ladies laughed in combination.

“We’d like a damage.”

“We didn’t make it across the rink even as soon as!”

On their ft, the pair struggled alongside the wall, retaining on adore it used to be the cliff’s edge. In the end, they discovered benches clear of the rink.

“I’ve at all times loved skating with you.” She took Marissa’s fingers in hers and nestled them into her lap.

“We started right here.”

“Do you consider the place?”

Marissa pointed to a nook off the rink.

Marissa seemed softly at Rachel. “May just we act it out? It’d be extra a laugh than falling once more.”

Like previous, Rachel helped Marissa onto her wheels.

Past the lengthy row of lockers used to be a small area within the awkward design of the oval, rectangular construction.

Rachel driven Marissa in.

“It’s a lot smaller than once we had been fifteen.”

They started to behave.

“Ever kissed a boy?” Rachel requested.


“In the event you’re going to head out with Jeff, you wish to have to understand how.”

“Who’s going to show me?”

“I may just.”

“You’ve kissed ahead of?”

“Need me to turn you the right way to kiss?”

Their eyes met, once more, similar to two decades in the past.

“Need me to?”


Marissa closed her eyes tightly and pooched out her lips.

Rachel grabbed Marissa’s head and driven her mouth in opposition to the ones pooched lips. A second later, Marissa attempted to tug again, assuming that that used to be kissing. It used to be how her folks kissed at house. Alternatively, Rachel didn’t let move.

Marissa felt the rush of a powerful tongue. She loosened her lips and at ease her mouth. She too began to transport her tongue. Hers and Rachel’s tongues touched. Its roughness, wetness, and heat. Their fingers slid throughout each and every different’s our bodies. Marissa held onto Rachel’s denims to keep away from falling once more. Their kissing lasted till Marissa felt a halo of perspiration alongside her brow. She broke the kiss.

“The place did you learn how to kiss like that?”

“Did you adore it?”

Marissa nodded.

“Lets move to my area and kiss some extra. I do know different issues to do too. Wish to?”

“What about Jeff?”

“Let’s paintings on kissing each and every different first. He’s handiest nice on skates. Not anything else.”

“How are you aware that?”

“I do know boys. And ladies will have to lend a hand each and every different first. We will be told what we adore highest.”

She winked.

Marissa giggled.

“Let’s move to my area.”

“To be informed extra about kissing?”

“Yeah, kissing. We will do extra too, if you need.”

“Like what?”

“I’ve attempted extra than simply kissing. I cherished all of it. It makes me heat to consider it.”

“What else have you ever carried out?”

Rachel darted her eyes to the ground.

“The whole lot.”

“The whole lot, even with a man?”

“No, simply with women. It used to be wonderful. I may just now not imagine what it felt like. I need to display you. Check out it with me, please?”

“In fact, I need to. You already know, you’re making me really feel excited already.”

Rachel ran her thumb over a comfortable nipple pushing Marissa’s T-shirt.

“Wait till we get to my area. You’ll adore it.”

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