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How to Care for Your Sex Toys

Care for Your Sex Toys

One of the most an important highest techniques to make certain that your sex toys keep ’em coming is to ensure they are as it should be cared for. Be informed on for our complete data to taking good care of your toys…


First use

Hello and welcome in your new toy! Superb circumstances ahead then again first, let’s get you off to a superb get began.

  • Wash the toy completely as it will have slightly dust or debris from the packaging- completely usual!
  • For vibes, connect the USB charging twine and rate the vibe in line with the in reality useful rate up time
  • If you find yourself in a position, check out the booklet to make certain that the fundamental functions of the product.
unbound pogo, bandit, and nudge



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Keep ’em clean and ready! If the toy is getting into contact with bodily fluids, cleaning is a will have to. Taking the time to clean your toys will prolong the life of the product and protect you from harmful bacteria.

  • Wash completely with a steady cleansing cleaning soap and warmth water *previous than and after* use.
  • Lay the toy out on a towel to dry.
  • In case of Puff, we moreover recommend to turn it on after cleaning to expel any water that may have were given trapped throughout the hole far and wide rinsing.
  • In case you are taking a look to disinfect a non-motorized products like Pogo or Nudge, you’ll be able to boil them for 15 minutes on the vary.
  • Kindly remember that on account of their motor section, vibes cannot be boiled or pass throughout the dishwasher.
  • If you want to use a toy cleaner to disinfect your vibes, be sure it’s silicone safe.



All then again one Unbound vibe uses the identical USB charging twine. One charging twine is integrated throughout the each vibe box.

  • Admittedly, charging after use is the absolute last item you’ll want to do after a jam sesh then again long run you’ll thank you.
  • Each and every vibrator holds a rate for a definite time frame in line with the battery. Check the booklet for particular data in your vibes rate time.
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Kind of 87%* (*no longer science) of the embarrassing stories we concentrate about sex toys include folks brooding about their storage solutions had been forged. We like to stick it easy and cute with our Storage Bag.

  • After cleaning and charging your toy, have in mind to store it in a dry, cool spot where it’ll stay clean.
  • Pets love vibes so do your highest to store them in a spot where they may be able to’t to search out them.
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Whether or not or now not you might be traversing the globe or your workforce, traveling with a vibe does now not wish to be too subtle.

  • If the vibe has a battery, remove it previous than the flight and put it for your checked bag.
  • If the vibe has a USB rechargeable battery, make sure to pack it one way or the other that prevents the power button from being pressed. Protecting immediately to distinctive packaging is a great way to take a look at this then again a wrapping a towel or storage bag works too.
  • Consider snagging an further charging twine. It’s super helpful to have a spare to be had for travel or in case your first one falls in the back of the bed and in addition you in no way wish to bend over and get it.



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