Saturday , 24 February 2024

By myself

Greg has been lengthy long past for three complete days. It’s the longest we have now been apart.  I take a seat down proper right here on my own as a winter storm is pounding away. I’m satisfied I will be able to’t see it as it might for sure make my anxiety bounce higher than it is.

My phone and internet are not running as a result of the storm, so I have not spoken to Greg since yesterday. At least, I think it was yesterday; I’m not positive of the time.  My days and nights have mixed together. Ugh, why don’t we have now any clocks then again digital ones in this area?!

But when my scheduled routine is off, it gadgets me proper right into a whirlwind of emotions, confusion, worry, and loneliness.  I pass over my love.  He can center me and calm my soul.

I imagine exhausted and make a selection to take a sizzling bath to lend a hand calm down.  Running my hands over my body, I symbol Greg in my ideas’s eye. This best builds my emotions, and I destroy down in tears—a mini-tantrum.

The inside achieve church bells chimes twelve cases, so I think it’s midnight, then again I am not positive.  Calling out to Alexa, I ask for the time, then again if truth be told, “she” doesn’t answer.

I step out of the tub, dry off, and pull on my robe. My meds would lend a hand me sleep, then again my voice-activated pill dispenser may not listen my command. My ideas is so scrambled, and I am not sure which bin they are in.

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I start to cry over again, and I imagine a cold breeze, temporarily followed via two palms wrapping spherical me, hugging and squeezing me.  His voice, my love’s voice, trys to calm me and offers me the safety I so very so much need.  Pulling me to stand up, he turns me to face him. His fingers wipe the tears from my cheeks, and his hands cup and hold my face.

Greg presses his lips against my trembling ones, and he slowly slides his tongue into my mouth. I draw him in deeply, moaning by the use of our kiss and as I imagine him pull me tight against him. My robe is open and my huge, bare breasts are crushed against his jacket.  I will be able to in reality really feel his hardness emerging as my abdomen presses tight against him.

His hands push my robe off my shoulders, and it falls to the bottom as we kiss with unbridled passion.  Dressed in me in his palms and laying me softly on our bed, he cups and squeezes my breasts. He moves to pinch and twist my nipple as he lies beside me.  Kissing down my neck and breast, he draws my nipple deeply into his mouth as his teeth gently chew. He holds my nipple as his tongue flicks over it fast.

I run my fingers by the use of his hair and pull him tighter.

“Please, kid, please don’t prevent! Further, please, kid. Further!”

Taking my cue, Greg slides his hand down my abdomen. His touch is improbable and sends shivers by the use of my body.  I spread my legs as his hand slides over my blank, sizzling, wet, pussy. His fingers slide by the use of my folds, and I moan and gasp. Parting my lips, he slides two fingers deep up into my pussy. I cry out in pleasure, and my body shakes as he works his fingers in and out and moves them in circles as his thumb presses and rubs my clit onerous.

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“Positive, positive, kid. It’s so very good!” I’m grinding and lifting up to meet his thrusting fingers as they slap wetly against my body. My nectar starts to go with the flow.

“Positive. Positive… I’m cuming, kid!” My body shakes and my pussy tingles as my nectar gushes from me.

His fingers however art work me as he slides up, kissing my neck. He whispers, “Let it transfer, kid. Let it transfer.”

Without delay, I suck in a deep breath and sink into the bed.

Greg pulls transparent of me. I imagine him stand, and I need I might simply see my handsome husband as he undresses. The bed moves as he climbs between my legs, grabs my knees, and pushes me huge open.

My body is vibrating, and I pant as my hand reaches out and wraps spherical his huge, fat cock. I pull him to my pussy. We each and every moan as I rub him up and down my slit previous than he slowly pushes inch via inch into my pussy. I cry out and arch up as he fills me to my core.

Greg slides completely in and out with each difficult thrust, going tougher and faster each time.  My breasts are bouncing wildly as he fucks me so onerous and fantastically. I grab them and pinch and pull my nipples.  Then, pulling them to my mouth, I lick and suck each one in turn.

“Kid, positive. Kid, make me cum. Positive!”

As Greg pounds me faster, my body shakes wildly, eyes fluttering, and then I’m going limp. My nectar gushes and squirts out of me with each thrust.

As he let’s out a loud groan, Greg’s cock pulses. My pussy spasms, squeezing and milking his cock as he explodes in me.  His sizzling cum shoots into me, again and again, filling me to my core.


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