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Battery Best Practices: How to Get the Most Juice From Your Toy's Battery

Battery Best possible Practices: Find out how to Get the Maximum Juice From Your Toy’s Battery

DO: Use a UL qualified USB energy adapter with most 5V output.

Don’t use an influence adapter that’s greater than 5 volts, even supposing it’s 5.1 or 5.2 V.  (Having a look at you iPad and / or rapid chargers!) Since the present of those adapters are more than what the functioning present of our toys. Through the years, it’ll put on down, and even overheat, the battery and reason fireplace.

TIP: If you do not know inform in case your energy adapter is the proper voltage, take a look at the packaging or the again of the plug to search out extra information. We’ve got used an iPhone charger for instance above.


Don’t use a charging cable that’s no longer made by means of Unbound for an Unbound toy. We’re no longer snobby by means of pronouncing this, it’s for protection causes. Toys available in the market now are rather an identical on the subject of battery existence and dimension, however that doesn’t imply the charging cables are interchangeable. You could have a cable from a toy that matches the charging pins for a unique toy, however the working present of those toys could be vastly other and will finally end up providing you with a burning cable or product.


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DO: Throw away / Recycle your cable if it’s damaged or torn and if the cord inside of is uncovered in any capability. It’s unsafe to proceed the use of it.

Don’t weigh down or puncture the charging cable. If the protecting outer layer of the cable is damaged, the conductive cord inside of could be uncovered which will reason electrical surprise or the warmth from the cord would possibly mild its setting on fireplace. 
TIP: In case your Unbound charger will get broken or stops operating, we promote substitute chargers for simply $5 😉 Plus, they are common, which means they paintings with all of Unbound’s rechargable toys.  


DO: Stay the charging pins at the charger and the toy blank and dry. When you see any debrief, filth and even mud on them, wipe blank with a dry material.

Don’t permit steel gadgets or trash to touch the charging terminals. The charging terminals are conductive with some steel, it may well reason the terminals to brief and overheat the battery.

A common upkeep reminder: When you haven’t used your toy shortly (like greater than 3 months) be sure you take it out for a price —the battery will thanks!

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