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Balcony Bliss

Balcony Bliss

That is Tale 2 from a circle of relatives holiday when our youngsters have been younger, non-public time was once laborious to return through, and intercourse was once furtive. (To learn the primary, see ”Holiday Innovation,” on Jan. 18, 2024.) As ahead of, descriptive main points – some imagined for loss of explicit reminiscences – have been added to flesh out the fundamental components of the episode, which ARE ALL factual as to time, position, positions, number one actions, and finish end result!  

SETTING: Now not sixty toes clear of our run of balconied rooms, constructed laborious in opposition to a impulsively flowing mountain movement, rose up an identical run of rooms at the different aspect. The room balconies on all sides very just about prolonged over the burbling waters underneath – through which lay the romantic enchantment of where.

Although bleeding sunlight, there was once nonetheless sufficient sky-glow to look other folks taking part in their stream-side platforms reverse us (and vice versa) and the nice and cozy radiance of lighted rooms glimmered and glinted off the waters underneath us, including to the ambient mild. Since our younger ones succumbed to weariness early and crashed for the evening after a hectic day of circle of relatives a laugh, it came about that we’d quickly employ our personal out of doors balcony.

EPISODE: “Pop out and concentrate with me!” my Petite Woman invited as she reached thru drapes to slip open the glass door to our unit’s outdoor area. Shifting to the railing, she winged her hands upon it, diminished her chin to her fingers, and leaned in to benefit from the “track of the spheres.” Did she sigh contentedly and develop nonetheless, the trace of a grin turning the corners of her mouth upward, taking part in some secret concept? Or am I simply imagining now that she did so? (You’ll must come to a decision….)

I pulled a deck chair up proper beside her, perched at the entrance fringe of it, and leaned my head in opposition to her cushiony side-breast spilling out from below her proper arm. She shifted her toes to rebalance and as she did, I famous that they inched aside fairly as I snuggled into her. Glued in combination like that, we at ease, breathed, and listened to the murmuring sounds of tumbling waters and trilling insects.

Being the type of man that I’m, a query started to develop in my thoughts as we lingered in that place: what may she be dressed in below that cotton coverup? She appeared in no hurry to depart, so I decided to determine whilst the woodsy insect track swelled and darkness deepened. However…! I wanted do it sparsely, lest I overreach (duh, actually) and uncover her ideas were in other places.

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Losing the hand I hooked over her left hip bone, I drew her shut, and casually introduced it all the way down to palm her shin slightly under the hem of her shift. I gave her shin a bit “Howdy there” squeeze, and he or she didn’t transfer. Squeezing once more, I discovered she nonetheless didn’t transfer. “Up to now, so just right,” stated I to the spongey noodle that was once now considering whether or not to get up from his at ease shut eye down in my pants. “It’s early,” I endured in my ideas. “Don’t get your hopes up too quickly.”

I reached my thumb round into that cushy hollow space in the back of her knee and started to thumb-tap the surface there. She lifted her head, became her face in my path, then nestled her left cheek on her fingers and resumed her still-statue pose. Had been her eyes closed at this level? Possibly. However I can’t say as a result of my thoughts was once enthusiastic about portions of her that have been a lot more hid.

I lazily moved my hand to her different leg and traced the softness in the back of her knee there. With a candy sigh, she shifted once more leading to – Glory! – a moderately wider stance. (That WAS encouraging!) I danced some feathery touches up the again of her leg, then slipped round to frivolously slide down the within of 1 leg the usage of the softest touches that I may bestow. (She LOVES feathery touches.)

If she’d had 9 legs, I might have stroked all of them. However having simply two, I took LOTS of time. I gave my woman a veritable CONCERT of whispery touches that dusky night, on occasion slip-sliding alongside, on occasion fingertip-tapping in opposition to her pores and skin, on occasion digit-climbing her leg mischievously, like outdated Inky Dinky spider. Her legs, now effectively triangled at the deck below her cotton shift, twitched and quivered as I retraced such actions up, down, within, and round, her legs from sandaled heels just about to her backside above. (A minimum of I believe that her legs twitched and quivered. Ha!)

Via this time, I leaned in opposition to her in a scrumptious reverie. My mild bids have been welcomed and I used to be at the fringe of sensual overload; the waters leap-frogging noisily underneath us; the light-drained sky with its orange horizon peeking in the course of the bushes; the gentle evening calming us; the softness of her easy naked pores and skin below my hand that felt bare-er the upper I reached (HOO! if this is imaginable); the tactile reminiscence (Oh! now dominating each different concept) of simply how sizzling and slippery her magical crease felt on previous events once I had probed and driven my arms into its aroused shape, AND, the obvious enjoyment she was once taking from my touching her thusly – smartly, how may it get any higher than that!

As my keen (however affected person) hand grazed upper, I pictured my Candy-Pea-with-the-Pearl’s face bearing the ever-so-slight smile that softens her countenance once I’m inflicting her to really feel just right down there, even though from my place, I may now not see it. However I had watched that expression too time and again to not believe the corners of her mouth upturned moderately, her eyes closed, forehead creases smoothed, her total countenance superbly dreamy. I sat nonetheless as a rock as I leaned into her aspect. With the exception of…! With the exception of for my left arm achieving prime between her legs from in the back of up below her skirt.

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All peacefully we breathed, feeling a bit naughty indulging in our “public” night satisfaction. (MH readers who boldly flirt with the danger of being “stuck” – all however bare, even! – might smile at our timidity however you gotta understand; we have been raised fundamentalists. We driven on our limitations the place we discovered them.)

As soon as once more, my hungry woman shifted her legs. This time she planted her toes so extensively aside that the invitation was once unmistakable. Opt for it, love! Slide that hungry hand of yours all of the approach up the place you wish to have it – the place I WANT IT! My legs are open; the cushy purple petals that you simply love to the touch are ready, they usually’re verrry hungry. Oh, My Expensive, I will say that they’re definitely DROOLING in your contact. YOU’LL see!

A minimum of, that’s what I now fancy she was once considering. (A frame motion can encourage one thousand phrases.)

Joyfully, I reached as much as embark upon a complete excursion of the territory. All gently, I stroked the ones petaled portions and the deepening crevice that cradled them. Her outer lips have been, through now, slowly isolating hills, puffy and damp. The divided flesh curling down over her pubic bone was once painted with that slickest of oils, her personal self-supplied lubricant. (And boy, she was once supplying a LOT.)

Ahem… Now showed. M’Woman was once out at the balcony naked bottomed below her shift, simply ready to be came upon bare and attractive. (Who was once seducing whom?!) Neatly, uncover I did. Now I decided not to disappoint her.

I stroked her swelling folds with fumbling arms. I swished; I swirled; I kneaded in erotic elation. (Her arousal was once, and nonetheless is, my largest aphrodisiac.) For a second or two – from my left arm place in the back of and underneath – I reached so prime up in entrance of her that my hand clasped on the curves of her abdominal whilst her swollen pussy pressed wetly in opposition to my wrist (requiring a pair teasing wiggles for just right measure).

From the cushy pores and skin of her abdominal, my arms slid down to brush thru her luxuriously curly, pubic hair. Such humid heat therein! Such wealthy texture! I slid below, accumulated her fully in my hand, lifting in opposition to her outer hills, rainy labia, outstanding clitoris, and reddened deep portal. This was once just like the whole-crotch force that she steadily loved once I hand-pleasured her.

Freeing that candy collecting of portions, I traced her interior lips their becoming a member of on each and every aspect of her clitoral hood. Then I lingered for a fingertip dance round her pearl’s cushy sanctuary. With deliberation, I traced her symmetrical lips downward feeling them wish-bone out, then again in, to encircle her darkening gorge. I reversed actions all over again, loitering on the most sensible. The longer I touched throughout her pearl’s pedestal, it thickened and distended. (I LOVE that little erection!)

My Dream Lady’s sloppy crotch was once now so blood-pumped. My arms are compatible most commonly within her deep-walled access as I sloshed round its contours, sliding easily.

Unexpectedly, her naked backside jutted again in opposition to the coverup’s cloth, then jerked ahead in a handy guide a rough twerk. She jutted again once more, then rocked her pelvis down and ahead as I endured my stroking. Once more, she did, and once more. The jutting again, the tilting up. Each speeded up till her pelvis was once freely rocking in rhythm with my accelerating arms. This added additional force with each and every pelvic thrust. In my opinion, I used to be mouth-breathing now – virtually panting – from the erotic stimulation coursing thru our related our bodies and minds.

Oh, how I sought after her to return in a complete frenzy of PLEASURE! I knew she was once getting shut. And ACK!! Let or not it’s SOON, lest I cross out from hyperventilation!

Now! she whispered. FAST! HARD! I pressed down, bumped, and rubbed my arms over her turgid clitoris with its status pearl. That erect little prominence was once now shouting (I will inform this stuff); Extra! MORE!! OH, PLEASE! MORE-E-E!!! DON’T YOU DARE STUH’ … [PANTING] … D-O-ON’T STO-O-O-OPPPPP!  OOOOOHHHHHHHH! UNGGG!! GUHHHHH!!! FWOOOO-EEEEEEEEE!

With a hurry and a pant, SHE. CAME. MARVELOUSLY!  Her legs snapped close and clamped tightly, trapping my hand and wrist in her crotch. She twisted her hips to at least one aspect and her knees virtually buckled when her first spasm broke. Each and every one despatched heady rushes of enjoyment thru her frame. She sucked in air and exhaled in sharp, clipped breaths.

How time and again did she get up, then slide down, the ones excitement waves on that (nonetheless nowadays) memorable evening. Best to be shocked through extra waves lifting her up, then sending her exhilaratingly down once more? I can inform you; I do not know! (Neatly it was once FORTY YEARS in the past, other folks.) I do know the waves crested and receded. The progressively calmed as they expanded outward from her little inverted putting valley that I name my Puss. On cue, her mind dumped its boatload of glad chemical compounds. A deep peace seeped into her limbs, her ideas, her quieting flesh.

When the waves quieted to serene, and her sighs subsided to customary respiration, she unlocked her legs. She stepped aside to unencumber my wrist and hand that were so strongly captured in her orgasmic embody. I stretched out my crumpled, sticky arms, then gave her horny backside some a couple of lingering feels. (I at all times beloved tracing the sophisticated transition traces the place her thighs ended and her spherical backside cheeks started.) Absolutely happy, I pulled my hand out from below her robe into the cooler outdoor air. I used to be coming down from my very own panting pleasure – a keenness that peaked with hers when she climaxed. “GOD, what a creature!” I exulted.

Did any individual take a look at us from around the dusky movement? May just they discern in that dim mild what we have been doing goodbye in the market on our balcony? I doubt it. However what if any individual did occur to observe us there? I’m hoping they loved it. Seeing fanatics please each and every different on their holiday room balcony whilst introduction’s evening hits performed round them.

My candy lover floated within the sway of launched endorphins. She gave an extended, contented sigh, as she moved into that liminal state between sound asleep and dreaming. I sighed along with her within the afterglow of our shared ecstasy.

Now not a phrase was once stated – nor wanted stated.

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