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At the Mountain Waterfall

At the Mountain Waterfall

Plenty of years prior to now, we were taking indisputably one among our hikes throughout the mountains. It was once a on the subject of highest day, with enough mix of sun and clouds to make it relaxed, and a gentle breeze moved throughout the woods.

In the long run, we reached a waterfall and its pool of cool water. We washed up, spread our blanket, and had lunch. Then we every went shirtless, basking throughout the sun, deepening our tans.

One day, we started getting fairly scorching, and Blue stunned me by way of standing up, stripping all her clothes off, and wading into the waist-deep water. My in a different way demure partner was once obviously in indisputably one among her adventurous moods. She seemed so voluptuous as she dipped beneath the water and emerged like a free-spirited vixen, her wet breasts glistening throughout the sunlight.

Blue invited me in to join her, alternatively I discussed, “Are you crazy? What if other hikers walk up on us?”

She laughed, and with a naughty smile discussed, “I assume they’ll get an eyeful!” as she twisted, shaking her titties at me.

I scanned the arena, listening for telltale signs of someone drawing close to on the trail, alternatively spotted no one. Blue added to the temptation as she moved to knee-high water so her sculpted pubic patch was once beckoning me. She grew to turn out to be and bent over relatively, teasing me in conjunction with her shocking butt cheeks. It pushed me earlier cautiousness.

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Eagerly stripping down, I waded out and plunged into the cool water, and we embraced playfully.  Alternatively quicker than long our passion took us proper right into a multi-position sexual excursion, every throughout the water and on the blanket. It was once indisputably one among our most memorable hikes!

Two years later, we were at a birthday celebration, with two of our friends, Rick and Vivienne. They asked if we’d been once more to this actual waterfall throughout the mountains. Neatly, we didn’t have in mind ever telling them we’d been to that specific waterfall, so we asked how they even knew? They grinned and recommended their story.

It sort of feels every other couple, who know us from a real assets deal, were mountain mountaineering there after us. They spotted our “adventure” and stayed once more while we did our issue. One day, they shared their voyeur experience with their friends, Rick and Vivienne. So now we’re painfully aware that it wasn’t as personal as we thought.

When Vivienne recommended us, we were speechless. In a minute or two, we regained our ability to suppose clearly,  and we came upon every other couple had witnessed all the match.  Vivienne commented on the file of our difficult 69 lovemaking on the blanket, which was once in entire view of our “voyeurs.”

Blue’s face had grew to turn out to be glossy red as she blushed with embarrassment. She seemed like a kid who’d been caught stealing candy. In the end, it was once an overly explicit, uninhibited lovemaking experience in many ways.

Alternatively Vivienne and Rick made delicate of it, and as good friends, all folks laughed together. In the end, they teased us with comments like, ” You two must grow to be porn stars!” Rick complimented us on the description of our sexual exhibitions. And Vivienne teased Blue, saying, “Girl, I would possibly under no circumstances have guessed you were that naughty. Alternatively wow, you move woman!”

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We nevertheless laugh about it every time we get together, alternatively we wonder what selection of others have heard the account as smartly. I indicate, this is a great story, right kind?

So be careful, friends; you under no circumstances know who’s gazing… and most likely videoing your sexual adventures.


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