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An Interview with Leatherworker, Kolby Brianne

An Interview with Leatherworker, Kolby Brianne

The Unbound inventive team of workers’s favorite issue a few new toy free up (besides the new toy itself, in the end) is making able for the photoshoot. It’s the method we introduce the product to the sector and we spend a fantastic time frame brainstorming concepts, designing the set and curating a cute-but-versatile fabric cupboard to style models on shoot day. So once we made up our minds on our “Dreamy Western” thought, we knew that Seize sought after a kinky holster to live in, and Kolby Brianne used to be as soon as the easiest particular person to make this happen. What’s a cowbabe without their righthand toy, anyway? We caught up with Kolby to be informed further about her art work and what inspires her.

How do you describe your art work?

I imagine one of the simplest ways to give an explanation for my art work is  simple, sexy and impressive. I take a look at my best not to overthink designing or what leather “should be” after I’m coming up with something. I like leather pieces that do smartly for frequently lifestyles and play. My leather comes from my standpoint as a Femme Leatherdyke and as a switch, so I like to represent those groups in what I’m making. I imagine every other other folks would consider my art work to be “kind apparatus,” (buddies of my folks indubitably do) but I like to consider it as leather fetish placed on that also works out of doors of mattress room or dungeon.

What has your journey as an artist/author appeared like?

Allowing for myself an “artist” is still kind of atypical to me! I don’t know why that determine feels so intense, but paintings has been spherical me my entire lifestyles. My folks were musicians and my overdue mother used to be as soon as a in reality great artist. She used to be as soon as at all times painting or crocheting or making something, so I at all times had that malicious program in me. Being inventive is kind of a family trait.

As a kid, I would possibly elevate a disposable virtual digital camera with me just about everywhere I should engage with a large number of folks. I liked taking footage of folks to be able to get to snatch them, and having somewhat of device between me and everyone else helped me in point of fact really feel secure. So I merely stored taking photos. As I got older, editing portraits for hours is how I would possibly get to snatch folks in my lifestyles—the small details that make up their face. Some years previously, I was missing a further hands-on type of inventive art work and had purchased a huge box of leather scraps from my good friend Matthias of Rand Leather-based-based. It took me a 12 months and a divorce quicker than I even got into it; but once I made my first leather collar… I was hooked. It’s however in regards to the small details, I imagine.

Leatherwork is educating me increasingly in regards to the preparation stage as an artist and it’s given me further self trust in this little thoughts of mine.


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What are you into at the moment? (paintings, books, observe, movement photos, and plenty of others)

I’m in a repeat section with media at the moment. As we all know there’s such a lot happening on the planet, each and every on micro and macro scales, and all that chaos makes anything new somewhat of now not conceivable for me (excellent day, autism!). So I’ve been rewatching problems over and over and taking note of observe that reminds me of being a youngster inside the South.

What does your inventive process appear to be when starting on a brand spanking new piece?

My inventive process in truth starts with the {{hardware}}, strangely. I in point of fact like one of the best ways the opposite metal shapes of buckles, loops, o-rings, d-rings, and plenty of others can in reality set something apart. I’ve designed pieces with quite a few heavy {{hardware}} so that it can be physically grounding, from time to time {{hardware}} is added for utility, and from time to time it’s added simply because I imagine it’s sizzling.

Through the years I have been ready to hone patterns and system for each type of {{hardware}} I lately use so after I want to put something together, the math has already been completed for me. As a self-identified Bimbo Business Owner this lets me use all my thoughts power on how I would love straps to glue together, or where I would love them to sit down and no more on how a large number of this or that I need to reduce to make it happen.

And even with all the math pre-done, my process for designing is still messy as hell. Having leather all over the place isn’t the worst downside for a leather fetishist to have, and most likely one day I’ll be further tidy… but almost certainly no longer.


What’s something folks would possibly no longer know about your art work?

That I am technically however a newbie—intermediate at best! Don’t get me unsuitable, I know that my art work is very good and worth selling and I’m more than happy with what I make. Alternatively, as many cool problems as I’m ready to do with leather now, there may be however a fantastic amount of techniques and skills left for me to be informed!

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I imagine every other other folks would most likely however be surprised that I do that each one on my own while however having a full-time process.

How do you want folks dressed for your piece to in point of fact really feel?

When folks placed on my leather, I would love them to in point of fact really feel sexy, confident and comfortable. For me, leather makes me in point of fact really feel sexy and the burden of it amenities and grounds me. I am hoping it moreover does that for other folks. And, I suggest, who doesn’t in point of fact really feel cool with leather on?!

Kolby Brianne is a Black, non-binary Femme Leatherdyke and Leatherworker not too long ago residing in Connecticut. Their leatherwork emblem Kolby Brianne Leather-based-based makes a speciality of simple, unique, sexy pieces for frequently lifestyles and play that anyone of any size can in point of fact really feel superb in. She began her kink and leatherworking journeys around the identical time and likes to hold her standpoint as a Femme and as a switch to the design process. They look ahead to using their manicured fingers to make leather for quite a few hotties for many future years.

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