Saturday , 24 February 2024
An Ear For Euphoria by Hien Pham

An Ear For Euphoria by the use of Hien Pham

Hien shares with us his dire case of Misophonia and his unexpected realization that context can industry everything. Proper right here’s hoping that each one of you who experience that exact same opposite-to-ASMR reaction to sound moreover to search out the correct just right pal to cuddle with and give you the heaven piercing boner that you just all deserve ;D Original, when my eyes hit that panel I for precise laughed out loud.

You wouldn’t believe the time and effort that went into this week’s comic! Sickness, travel, life, and then all of the hoops and headaches I put Hien through. If you end up enjoying the comic this week as much as I do, I actually encourage you to move let him know or, upper however, sign up to his Patreon! No longer anything else says ‘Awesome art work’ like a buck or two.

Hien’s Bonus Notes
My love and gratitude to my great just right pal Dave M. for inspiring this comic and starring in it! This one may well be fairly space of passion, on the other hand it’s an important one for me personally and I’m glad to look it through to fruition. Onto the next revelation!

How SHOULD ASMR actually really feel to people who find themselves prone in opposition to it? Smartly heck, we’ve got a comic book e-book all about it by the use of the excellent Grey Allison!

In any case, as ever, I’m proper right here throughout the bottom of the put up asking to your beef up and be in agreement on Patreon to stick our internet web page afloat and commissioning these kind of unique comics! Twitter’s explodin’, overdue stage capitalism is a-crumblin’, and all of the while this little sex-positive comic assists in keeping on trucking. Have the same opinion us live to tell the tale by the use of staying attached through a platform where you are able to directly beef up the ones kinds of comics and be a part of something very good.

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