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A Two-Spirit Question by Morgan Kagesheongai

A Two-Spirit Question by the use of Morgan Kagesheongai

I’m so delighted to share with you Morgan Kagesheongai’s comic on the difficult intersection of hair, gender, and custom as a Two-Spirit Ojibwe! Being Anishinaabe myself, seeing this rad Woodland paintings style on our web site is this kind of DREAM! The expressiveness of the lines infuses whole panels with feelings in tactics I don’t ceaselessly find in numerous paintings.

While the little Two-Spirit proper right here is trying to reconcile their gender expression and their cultural and spiritual expression regarding their hair, the predicament they face is something many people revel in in numerous contexts: What do you do when two tactics you wish to have to represent yourself fight? Who do you turn to for answers? Can there even be a “correct” solution? Learning to sit down down further very simply in this in-between area of consideration is a wonderful exercise for us all. Thank you any such lot, Morgan, for providing such great representation!


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