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A Postpartum Odyssey Marissa & Neil Kohney

A Postpartum Odyssey Marissa & Neil Kohney

Lately’s autobiographic comedian is drawn and written by way of Neil Kohney whos pronouns are he/him and Marissa Kohney, who is pronouns are she/her.
Neil is depicted as beautiful are compatible, with a brief blonde curly hair, and Marissa is relatively shorter and has brown shoulder-length hair. The couple are fair-skinned and appear to be of their early center ages.
Lately’s comedian jumps round just a little bit in time and puts because it depicts, their postpartum odyssey in combination as new oldsters.

Panel one opens up with Neil and Marissa in a clinic mattress having simply given delivery, each are grinning, eyes just a little crossed, each having a look matted and clearly zapped.
Narration – ‘Congratulations you’ve simply had a fantastic little little one! Now, you’re almost certainly pondering that you just’ll by no means need to have intercourse once more after that tiny angel, with an enormous monster head ripped its manner via your erstwhile sexual playground…’

‘So, extra just right information! The physician has decreed you and your spouse sexless for no less than six weeks’
A health care provider seems on the couple earlier than announcing
‘No penetration till your cervix closes up’
Marissa – ‘Effective by way of me’
Neil – ‘Having witnessed what simply took place right here I too I’m advantageous.’

Narration – ‘However per week into your celibacy, you might in finding your self short of to get bangin’.’Marissa sat on her sofa, seems at her spouse feeding the infant. His eyes are drifting, drool slowly creeps from his mouth, his garments, clearly outdated are misplaced. She squints because the digital camera zooms in on his crotch. earlier than it pulls again out to turn her biting her lip.
Narration – ‘However the concern of a cervical an infection, or tearing, is sufficient to deter you.’

Web page 2
The couple are in mattress bare, Neil is set to move down on his spouse, and his eyes are extensive
Narration – ‘To tide everybody over, palms and mouths get started getting much more play. However it’s no longer moderately the similar. ‘
Marissa – ‘What’s improper? Does it glance dangerous?’
Neil – ‘Nope, nice. Appears to be like the similar as earlier than, truthfully.’

The couple are jumping up within the air
Narration – ‘Nonetheless, after your six-week appointment, you’re cleared for takeoff!’

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Marissa seems at herself partly nude within the replicate, her frame has taken some obtrusive post-baby herbal put on and tear. She seems upon stretch marks, worn-out breasts, and a bit of of postpartum tummy pooch. 
Narration – ‘However issues really feel other. Your frame feels squishy, showering is reminiscence, and also you’ve by no means felt so exhausted. Who’re you anymore?’

Marissa pulls at her tummy with an unpleased expression she thinks to herself
‘How is there this a lot further pores and skin?’

Web page 3Marissa enters the bed room, just a little frightened, protecting herself in a gown. In entrance of her is a unadorned Neil splayed out in a position for motion on best of the mattress.
Narration – ‘You may really feel self-conscious, however by no means be anxious, buddy. You might be maximum certainly your individual most harsh critic.’
Neil – ‘Take that factor off, gorgeous!’

In combination at the mattress, we see Neil knelt between Marissa‘s legs, squirting copious quantities of lube in between them. Even for a comic book the volume of lube is particularly ludicrous.
Narration – ‘Fears give technique to fucking, as you soften again into each and every different. So long as you employ lube. Quite a bit and a lot of lube.’
Neil – ‘Extra?’
Marissa – ‘Little extra.’

Narration – ‘you work shit out in combination such as you did while you had been first hooking up. And identical to then, verbal exchange is vital.’
The couple switches up their positions. Neil is now in the back of Marissa in a doggy-style place as he succeed in’s to the facet.
Marissa – ‘little softer… And possibly just a little extra lube.’
Neil – ‘On it.’

Narration – ‘And in case you occur to be a breast-feeding, dad or mum, buckle up for some further hurdles, little one.’
Marissa is now on best of Neil, one among her breasts may be very clearly extra wiped out than the opposite
Neil – ‘The infant has a choice, I see.’
Marissa – ‘Yeah, lefty may be very drained. Please keep away from staring and provides her some area.’

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Web page 4

Narration – ‘Like all the human enjoy, it may be daunting onerous, bizarre, and roughly gross. But when everybody’s up for it, your new, lactation powers generally is a a laugh addition to the bed room and even only a at hand sign.’
We see Neil getting soaked by way of a fountain of 2 milk streams.
Marissa – ‘I’m shut…’
Neil – ‘Yeah, I will inform.’

We minimize to another time. Marissa is at the sofa, dressed in sweatpants, pumping one among her breasts with a milk pump. Niels entered the room with out his pants on, having a look on the scene.
Narration – ‘Simply keep in mind, it’s OK in case you’re libido isn’t enjoying ball each day. ‘
Marissa – ‘I need to, however I don’t need to, .’Neil – ‘He understands.’

Narration – ‘And every so often, despite the fact that the entirety strains up, the infant nonetheless will get in the best way.’
Marissa is grabbing Neil’s hand and throwing it onto her crotch because the little one wales within the background.
Marissa – ‘I haven’t are available in six days, you’re completing this!’
Neil – ‘Uhhh…’

The couple are actually partly bare, retaining each and every different at the sofa as they consume takeaway, garments strewn about. 
Narration – ‘However after some time, you discover a new sense of ordinary.’

Web page 5
Niel and Marrisa seek advice from their dozing kid in its bed room. 
Narration – ‘The infant turns into a child and learns to sleep throughout the evening.’

Now the couple are out having espresso in combination having a look glad
Narration – ‘You get your autonomy again, bit by bit, and really feel extra like a human being.’
Marissa – ‘Thank God for preschool!’

We see them having attractive antics once more, as Marissa is squatting between Neil’s legs.
Narration – ‘You and your spouse ease into your new identities as oldsters, and as enthusiasts who’re additionally oldsters.’
Marissa – ‘Is it bizarre if I name you “daddy“?’
Neil – ‘Simply don’t apply up with “I desire a juice field“ and I’m just right.’

Narration – ‘After which, while you least be expecting it… Bam!’The general panel is an image of any person retaining up a favorable being pregnant check
Narration – ‘Neatly no less than being pregnant intercourse rocks.’

Lately’s Postpartum Odyssey was once written by way of each Marrissa and Neil Kohney, earlier than Neil drew it! Neil’s a prolific cartoonist who may also be discovered totally on
The comedian was once then transcribed by way of Matthew Nolan on 2/12/24!

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