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A letter from our team re: Roe

A letter from our staff re: Roe

Everyone knows you don’t need a vibrator company to acknowledge that the ones are extraordinarily heavy events, alternatively while you’ve been going by way of it this week, merely know that you just’re no longer alone. We stand with you, with those who it will likely be impacted most, and everyone who is working to ensure that an abortion is still conceivable for those who need it.

Unbound is a small company—we’re best possible 7 folks. A couple of people grew up in staunchly pro-life towns, a couple of people have worked as clinic escorts, some have had abortions, alternatively all other folks know what’s at stake when this medical procedure isn’t to be had, safe, and jail.

The art work of destigmatizing abortion would possibly not ever prevent, and everyone knows that specifically in moments like this, it problems more than ever that we use our platform. Inside the coming weeks, we hope to shine further delicate on what get admission to to abortion has intended to our staff and staff, whether or not or now not directly or indirectly. In case you are feeling pressured, please imagine changing into a member of our staff and sharing your story proper right here

When you find yourself ready to engage, know that you’re going to be changing into a member of a large number of activists and healthcare execs who have been doing the art work for a few years. And while you’re merely in need of to process this for somewhat of, know that rest is de facto a legitimate form of resistance. Spend time with pals, get able a meal you really liked when you were a kid, trade your sheets & stay in bed for somewhat of longer, or just get some sun.

Regardless of you do, know that the ability of our pleasure and enjoyment will always be underestimated thru those who seek to limit it. 


All our reinforce & workforce spirit,

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The Unbound staff

Sarah Jayne (proud former clinic escort)
Polly (Proud to have had get admission to to a safe abortion provided thru Planned Parenthood St. Louis in 2005)


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