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5 Trampling Basics - Get Ready To Walk All Over Him

5 Trampling Fundamentals – Get Able To Stroll All Over Him

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Girls, throw to your prime heels or complain boots.  Gentlemen, take off your garments and get into place.

It’s time to try Trampling – a captivating, slightly researched, and incessantly perplexed fetish.


In the most simple phrases – one particular person walks everywhere any other. Actually.

Then again, no longer within the “He/she used to be trampled to loss of life with the group rushed for the go out” form of method.

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The submissive particular person gets sexually aroused all through the act (and even concept) of a dominate particular person strolling over the sub’s frame – with components of ache and/or humiliation being huge portions of the equation. Extra incessantly than no longer, the subs are males and the Doms are ladies.

It might contain naked toes (generally as a result of a foot fetish), stocking, or sneakers.

Nonetheless don’t perceive? Learn this text first…

What is BDSM? 6 Crucial Ideas For Newbies


There are two different fetishes which might be incessantly (and mistakenly) lumped into the combo…

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MACROPHILIA – arousal from “giants” and perhaps being beaten through them.

CRUSHING FETISH – arousal from looking at gadgets being beaten or the fable in regards to the sub being beaten.

From an intruder’s viewpoint, I will be able to see how they would appear the similar. Then again, fans from every crew are adamant that one isn’t a sub-genre of any other. They’re “overlapping components” however they’re every distinct.

  • Individuals who like trampling are extra into foot fetishes and humiliation from a dominant spouse. They typically don’t need anything else “beaten” and don’t care about “giants”. It’s extra in regards to the ache and humiliation.
  • Individuals who like crushing, if truth be told wish to see issues beaten (like fruit, toys, cigarettes and so on.) and fantasized about being beaten. There can be some love of bugs for some folks – like squashing of flies or ants – sorry PETA.
  • Individuals who like macrophilia like BIG guys and gals (to not be perplexed with a “fats fetish”, which is other). They may consider themselves shrinking or their spouse rising. They may like companions who’re taller than them, and so forth.

Can somebody use trampling to fulfill their macrophilia fantasies?


Like I mentioned, there will also be overlap. There will also be individuals who fuse them into one sexual fable.  However the bare-bones ideas are other.


There are some explicit well being issues that include this kink…

You’ll have a look at an “have an effect on play chart” to look the entire puts you will have to or will have to no longer strike somebody [see image below] – and it’s typically a just right basis initially, BUT it’s no longer 100% acceptable for trampling (like I noticed somebody on Quora take a look at to reply to).



With all issues BDSM, it’s necessary to barter previously, deal with any issues, percentage any preexisting stipulations or accidents, and choose a protected phrase and so on. Beautiful usual fare.

Be told extra about Protected Phrases right here…

What’s a Protected Phrase? Be told the Fundamentals of Kink Verbal exchange


That is just right when you’re simply beginning out or doing subtle spaces just like the neck, face, and so on. You’re in a position so as to add some power, but it surely gained’t be all your frame weight and you have got far more regulate.


In the event you’re going to use all your frame weight, make sure that there’s a bar, ledge, weighted chair, overhead beam, or one thing cast you’ll be able to dangle onto and be sure you’re balanced and in regulate.


In the event you’re making use of delicate power and sitting on a chair (like sturdy therapeutic massage power), puts just like the neck, face, gentiles, arms and so on. are applicable (you continue to should be cautious despite the fact that!).

NOTE: Some guys like full-on status on their junk, however that’s typically no longer suggested when you’re unfamiliar with the sub’s frame. You’ll get a variety of torture with one foot on them and the opposite at the flooring whilst you’re exploring their limits.

You will have to by no means step on: the tummy, hips, kidneys, backbone, tailbone, kneecaps, or ankles. You additionally wish to be very cautious to not step at the “floating ribs” – the final two backside ribs that don’t connect with the entrance.


Remember the fact that when you’re a tiny lady strolling over an enormous, muscular guy, it’s going to be other than when you’re a cumbersome lady strolling on a skinny dude.


Top heels or stilettos are every now and then a part of the fetish. However when you’re dressed in them, it’s a must to make additional positive you’re balanced, and the heel doesn’t puncture anything else or press too deep into the tissue and so on. It’s indisputably NOT really useful for inexperienced persons!


Irrespective of the sub’s enjoy and any negotiations forward of time, it’s necessary to start out the consultation slowly through making use of very delicate power and increase from there.



  • Interior harm through urgent too onerous on subtle spaces
  • Micro-fractures or straight-up damaged bones
  • Reducing off circulate
  • Respiring restrictions/problem


Some experience being walked on through more than one folks. If this occurs, the Tops wish to be additional cautious and attentive – particularly with the sub’s respiring.


I do know some subs will disagree and say they wish to be stomped on onerous proper off the bat. Then again, the Dom’s major responsibly is their sub’s protection. To have somebody that errs at the facet of warning with a brand new spouse is one thing to be pleased about, no longer complain about.

EXAMPLE: If a brand new sub needs the Dom to start out off onerous, that’s a crimson flag. The similar factor is going for a Dom who needs to start out of onerous. Those are indicators to stroll away.

There could also be an excellent quantity that say, “There’s at all times the chance of a cracked rib, however no longer a lot else.”

They’re incorrect.

Simply because THEY have have shyed away from severe hurt, doesn’t imply that possible threat doesn’t exist. If not anything else, it betrays a definite lack of know-how or lax angle against the seriousness of the SSSC laws.

It’s to not say you’ll be able to’t trample somebody like they only insulted what you’re keen on maximum (some even love the wounds that include it), but it surely takes an extended adventure and experimentation to get there with no commute to the health facility. Until they’ve performed prior to and know every different rather well, the sub wishes to close up and prevent topping from the ground.


I used to be fortunate sufficient to determine that one among my buddies (kink title Malfetish) has this fetish – and he used to be type sufficient to reply to a couple of questions.

What’s your favourite frame section to be trampled and why?

My face and chest, as a result of I like how it feels to be underneath a woman’s toes, however any other section that’s actually at ease is the again (like a therapeutic massage). 

Have you ever ever had any accidents from it?

Sure. Right through my first time. It’s a perilous follow when you don’t seem to be cautious with it. I like to recommend at all times the use of some degree of stability. As a result of, all through my first time, I didn’t use one and we each ended up injured. (My deficient balls…) 

What are your ideas on trampling, crushing, and macrophilia?

Trampling can assist such a lot if you were given a Macrophilia fetish. I’ve by no means spoken with somebody with this fetish, and I’m no longer Macrophiliac, but it surely’s a actually unbelievable fetish – and trampling help you really feel such as you’re underneath woman Godzilla’s toes.  

What are some misconceptions folks have about this kink?

That it’s safe – when it may be unhealthy (if you haven’t any concept of what the fuck are you doing). If you’re trampling and step to your backside’s elbows, knees, or floating ribs, you’ll be able to do severe harm.

Some months in the past, I went to a birthday celebration and a few ladies had been trampling some guys with out a more or less regulate.  Some of the ladies stomped into a man’s floating ribs and cracked one – finishing up some days after within the health facility. 

Is there the rest you wish to upload about trampling? (for kink and even vanilla folks)

Style it!! However like many others unhealthy fetish practices, use you mind no longer your crotch. 

Even supposing you’re no longer into trampling, right here’s a state of affairs that may get you frisky…

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If that you must get a Thai therapeutic massage from any famous person weigh down, who wouldn’t it be? Be bold and percentage within the feedback!

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